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  2. LEARNING COMPETENCY Grammar Awareness: Use parallel structures. LEARNING OBJECTIVES: 1. Identify the parallel structures in the following sentences. 2. Complete the given sentences by adding a parallel structure. 3. Apply the proper and effective use of parallel structures. 4. Appreciate the use of parallel structure.
  3. ACTIVITY: Read the following sentences and identify the parallel structures. 1. In her grandfather’s farm, she enjoyed harvesting eggplants, string beans and watermelons. 2. She craved for freshly boiled corn, newly picked mangoes and fully ripened papaya. 3. Her father drank lemonade and ate camote fritters. 4. Father prepared the picnic area, Aunt Susie set the table and Mother brought the grilled chicken. 5. They always go to farm to enjoy fresh air, peaceful life and good food.
  4. What is Parallelism? -means “like construction for ideas.” -matching the sentence parts to show how one idea relates to another and what ideas are of equal importance. -the simplest form of parallelism involves two or more words in a series. One can also make two or more phrases, or two or more clauses, or two or more sentences parallel.
  5. Examples: Parallel words: She love flowers, birds, and butterflies. Parallel phrases: She like walking along the seashores, climbing mountains, and gathering corals. Parallel clauses: Her sister was most happy when she went scuba diving in Anilao, Batangas, and when she went snorkeling in Palawan. Parallel clauses: He composed a song about the twittering birds, he wrote a poem about a rosebud, and he painted the golden field of palay.
  6. Place a check mark (/) before the sentence that has parallel structure and a cross mark (x) before the sentence that has no parallel structure. 1. A quiet neighborhood, clean surroundings, and a spacious recreational area are what he looks for in a residential area. 2. When they transferred to a new place, they considered the neighborhood. 3. She met her new neighbors and talked with them. 4. She learned more about them through their conversation. 5. They decided to walk around and to relax in the park.
  7. Parallel structure -is the same pattern of words to show that two or more ideas have the same level of importance. ➢ Rule # 1- Parallel Structures must be joined with conjunctions: and, or, but, yet, so Words- (Verbs: singing, reading, to hike) (Adverbs: gracefully, clearly, really loud) Is this parallel? NO. They have different grammatical structure.
  8. Words- (Verbs: singing, reading, hiking) (Adverbs: gracefully, clearly, loudly) Is this parallel? YES. They now has the same grammatical structure. Use it in a sentence! Katy really likes singing, reading or hiking. She sings gracefully, clearly and loudly
  9. ➢ Rule # 2- A Parallel Structure that begins with clauses must keep the same clauses. A clause is group of related words containing a subject and a verb. Clauses-(that she may play, that she may make, to sleep) Are they all clauses? NO. *What are listed above are not all clauses *Remember, clauses contain a subject and a verb
  10. Clauses - (that she may play, that she may make, (to sleep) that she may sleep) “that she may + verb” is the clause so it must be for all of the clauses (she - subject, may-verb) Use it in a sentence! When my friend came over my house, I told her that she may play volleyball with my brother and I, that she may make dinner with us and that she may sleep at my house. “that she may” is the clause OR When my friend came over to my house, I told her that she may play volleyball with my brother and I, make dinner with us and sleepover at my house. (that she may is only at the beginning of the first clause- Both are correct)
  11. ➢ Rule # 3- When you are listing items, use parallel structure. When listing actions, they must be in the same tense in order to be parallel. Lists- Wearing his Batman costume, phone calls that come from the Commissioner, and saving Gotham City- (This phrase isn’t the same tense as the others) - Wearing his Batman costume, answering the Commissioner’s phone calls, and saving Gotham City. - (Parallel) - Bruce Wayne enjoys wearing his Batman costume, answering the Commissioner’s phone calls and saving Gotham City. (This list is parallel because they are all in the same tense)
  12. Exercises 1. First, correct these words/clauses/lists and then on your own, create a sentence using parallel structure. A. Words: climbing, to walk, sleeping, eat, turning B. Phrases: Lizzie can play, Lizzie likes to flip, Lizzie can clap, Lizzie can smile C. Lists: correct spelling errors, move paragraphs around to organize an essay, typing an essay
  13. Exercises 2. Correct these sentences using what you know about parallel structure. Choose the correct answer. 1. A farmer spends most of his time tilling the soil, sowing the seeds, and feed the cows. [feed, feeds, fed, feeding ] 2. Mary likes hiking, swimming, and to ride a bicycle. [ride, rides, rode, riding] 3. The production manager was asked to write his report quickly, accurately, and in a detailed manner. [though, thoughts, thorough, thoroughly ] 4. Angry ants munched the marshmallows, crumbling coffeecake, and sipping syrup, headed off across the countertop. [munch, munches, munched, munching] 5. Every morning, we make our bed, eating breakfast and feed the dog. [eat, eats, eaten, ate,]
  14. Exercises 3. Complete each sentence by adding a structure parallel to the italicized parts. Choose your answer below. 1. Some activities that family members enjoy doing together are visiting interesting places, going on picnics, and ________________. 2. The boys prefer to hike, to snorkel, and ______________. 3. She believes that staying calm, feeling confident, and _______contribute to a stress-free life. 4. Do you go for eating vegetables, drinking milk, or __________? 5. A good book, a trusted friend, and _________ make her happy a comfortable home, taking food supplement, understanding people, to scuba dive, taking long drives