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ar457 Beauty in Motion

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ar457 Beauty in Motion

  1. 1. ar4 57 in t e rn a t i o n a l re v i e w beauty in motion since 20 03
  2. 2. ConCEPT & PHiloSoPHY ArgAn oil Amongst all its natural treasures, Morocco shelters the essence of Berber women’s beauty. There, at the heart of a unique forest surviving the never ending summer, the fruits of the Argan tree have revealed a precious oil gifted with outstanding beauty promoting proper- ties : Argan oil. A natural Moroccan resource Coming from the South West of Morocco, where the climate is particular, the Argan tree is a unique phenomenon. Indeed, it has never produced fruits elsewhere than in its na- tive region. Threatened by extinction, the Argan forest, that has stood as the last rampart against the desert’s expansion for millenaries, was classified as a world biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 1999. Willing to help preserve such a precious and natural inheritance, LA MAISON DE L’ARGAN chose to put Argan oil at the forefront by making it one of the key active ingredients of its skincare line : ar457. La Maison de l’Argan Right from the beginning, LA MAISON DE L’ARGAN has committed itself to the Argan cause by creating and supporting feminine cooperatives in Morocco, thus, protecting a 800 000ha Argan tree forest. Truly respectful of the millenary and traditional production “savoir-faire”, LA MAISON DE L’ARGAN has developed unique extraction processes in order to increase the oil quality while contributing to the timelessness of a true nature miracle. To achieve the best Argan oil quality, LA MAISON DE L’ARGAN has set rigorous quality controls, at every fabrication step, from the selection of Argan nuts to oil extraction and facilitated the Berber women’s working conditions.
  3. 3. 100% pure and natural Argan oil To obtain a single litre of this precious Argan oil, hours of works are necessary. The fruits of eight Argan trees (about 60kg of fruits) are hardly sufficient, in the good years, to produce this single litre. Once the fruits are dried, after the pulp removal, they uncover a nut within a very hard shell. This small nutshell is broken and pressed to extract Argan oil. An oil gifted with millenary virtues Natural liquid gold, Argan oil is an outstanding active ingredient that has long been and continues to be studied by numerous scientists; with new discoveries continuing to be made. Extremely rich in unsaturated fatty acids and gifted with a high percentage of linoleic acids, Argan oil is a powerful substance to fight against the signs of ageing within the skin. Argan oil contains three times the tocopherol content of any other oil, including Olive oil. This pro- perty is at the origin of its antioxidant and anti-free radical power and of crucial importance in its ability to fight against fine lines and wrinkles. Finally, by actively stimulating the cellu- lar oxygenation, Argan oil favours the preservation and restoration of the hydro lipid layer and the regeneration of skin cells, all key factors for skin’s firmness, softness and hydration. ArgAn, THE kEY To Ar457 CodE From the very beginning, ar457 has been the expression of a single idea and desire to fuse a millenary fluid with cutting-edge cosmetics using the latest formulas and discoveries to enhance and refine a natural miracle. More than just a cosmetic active, Argan oil is the natural focus of the ar457 skincare line and the key to its virtuous code: ar argan 4 tocopherols, natural antioxidants that prevent the skin’s ageing process and the formation of wrinkles. 5 phytosterols that revitalize the skin and regenerate cells 7 biomolecules with healing, filtering, revitalizing, protective and disinfectant properties
  4. 4. MASTErY of THE ProduCTion ProCESS French cosmetic expertise combined with respect of the environ- ment The ar457 formulas are created in their own laboratory in France using a patented process created by the head-pharmacist enabling the thermo sensitive natural ingredients to be preserved. This fabrication method is using limited energy, water consumption as well as production waste. Ar457’s process uses 50 times less energy than the normal, hot temperature manu- facturing process mostly used by other companies. unCoMProMiSEd quAliTY Absolute synergy between technology, nature, tradition and innovation, ar457 embodies a new approach of skincare; respecting the classic codes of luxury whilst exploring new horizons. Glamorous, highly efficient, result-based and state-of-the-art, ar457 is definitely the code of change towards highly efficient skincare. Unprecedented Argan concentrations Right from the beginning, quality and efficiency have been among LA MAISON DE L’AR- GAN’s most important concerns. To reach such standards and provide the customers with outstanding formulas, LA MAISON DE L’ARGAN has chosen to introduce very high percen- tages of Argan oil in its formulas. Willing to revolutionize the cosmetic industry and explore new horizons, ar457 constantly pushes the limits. Cutting-edge active ingredients To magnify the formulas’ efficiency, state-of-the-art active ingredients coming from all around the world are rigorously selected and incorporated, giving each product unprece- dented virtues. Padina Pavonica, Secret Lotus, Meristem Quercus Robur, Aloe Vera, Kaolin, Anise Extract, Argan nut powder are some of the revolutionary components that enable the targeted action of each product. It is this constant and uncompromising search of the most efficient active ingredients that makes ar457 so exceptional. Purity Creative and efficient whilst remaining nature oriented, ar457 skincare line does not contain any colouring agents nor chemical preservatives such as parabens.
