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Bring Back the Funny: Humor in the Library

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Bring Back the Funny: Humor in the Library

  1. Bring Back the Funny! Humor in the Library
  2. Let’s Get Physical
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  8. Hillsdale Public Library Hillsdale, NJ www.facebook.com/HillsdaleLibrary
  9. Craighead/Jonesboro County Library, AR www.libraryinjonesboro.org
  10. Rockville Public Library, Rockville Centre, NY http://www.rvclibrary.org/readers/blog/22 3-blind-date-with-a-book Hillsdale Public Library
  11. Hooksett Public Library, Hooksett, NH www.hooksettlibrary.org/2013/01/25/blind-date-with-a-book- your-library/
  12. On Your Website
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  17. April Fools!
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  25. April Fool’s Day websiteApril Fool’s Day website 20112011 www.groupon.comwww.groupon.com
  26. aprilfoolsdayontheweb.com
  27. Those Moving Pictures
  28. Craighead County / Jonesboro PL http://youtu.be/RNQPnaa3kfc
  29. NYPL, Milstein Division, US History http://youtu.be/xEIO4mWgS2E
  30. New Spice video, Harold B Lee Library http://youtu.be/2ArIj236UHs
  31. Library “Gangnam Style” video, UMD McKeldin Library http://youtu.be/F11i1PRUXw0
  32. Laugh at Yourself, Too
  33. Good party,Good party, Mr. Sparks?Mr. Sparks? Boston PublicBoston Public Library,Library, Fall 2012Fall 2012
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  35. A last word of caution
  36. Your turn: bring the funny! Jennifer Koerber jennifer.koerber@gmail.com www.jenniferkoerber.com

Hinweis der Redaktion

  • This was an internet meme for a little while, but wouldn’t it be neat to do something like this with your real checkout receipts?
  • Sarah Winifred Searle – Children’s Writer-in-Residence & graphic novel artist – created avatars for our Teen librarians as part of her residency.
  • Thursday, September 19, 2013
  • No URL because I couldn’t find a live link to either
  • This is during the California Library Association’s annual conference. Run by local librarians for attendees of the conference: “If you’re in town for CLA or just want to booze it up with some awesome librarians and catch performances by Bunny Pistol & Barbaray Coast Cabaret with DJ Tanoa “Samoa Boy”, join us for aspecial library themed burlesque storytime, Sat. Nov 3 rd . Doors at 9. If you’re a librarian, or 97% of people think you’re a librarian because you work at a library, the cover is $5. Non-librarians, $8.