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Why you need Media Monitoring?
You build your brand and corporate image, BUT do you get the information in timely and accurate way?
You do public relations and marketing activities, BUT do you know what others do?
You have all the coverage about you, BUT do your potential customers know?
The Next Question is: What sort of Media Monitoring that fits you effectively and efficiently?

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  1. 1. Digital  Media  Monitoring     Services  in  Indonesia   PROFILE  
  2. 2. Prelude  Why  you  need  Media  Monitoring?    •  You  build  your  brand  and  corporate  image,  BUT   do  you  get  the  informa:on  in  :mely  and  accurate   way?  •  You  do  public  rela:ons  and  marke:ng  ac:vi:es,   BUT  do  you  know  what  others  do?    •  You  have  all  the  coverage  about  you,  BUT  do  your   poten:al  customers  know?    The  Next  QuesBon  is:    What  sort  of  Media  Monitoring  that  fits  you  effec:vely  and  efficiently?  
  3. 3. What  is   Pressclips.info  Pressclips.info  is  a  digital  monitoring  for  printed  and  online  media  in  Indonesia  (we  are  expanding  to  other  overseas’  media  currently)    In  this  era  of  digital  technology,  tradi:onal  media  monitoring  report  (hardcopy)  requires  long  delivery  :me,  big  storage  space,  and  difficult  to  share.  Pressclips.info  offers  extensive  ar:cles  monitoring  on:    1.  Direct  Men:on  of  Client’s  issues      2.  Direct  Men:on  of  main  compe:tors  3.  Government  policies,  regulatory  issues  and   statements,  which  can  impact  the  client  and  its   industry      4.  Other  issues  such  as:  ad  display,  etc.      Not  only  at  the  :ps  of  your  fingers  but  it  has  re-­‐broadcast  ability  
  4. 4. Self-­‐Service  Summary  &   Why  Pressclips.info   Archives  Pressclips.info  understand  that  you  have  a  hec:c  and  mobile  ac:vi:es  but  require  Prompt  Report  in  Accurate  and  Easy  manner,  thus  we  provide  the  following  convenient  Repor:ng  Services:     1.Customized  Bme  based  report:   a)  Web-­‐based  Daily  Report  (08:00  :tle  alert,  11:00  media  summary  &  uploaded  news  scanning*)   b)  Weekly  Report   c)  Monthly  Report   2.  Media  Summary  in  your  preferred  language:  In  English  or  Indonesian  Language   3.  Report  form  based  on  client’s  needs:     a)  Email:  Media  summary  will  be  submi_ed  via  email  at  agreed  :me   b)  Client  Repor:ng  Page:  Client  will  be  given  dedicated  Log  In  that  they  can  view  any:meI.  *depending  on  how  many  coverage  generated  by  that  day  
  5. 5. Why  Pressclips.info  Digital  Services   BeSer     and     Bigger    View  on  click  of  finger   Enhance  view  that  fit  your  screen  
  6. 6. Why   Print  AnalyBcal   Pressclips.info  Pressclips.info  support  your  markeBng  needs  in  analyzing  the  effecBveness  of  your  MarkeBng  Campaign:  1.   Monthly  chart  &  diagram   report  on  numbers  of  client’s   direct  men:on  or   compe:tors     Click  for  bigger  view  arBcle  without   leaving  the  analyBcal  page      2.   Monthly  report  on  CD  in  soa   copy  format  
  7. 7. Why  Re-­‐Broadcast  it!   Pressclips.info   Pressclips.info  can  help  you  to  re-­‐broadcast  the   publica:on  of  your  ar:cle  in  many  ways:   •   Now  everyone  can  read:  Available  ar:cle  link  in   h_p://pressclips.info  so  that  it  can  be  used  to  reach  more   audience  digitally.   •   Share  it  on  social  media:  Facebook,  Twi_er,  Linkedin,  etc   sharing  features  available  for  your  client    
  8. 8. Why  Pressclips.info  Our  list  of  media  (Customizable  and  can  be  added  according  to  clients’  needs)   No. Newspaper No. Magazine No. Online 1. Bisnis Indonesia 1. Ascomaxx 1. Detik.com 2. Indo Pos 2. Autobild 2. Kompas.com 3. Indonesia Finance Today 3. Autocar 3. Dapurpacu.com 4. Investor Daily 4. Car Tuning Guide 4. Okezone.com 5. Jakarta Globe 5. GATRA 5. Mediaindonesia.com 6. Jurnal Nasional 6. Mobil Motor 6. Sportku.com 7. Kompas 7. MOTOR 7. Tempo.co 8. Kontan Daily 8. Motor Trend 8. Stephenlangitan.com 9. Koran Jakarta 9. SWA 9. Antaranews.com 10. Koran Tempo 10. TEMPO 10. Otomotifnet.com 11. Media Indonesia 11. Viva.co.id No. Tabloid 12. Tribunnews.com 12. Neraca 1. Kontan 13. Inilah.com 13. Republika 2. OTOMOTIF 14. Ghiboo.com 14. Seputar Indonesia 3. Bisnis Weekend 15. Autobildindonesia.com 15. Sinar Harapan 16. Blackexperience.com B 16. Suara Karya 17. Otosia.com O 17. Suara Pembaruan 18. Bosmobil.com 18. The Jakarta Post 19. Carmall.com 19. Warta Kota 20. Oto.co.id
  9. 9. How  Pressclips.info   How  do  Pressclips.info  compared  to  others?   Items   PressClips.info   TradiBonal  Monitor   In  House  Monitor  Delivery  Time   Fast   Takes  Bme   Fast  Comprehensive   Summary  +  Scan   Summary  +  Scan   Summary  +  Scan  AnalyBcal   Auto  Chart  &  Diagram   N/A   Manual  Re-­‐Broadcast   Click  buSon  on  Social  Media   N/A   Manual  Mobile   √   N/A   By  email  Efficiency  Cost   √   Cost  of  prinBng,  storage   Cost  of  menpower  ObjecBve   √   √   SubjecBve  Language   English  /  Indonesia   One  Language   Preferred  Language  
  10. 10. PT.  DENIS  KOMUNIKA  INTERNASIONAL  Jl.  Pela  Raya  No.  208  Kebayoran  Baru  -­‐  Jakarta  Selatan  12160    FELDANI    Mobile  :  0816  130  5658  Ph    :  +62  21  739  5794  Fax  :  +62  21  71524468  Email  :  feldani@deniscomm.com