  5. 5. Ar457 luxurY SkinCArE linE Far beyond just a cosmetic, ar457 is the fruit of an insatiable quest towards constant impro- vement and innovation, a play with fragrances and textures, opening the senses to new perspectives. As short as it is efficient, the 11 reference line answers everybody’s specific needs without multiplying the references unnecessarily. Widely recognized among beauty professionals, ar457's expertise has been expressed through 11 products in retail and 13 in its professional line, completed by the elaboration of a specific and exclusive care protocol: “The Oleosthetic Concept". face range body range Skin CleanSer [dmkr] Hydrating FaCe Peeling Silky oil [hcor] [peel] body Peeling [peel-b] * Skin SHaker equilibrating MaSk [eq-M] redeFining and FirMing Well-being Care [dwlb] Care ibackupi regenerating Care [ny-t] Cellulite & Slimming Control long laSting eye Contour IctrlI look intenSe oil (pur) * Metaserum Elixir [lyf] * Professional use only BrAnd diSTriBuTion Spas, exclusive hotels, luxury boutiques and beauty stores. A selection of prestigious places worldwide Four Seasons Hotel Spa - George V (Paris, France) Greenwich Hotel Spa (New York, USA) Space NK concept stores (UK and USA) 10 Corso Como (Italy) Lane Crawford (Hong-Kong, China) Sundhaft (Germany) A presence in numerous countries Germany, Belgium, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Sweden, United States of America, Spain, France, Guyana, Italy, Morocco, Norway, Romania, United Kingdom, Russia, French West Indies and Brazil.
  6. 6. Skin ClEAnSEr dmkr The virTues of an anTi-ageing TreaTmenT in a special make up remover, To cleanse and refine your skin lv457-101 Oil Lotion - 150 ml The key actions: - Complete anti-ageing skin cleanser care - removes even the most resistant make- ups thanks to its affinity with all make-up formulas - Prevents wrinkle formation - Moisturizes and softens the skin leaving it purified, soft, soothed and ready to receive further cosmetic care sTar ingredienTs : argan oil, alpha bisabolol. HYdrA PEEl peel a unique, exclusive exfolianT scrub wiTh a nourishing argan base lv457-102 Face scrub - 50 ml The key actions: - double exfoliating action: gentle exfoliating and po- lishing action - ensures in-depth cleansing, removes impurities while preserving the hydro lipid layer - Stimulates microcirculation - leaves skin supple, moisturized and with a velvety sensa- tion sTar ingredienTs : argan oil, micro-pulverized argan shells, aloe vera, Tapioca, merisTem quercus robur exTracT
  7. 7. Skin SHAkEr eq-M The energizing qualiTy of a mask and The richness of argan oil, skin shaker purifies, balances and resTrucTures. lv457-103 Equilibrating Mask - 50 ml The key actions - unusual “jelly-like” formula for deep penetration of the active ingredients into the skin - Highly regenerates, moisturizes and balances the skin - Stimulates cell regeneration - tightens the pores to leave the skin clear and soothed - immediate radiance effect - Slight “tingling” sensation due to the active ingredients is normal sTar ingredienTs : argan oil, kaolin, red algae gel, merisTem quercus robur exTracT WEll BEing dAY CArE dwlb This rich, lighT cream provides all-round care. iT proTecTs your skin ThroughouT The day and enhances your freedom lv457-104 Protective Day Care - 50 ml The key actions - light moisturizing day cream with Sun Protection Factor 8, SPF/uV - 24 hour moisturizing care - High protection against daily attacks (pollution, wind, etc) - restores and tones the skin - Penetrates quickly, refines and softens the skin - ideal makeup base sTar ingredienTs : argan oil, omc solar filTer, aloe vera, Tapioca, merisTem quercus robur exTracT
