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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire [Jemma Burns]


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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire [Jemma Burns]

  1. 2. What type of contract has no end date? Full time Fixed term Permanent Temporary
  2. 3. What is a job description? Advert that a new job has opened Details in the candidate required Details the duties and responsibilities of that post Describes the organisation
  3. 4. Appraisal process Buddy system Priority list Hands open approach – Line manager checks Which of these is not a method used to monitor target achieving?
  4. 5. What is internal recruitment? Recruiting within organisation Employee has 2 jobs Outside the organisation Expensive method of recruitment
  5. 6. What does ergonomics? An effective team Effective time keeping Effective relationship between staff Relationship between people and their working environment
  6. 7. What does C.V stand for? Certificate verification Curriculum vitae Cheapest venue Certificate vitae
  7. 8. What year is the health and safety at work act? 1976 1964 1967 1974
  8. 9. Why does and extraordinary meeting take place? When a crisis has occurred To discuss the companies weekly targets When pay checks are issued For general queries
  9. 10. What is the role of the chairperson? Takes control of the meeting Takes the minutes Provides refreshments Deals with the money issues