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Jen Begeal - Digital Marketing Portfolio

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Digital Marketing Portfolio including social media marketing, event production, integrated marketing campaigns, data analysis, branded experiences, transmedia storytelling, event programming and email marketing campaigns.

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Jen Begeal - Digital Marketing Portfolio

  1. 1. Jen Begeal Digital Marketing Portfolio - 2016
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 3 - 4: Work Experience Page 5: Education, Skills and Affiliations Page 6: Branded Experiences Page 7: Live Event Production Page 8: Data Analysis Page 9 - 11: Social Media Marketing Page 12: Brand Engagement Page 13: Transmedia Storytelling Page 14: Event Programming Page 15 - 16: Integrated Marketing Page 17: Email Marketing Page 18: Media Partnerships Page 19: Contact Info
  3. 3. WORK EXPERIENCE NMFG, Irvington, NY - Digital Marketing Manager NOV 2015 - PRESENT Hired to manage the day-to-day marketing initiatives of Mrs. Green’s Neighborhood Market Concordia College, Bronxville, NY — Adjunct Professor JAN 2014 - PRESENT Responsible for teaching undergraduate classes in Business Development and Interactive Multimedia Design. Consultant, New York, NY — Digital Marketing Specialist JAN 2007 - NOV 2015 Produced digital marketing campaigns for clients across the film, television, technology and health industries. PGA East, New York — Marketing Coordinator (Freelance) AUG 2015 - OCT 2015 Hired to develop affiliate partnerships with New York based film and television industry member organizations for the annual Produced By: NY Conference Brigade Marketing, New York — Social Media Director (Contract) MAY 2015 - AUG 2015 Recruited to manage a team of 8 social media managers and coordinators on social media campaigns for clients including Netflix, Disney & Universal Studios.
  4. 4. WORK EXPERIENCE - Continued Audience Entertainment, New York, NY — Director of Digital Marketing JAN 2014 - MAY 2015 Appointed to develop a digital marketing strategy for an emerging content platform, and entertainment technology company. WRNN/ Verizon Fios1, Rye Brook, NY - Digital Marketing Manager MAR 2012 - AUG 2013 Hired to increase viewership and drive audience engagement for a daily political news show. Current TV, New York, NY — Digital Content Producer (Freelance) JUN 2011 - OCT 2012 Hired to develop and implement a digital strategy for an integrated campaign sponsored by Toyota and the TED conference focusing on alternative energy. Ride5 Group, New York, NY — Social Media Manager JUN 2010 - FEB 2012 Developed digital marketing proposals and social media strategies for a boutique digital media agency and their clients in the beauty, fashion and home improvement industries.
  5. 5. EDUCATION, SKILLS & AFFILIATIONS Education ● SUNY Purchase - BFA, Films Studies, May 2000 ● The New School - MA, Media Studies, May 2010 Professional Skills ● Adobe CS ● Non-Linear Editing (FCP, Avid) ● Project Management ● Media Planning/ Buying ● HTML/ CSS/ Javascript ● Email Marketing ● PPC/ Banner Advertising ● CMS ● Marketing Automation ● Social Media Marketing ● Social Media Analytics ● Digital Strategy ● Google Analytics ● Google Adwords ● SEO/SEM Professional Affiliations ● New York Women in Film & TV ● New York Women in Communications
  6. 6. BRANDED EXPERIENCES Below are a few of the brands I have developed digital marketing campaigns for.
  7. 7. LIVE EVENT PRODUCTION - Ne-Yo Video Tease Challenge: Audience Entertainment collaborated with Grammy Award winning artist, NE-YO, to create a first-of-its-kind interactive, big screen event in Times Square, to exclusively reveal a sneak peek of his video “She Knows.” Solution: An onscreen game put audiences on the street in control of revealing a sneak peek of NE-YO’s hit video. Hundreds of passersby stopped to watch the billboard, raising their hands and interacting with the 50-foot screen in real time. Results: The resulting impressions across NE-YO’s and Audience Entertainment’s networks reached over 100 million in 24 hours, through a combination of press and social engagement on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. My Part: Scouted location, wrote social media posts for our team and Ne-Yo’s team to promote the event, handled production (including managing of talent and setting up the activation), and writing the case study for the executive team.
  8. 8. DATA ANALYSIS - Legacy truth® Challenge: Audience Entertainment was tasked with developing an interactive, pre-show cinema experience for the Legacy truth® Anti-Smoking Campaign for the first ever interactive “Front and Center” Screenvision pre-show. Solution: The resulting game, which ran on 100 screens on the national Screenvision network in early fall 2014, was met with favorable reviews from both the audience and the client. Results: Bio-data collected by a third party demonstrated that emotional engagement with interactive content was on par, or exceeded audience excitement during the Super Bowl. My Part: Using the data supplied from our third party vendor, I analyzed the results and produced the documentation that was pitched to the investment team.
  9. 9. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING - Creed Results: Using a mix of cinemagraphs, static images and video clips provided by Warner Brothers our team developed content that saw an increase of fan engagement by over 52% across all platforms. My Part: Managing the creative and social media teams, I led the pitch process and the creation of the first round of creative assets to present to the client. Challenge: Develop a social media campaign for the theatrical release of the movie Creed. Solution: Entice fans of the Rocky franchise to engage with the online content and show support of the new film.
