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UnGagged LA 2019 - The Business Value of Tech SEO - Jennifer Hoffman

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How can you prove the value of the work you do as a Technical SEO? In this talk I bream down what I feel are 3 areas that Tech SEOs can and should be working within in order to help justify more budget and resource for their craft.

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UnGagged LA 2019 - The Business Value of Tech SEO - Jennifer Hoffman

  1. 1. Jennifer Hoffman Marketing Director @_JHoff THE BUSINESS VALUE OF TECH SEO @_JHoff GetUnGagged
  2. 2. Key Finding: SEOs tend to have trouble showing the value of their work internally to stakeholders & decision makers. CUSTOMER INTERVIEWS @_JHoff GetUnGagged
  3. 3. Think Search Experience Optimization Three Solutions Report on business impact metrics Make friends with your Devs @_JHoff GetUnGagged
  4. 4. Understand Business Impact Metrics. What are the business goals? @_JHoff GetUnGagged
  5. 5. SEO METRICS Sessions/Users Domain Authority Number of links Rankings Pages/Sessions Crawl Errors Exit Pages Content Performance @_JHoff GetUnGagged
  6. 6. BUSINESS IMPACT METRICS CR AOV LTV CAC Conversion Rate Average Order Value Lifetime Value Customer Acquisition Cost @_JHoff GetUnGagged
  7. 7. EXECUTIVE LEADERS @_JHoff GetUnGagged Executives at Fortune 500 companies spend less than 1% of their time thinking about their website.
  8. 8. BUSINESS MODELS @_JHoff GetUnGagged Manufacturing Publishing Hospitality Service s eCommerce Government
  9. 9. IDENTIFY STAKEHOLDERS @_JHoff GetUnGagged CMO CTO CFO CRO Customer Experience Brand Recognition Market Share New Revenue Client Retention Churn Prevention Innovation Team Efficiency Risk Mitigation Budgeting Financial Forecasting Compliance
  10. 10. VISUALIZE THE DATA @_JHoff GetUnGagged
  11. 11. DATA STUDIO @_JHoff GetUnGagged
  12. 12. KLIPFOLIO Img: https://www.klipfolio.com/resources/dashboard-examples/business/real-time-dashboards @_JHoff GetUnGagged
  13. 13. CUSTOMIZATION @_JHoff GetUnGagged Custom tailor your dashboards to your audience based on the metrics that are relevant to them. https://www.deepcrawl.com/blog/webinars/owning-enterprise-seo-with-dashboards/
  14. 14. Make Friends With Your Dev Team. What challenges can you solve together? @_JHoff GetUnGagged
  15. 15. EMBRACE THE DEVS @_JHoff GetUnGagged
  16. 16. @_JHoff GetUnGagged Developers keep building technologies that we need to learn how to maintain. NEW TECH
  17. 17. JAVASCRIPT USAGE @_JHoff GetUnGagged
  18. 18. ACCESSING LOG FILES @_JHoff GetUnGagged
  19. 19. SITE MIGRATIONS & CMS @_JHoff GetUnGagged
  20. 20. @_JHoff GetUnGagged What’s the cost of not aligning with Devs? COST Wasted time / Inefficiency Delay in SEO implementation Potential loss in traffic & rankings Loss of revenue!
  21. 21. THE COST @_JHoff GetUnGagged
  22. 22. DEV ALIGNMENT Understand how they prefer to work What comms channels do they use? Identify opportunities to automate processes Humanize things - Buy them a beer! How can you align your team with your Dev team? @_JHoff GetUnGagged
  23. 23. AUTOMATION A great way to reduce the friction with Devs, use workflow automation. @_JHoff GetUnGagged
  24. 24. RESOURCES @_JHoff GetUnGagged
  25. 25. STAY UP TO DATE Conferences like Google I/O Interview your own Devs Dev.to Community & Forum Twitter How can you stay up to date with the Dev community? @_JHoff GetUnGagged
