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Ryanair labs Wroclaw Hackathon Themes

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Some content to get you thinking in advance on our hackathon on May 12th/13th ....Register here - https://challengerocket.com/hacktravellabs

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Ryanair labs Wroclaw Hackathon Themes

  1. 1. Hackathon Themes APRIL 2018
  2. 2. Inflight How can we improve the inflight experience for our passengers What new products and services can we offer to our customers inflight How can we increase out revenue from inflight sales.
  3. 3. Data and Analytics 1.5 million visitors to Ryanair.com daily 130m Passengers 2000 Flights per day We have a vast array of data, how can we turn this big data into rich data to provide insights Are there 3rd party data sources we should use to enrich our data
  4. 4. Powered by Ryanair Who can we partner with to create new value propositions for our customers. How can we reach our goal of becoming the Amazon of Travel? What does the Amazon of Travel for you? Can we go beyond travel and ancillaries? Undiscovered possibilities
  5. 5. Customer Experience 70% of people are willing to share personal information to speed things up at the airport 82% would use a digital passport 50% would like to track their bag throughout the journey 85% of travellers would like to receive flight notifications How can we meet this demand from customers to reduce stress and improve the customer experience while generating additional revenues Source - http://www.iata.org/publications/store/Documents/GPS-2017-highlights-infographic.pdf