  10. 10. Results: Using a mix of cinemagraphs, static images, clips & press our team developed developed content resulting in 247K Facebook fans, and over 9,000 Twitter and Instagram followers. The film secured 3 Academy Award Nominations. My Part: Managing the creative and social media teams, I led the pitch process and the creation of the first round of creative assets to present to the client, as well as additional concepts ahead of the theatrical release. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING - Sicario Challenge: Develop a social media campaign for the festival release of the film Sicario Solution: Promote the festival and theatrical releases of the film across newly created social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  11. 11. Results: Saw an average increase in followers across all major platforms during a 9 month period of 34% My Part: Working with our creative team, merchants, partners and social media managers I developed and led the social media strategy and content calendar for our platforms. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING - Mrs. Green’s Challenge: Increase brand awareness of Mrs. Green’s, a local organic health food chain. Solution: Using the company’s new brand guide developed a strategy that combined the mission, values and feel of the new brand by using a mix of original and sponsored content.
  12. 12. BRAND ENGAGEMENT - Current TV Challenge: Increase brand awareness of Toyota’s new Scion iQ Solution: Using the existing Current TV fan base and a structured outreach campaign to engage with a targeted audience interested in the future of technology and education through a microsite consisting of articles, videos and trivia. Results: Saw a lift in engagement and brand awareness through third party social media engagement and online articles. My Part: Wrote all of the online content for the microsite including blog posts, video descriptions and social media posts, also responsible for uploading and managing all of the digital content using custom CMS.
  13. 13. TRANSMEDIA STORYTELLING - Stop Zenith Challenge: The Stop Zenith Transmedia campaign was designed to increase awareness of the limited theatrical release of the film Zenith. Solution: Developed across three separate platforms including 60 websites, 12 social media networks and live events, the transmedia campaign increased organic and earned media which promoted distribution and the sales of the film. Results: ½ Million YouTube views, 1.6 Million downloads, 70K votes on Netflix over 6 months. My Part: As the transmedia producer I was charged with developing all marketing materials, pitches to bloggers and news outlets. I also produced the live events, managed the social media conversation and hired outside vendors.
  14. 14. EVENT PROGRAMMING - StoryForward NYC Challenge: Help NYC based storytellers get jobs, make new business connections and present their projects to fellow creators across mediums including film, television, theater, VR, gaming and publishing. Solution: Founded StoryForward NYC, which produces monthly events and programs, also created a monthly newsletter that promotes the work and events of our community and affiliate partners in technology, film, gaming and VR. Results: Expanded the group to include 700 storytellers over an 18 month period, produced monthly newsletter that reaches over 1500 people, and produced standing room only events at our locations at Lincoln Center and Adorama. My Part: As the founder I have developed a team of experienced producers and community managers who have helped produce the monthly events, edit the newsletter and develop strategic partnerships with New York based organizations.
  15. 15. INTEGRATED MARKETING - Audience Awards Challenge: Audience Entertainment was asked to help drive audiences to continue engagement with the Front & Center brand before and after theatrical showings during awards season. Solution: Using our patented iD technology we measured audience reactions to each film title shown during an in theater game ahead of a movie. The winners were calculated and shared on a dedicated twitter feed and microsite. Results: Expanded reach from in cinema to online community with a noticeable increase in engagement the weeks leading up to the Academy Awards Show. My Part: Working with our graphic designer we developed the look and the feel of the microsite, I then built the microsite, wrote the web and social media content, and collected the data for posting across social channels.
  16. 16. INTEGRATED MARKETING - Mrs. Green’s Results: Increased overall brand awareness as shown by an increase of sales during the period of the campaigns and a higher than average CPM for all digital banners. My Part: Worked with Marketing Director to create media plan, oversaw the development of creative assets with graphic design team, and managed all digital content including banner ads, email blasts, and social media posts. Challenge: Increase brand awareness with Mrs. Green’s, a local organic health food chain. Solution: Developed a series of integrated marketing campaigns for the New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and Illinois locations.
  17. 17. EMAIL MARKETING - Mrs. Green’s Produced frequent eblasts promoting in-store sales, special events, and providing store updates to customers. Also managed customer profiles within the email system, and developed workflows using a marketing automation system. Open rates increased by 2.5% and email sign-ups increased by 5% over 9 months.
  18. 18. MEDIA PARTNERSHIPS I have developed and managed media and strategic partnerships for the Producers Guild of America and StoryForward NYC. These partnerships have accelerated membership and community growth and driven ticket sales for live events.
  19. 19. CONTACT INFO - Jen Begeal jbegeal@gmail.com @jlbhart linkedin.com/in/jenbegeal