  26. 26. DEVS TO FOLLOW @EmmaWedekind @AddyOsmani @ChloeCondon @Sarah_edo @g33konaut @Dan_Abramov Dan Abramov Chloe Condon Martin Splitt Addy Osmani Sarah Drasner Emma Wedekind
  27. 27. Search Experience Optimization. Think about your user journeys. @_JHoff GetUnGagged
  28. 28. USER EXPERIENCE @_JHoff GetUnGagged Google is looking to provide a positive user experience for it’s customers – regardless of what that means for us and our websites.
  29. 29. ZERO CLICK SEARCHES @_JHoff GetUnGagged Img:https://sparktoro.com/blog/less-than-half-of-google-searches-now-result-in-a-click/
  30. 30. NOT JUST FOR SEARCH ENGINES @_JHoff GetUnGagged ‘SEO isn’t dead: It’s just a shape shifter. You need to solve for your user, not for the search engine!’ - Stephan Spencer
  31. 31. ALL CHANNELS LEAD TO YOUR SITE @_JHoff GetUnGagged
  32. 32. CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS Img: https://www.deepcrawl.com/blog/white-papers/site-speed-performance-guide/ @_JHoff GetUnGagged
  33. 33. MONITORING SPEED METRICS @_JHoff GetUnGaggedhttps://www.searchenginejournal.com/build-speed-dashboards-google-data-studio/321343/
  34. 34. SPEED IMPACT Img: Google Dev blog: https://developers.google.com/web/fundamentals/performance/why-performance-matters/ How much revenue are you leaving on the table by having a slow site? Test your speed impact: https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/feature/testmysite $763k @_JHoff GetUnGagged
  35. 35. SITE NAVIGATION & STRUCTURE Img: https://www.marketingcharts.com/industries/retail-and-e-commerce-83523/attachment/namagoo-elements-great-online-shopping-experience-may2018 @_JHoff GetUnGagged
  36. 36. CUSTOMER FEEDBACK Measure customer satisfaction for both your onsite experience and the entire journey with an always on customer feedback loop. @_JHoff GetUnGagged
  37. 37. Search Experience Optimization See the bigger picture Report on business impact metrics Make friends with your Devs @_JHoff GetUnGagged
  38. 38. Made.com CLIENT CASE STUDY @_JHoff GetUnGagged
  39. 39. BIZ CHALLENGES Management: Revenue has dropped Head of Marketing: Traffic has dropped Customer: I can’t find what I’m looking for What happened? @_JHoff GetUnGagged
  40. 40. SEO CHALLENGES Diluted Authority Poor Site Navigation Not Secure/ HTTP Protocol Internationalization Diagnosing the issue. @_JHoff GetUnGagged
  41. 41. SEO FIXES Improved internal linking Revamped site navigation HTTPS Site Migration Hreflang implementation Fixing the issue. @_JHoff GetUnGagged
  42. 42. THE RESULTS 42% YoY Increase in New Users 31% YoY Increase in Organic Search Revenue @_JHoff GetUnGagged
  43. 43. The big winner! Direct business impact! @_JHoff GetUnGagged
  44. 44. Search Experience Optimization Final Thoughts Report on business impact metrics Make friends with your Devs @_JHoff GetUnGagged
  45. 45. RESOURCES Ultimate Guide to Site Speed: http://bit.ly/SiteSpeedGuide Ultimate Guide to SEO & Dev Relationships: http://bit.ly/SEODevGuide Zapier- Creating automated JIRA tickets: http://bit.ly/JIRAtickets GDS Dashboards that Inform & Persuade: http://bit.ly/GDSDashboards Made.com Case Study: http://bit.ly/MADE_com Google Dev Blog- Why Performance Matters: http://bit.ly/Perf_Matters @_JHoff GetUnGagged GDS Speed Dashboards: http://bit.ly/GDSSpeedDash
  46. 46. Jennifer Hoffman Marketing Director @_JHoff THANK YOU @_JHoff GetUnGagged