  8. 8. rEgEnErATing nigHT CArE ny-t [ny-T] resTores The naTural balance of your skin, and backs up iTs youTh lv457-105 Regenerating night treatment - 50 ml The key actions - regenerating, restructuring and anti-wrinkle care - in depth moisturizing repair - regenerates skin during the night due to high concen- trations of active ingredients - gives elasticity and firmness back to the skin - repairs extra cellular matrix sTar ingredienTs : argan oil, aloe vera, chondroiTin oligosaccharide, Tapioca, merisTem quercus robur exTracT Elixir METASEruM LYF a naTural inspiraTion, an avanT-garde cosmeTic in an absoluTe concenTraTe of pure beauTy! lv457-106 Face lifting Serum - 30 ml sTar ingredienTs : argan oil, padina pavonica
  9. 9. long lASTing EYE ConTour LOOK The ulTimaTe Time shield designed To durably resTore and proTecT The eye zone lv457-110 Long lasting Eye Contour - 15 ml sTar ingredienTs : argan oil, lysoleciThine and oil of perilla, shea buTTer, sweeT almonds proTeins, boron n., aTelocollagen eT chondroiTine drY BodY oil HCOR a cascade of amber viTaliTy ThaT makes your body firmer and more beauTiful lc457-108 Dry body oil – 150 ml The key actions: - Moisturizing, firming and anti-ageing effects - quick drying oil enabling one to get dressed straight away - used daily as well as after sun exposure - Satin like smoothness sTar ingredienTs : argan oil, alpha bisabolol, menThol derivaTive
  10. 10. nEW CElluliTE & SliMMing |CTRL| The ulTimaTe body conTrol soluTion TargeTing celluliTe whilsT boosTed wiTh an advanced slimming formula Cellulite & Slimming Control Care - 200 ml lc457-112 RESULTS A basic cosmetic formula comprising Sacred lotus extract - same concentration as in |ctrl| - applied twice daily on a 20 women panel has shown : Anti-cellulite action from a 28 day treatment : 19% average reduction of cellulite aspect Slimming action from a 56 day treatment (up to) : 4.5 cm fat reduction on hips, 2.5 cm on thighs 5 cm fat reduction to stomach contour sTar ingredienTs : argan oil, sacred loTus, corallina and chlorella vulgaris nEW rEdEfining & firMing CArE |BACKUP| The definiTive sTreTch marks nemesis and The uTTermosT firming care are The one and same Redefining & Firming Care - 200 ml lc457-111 RESULTS A basic cosmetic formula comprising a combination of Phasoleus Lunatus extract, Rutin and 2 matrikines - same concentration as in |backup| - applied twice a day for 56 days on 13 women with post- pregnancy stretch marks, has shown : Reduction of stretch mark depression of 72.5% sTar ingredienTs : argan oil, phaseolus lunaTus exTracT and ruTin, maTrikines, glaucine
  11. 11. ProfESSionAl ExCEllEnCE BY Ar457 SPA SPECifiC Additional formulas for complete face and body care BodY PEEling peel-b lc457-107-500 The key actions - anti-ageing body scrub: innovative formulation combining the smoothing, refining properties of ultra fine argan nut powder with a formula rich in rejuvenating argan oil - double action: gentle exfoliation and highly efficient moisturizer - removes all impurities and regenerates cells - Stimulates microcirculation - effective preparation prior to sunbathing - leaves your skin silky sTar ingredienTs : argan oil, argan nuTs powder, aloe vera, Tapioca, merisTem quercus robur exTracT inTEnSE oil pur lc457-109-500 The key actions - 98,5% pure oil - anti-ageing massage oil - brings all benefits of argan oil : moisturizing, nourishing, firming, healing, purifying, smoothing, protective, revitalizing. sTar ingredienTs : argan oil, alpha bisabolol
  12. 12. Ar457 inTErnATionAl C M A i Snn TEA C A n - Au S lA o o d l’A rg T r457 98 quAi dES CHArTronS BP70 3 3 0 4 1 B o r d E A u x f r A n C E TEl : +33 (0) 5 56 43 56 43 C o n T A C T @ A r 4 5 7 . C o M A r 4 5 7 ' S r A n g E i S AvA i l A B l E W i T H i n A l A rg E nET Work of 300 SPAS & PrESTigiouS inSTiTuTES S u C H A S : f o u r S E A S o n S S PA ' S - g E o rg E v ( PA r i S ) grEEnWiCH HoTEl (nEW York, uSA) S P A C E n k ( u S A ) , B E A u T i k C A r E & T r E AT ( r o M A n i A ) , l A n E C r AW f o r d ( H o n g - k o n g , C H i n A ) . . . A n d A lWAY S AT W W W. A r 4 5 7 . C o M w w w. A R 4 57. C OM