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How To Setup Instagram For Your Business

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Share your brand's unique point of view with the popular app know for the cool pictures you can take with it. With millions of active users, Instagram can very well be your next great marketing tool!

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How To Setup Instagram For Your Business

  1. 1. Page 1 Solutions HOW TO SETUP Instagram FOR YOUR BUSINESS Page 1 Solutions
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 Introduction 4 Getting Started: First things First 8 Getting Familiar: What to Expect 13 What Now? Posting & Sharing 16 Take a Look: Top 5 Brands on Instagram 23 Take a Look: Successful Small Businesses on Instagram Page 1 Solutions
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION Why do you need Instagram? 1 Page 1 Solutions
  4. 4. Why do you need an Instagram? As an Instagram user, you can edit and share photos that represent your business with more than 80 million users and counting. Instagram is a great way to humanize your brand and cross- promote your products or services. Now that images have become a key part of a company's marketing strategy, Instagram is a must-have social platform for your business. 2 Page 1 Solutions
  5. 5. “It's thesocial networkthat has seen the fastest growth, most engagement, and highest conversion from browser to shopper.” -Alice Truong “ ” Source: Neilson, January 2014 3 Page 1 Solutions
  6. 6. GETTING STARTED First things First 4 Page 1 Solutions
  7. 7. Getting Started To get started, you first need to download the app onto your smartphone. Depending on the type of device you have, you can search for 'Instagram' in the App Store or in the Google Play Store. 5 Page 1 Solutions
  8. 8. Getting Started Once the app has been downloaded and installed on your smartphone, you'll need to open it and click on “register” to create a new account. After you click on “register”, you'll be asked to create a username and password for your profile as well as entering your email address and business name. 6 Page 1 Solutions
  9. 9. Getting Started You will then be prompted to connect with people you know on Facebook and people listed in your phone contacts. You can choose to add people from either step or skip them and add them later. Instagram will then suggest profiles for you to follow to get started. We suggest following a few of these initially to start growing your following. Once you've followed a few profiles, you're ready to get started creating images on your own! 7 Page 1 Solutions
  10. 10. GETTING FAMILIAR What to Expect Before we show you how to create your first image, we want to walk you around the platform a bit. 8 Page 1 Solutions
  11. 11. Getting Familiar First, view your newsfeed from the "Home" button. From here, you can scroll through images that people you're following have recently posted as well as like and comment on images. Below each image you'll be able to see a likes count followed by an image description with hashtags created by the user and finally the comments. Just like Twitter, you can tag people in a post by using the @ symbol followed by their name. When you tag one of your followers, they will get a notification and be able to respond directly from their app. 9 Page 1 Solutions
  12. 12. Getting Familiar Second, you can explore "popular" photos chosen by Instagram based on other photos you've liked and search for users or images by hashtag and username. If you choose to search by hashtag, start by typing the # symbol followed by the phrase you want to search for. Instagram will also save your most recent and most used hashtags if you'd like to search those too. 10 Page 1 Solutions
  13. 13. Getting Familiar Third, you can view all of your notifications under the heart icon. From here you can see which users liked your photos as well as new followers and new friends who have joined Instagram under the "News" tab. You can follow them directly from this tab by clicking on the +person icon. This tab also allows you to explore which images your friends have liked and commented on. To access that info, simply click on the "Following" tab at the top of the screen. 11 Page 1 Solutions
  14. 14. Getting Familiar Finally, you can view and edit your own profile. From here you can change key information such as your profile description, profile image, name and email address. You can also view all the photos you've posted, re-share them via email or social media and tag your friends if you forgot when you initially posted it. 12 Page 1 Solutions
  15. 15. WHAT NOW? Posting & Sharing 13 Page 1 Solutions
  16. 16. What Now? Once you've familiarized yourself with the app, you're ready to start posting. Instagram allows you to snap a photo directly from the app or you can choose to upload one from your photo album. Once you've chosen a photo, Instagram provides you with various filters to change the look and feel of your image. You can choose varying levels of brightness, contrast and even blur to create the perfect sharable image. 14 Page 1 Solutions
  17. 17. What Now? After you're done editing, it's time to share your image across social media! Instagram allows you to hook up your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare and Flickr accounts. All that's left is to write a catchy description, choose which media to distribute on and click share! 15 Page 1 Solutions
  18. 18. TAKE A LOOK Top 5 Brands on Instagram 16 Page 1 Solutions
  19. 19. What Makes These Work? These Successful Brands Follow These Tips: • Feature customers using their products • Take fans behind the scenes • Hosts contests and projects • Mimic their fans • Promote new products • Use hashtags • Images are visually pleasing and eye-catching • Showcase products in creative ways 17 Page 1 Solutions
  20. 20. Starbucks http://instagram.com/starbucks 2,794,737 followers 18 Page 1 Solutions
  21. 21. Sharpie http://instagram.com/sharpie 117,389 followers 19 Page 1 Solutions
  22. 22. Red Bull http://instagram.com/redbull 1,523,440 followers 20 Page 1 Solutions
  23. 23. Puma http://instagram.com/puma 474,042 followers 21 Page 1 Solutions
  24. 24. Ben & Jerry’s http://instagram.com/benandjerrys 408,681 followers 22 Page 1 Solutions
  25. 25. TAKE A LOOK Successful Small Businesses on Instagram 23 Page 1 Solutions
  26. 26. What Makes These Work? These Successful Small Businesses Follow These Tips: • Balance fun images with pictures from your business • Use Instagram videos • Cultivate a strong following • Use a variety of filters • Promote contests, deals, and specials • Showcase employees and staff • Images are visually pleasing and eye-catching • Use industry-related hashtags • Stay relatable and connected with followers 24 Page 1 Solutions
  27. 27. Pacific Plastic Surgery http://instagram.com/pacificplasticsurgery 108 followers 31 Page 1 Solutions
  28. 28. Davis Plastic Surgery http://instagram.com/davisplasticsurgery 876 followers 26 Page 1 Solutions
  29. 29. Law Offices of Jack J. Kramer http://instagram.com/jstandsforjustice 2,195 followers 33 Page 1 Solutions
  30. 30. Gary Login, DMD http://instagram.com/garyrlogindmd 133 followers 28 Page 1 Solutions
  31. 31. Amy Vermillion Interiors http://instagram.com/amyvermillioninteriors 2,430 followers 25 Page 1 Solutions
  32. 32. Maria’s Cupcakes http://instagram.com/mariascupcakes 12,360 followers 30 Page 1 Solutions
  33. 33. Surf Organic http://instagram.com/surforganic 2,176 followers 27 Page 1 Solutions
  34. 34. Ibis Cycles http://instagram.com/ibiscycles 4,549 followers 32 Page 1 Solutions
  35. 35. Slingshot, LLC http://instagram.com/slingshot 576 followers 29 Page 1 Solutions
  36. 36. Take it From Here We encourage you to have fun with the app and try out the different filters and features. As a business, you can post images of your staff hard at work, new products you're offering, products you support and even a few selfies. Thank you for viewing this EBook, we hope it was helpful in getting you started. If you have any further questions or comments, contact Page 1 Solutions. 34 Page 1 Solutions
  37. 37. THANK YOU Enjoy Your New Instagram! 35 Page 1 Solutions