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Social Media Presentation For N P A Region Mtg Philly

  1. a trade show is an event – dating is a process – events are easier to manage – processes build results for the long term.
  2. time is needed to experiment and explore what works for us.
  3. even more time is needed to interact and engage with our audience. this is the critical component.
  4. the “build it and they will come” approach only works in the movies…social media is “build it, nurture it, engage them and they may come and stay.”
  5. it will be about one-to-one communication/exchange/marketing.
  6. it will be a focus on the individual and solving their problems.
  7. it will be about mobile technology. will the computer and cell phone be one unit? Mobile will be larger than desktop.
  8. 2 foot = desktop, 1 foot = mobile, 10 foot = google TV
  9. what about…web recording…instant interviews…audio and sound clips…image uploads…instant chat.
  10. an npa app.
  11. tweet-ups, mobile alerts, location based services, PURL’s.
  12. Niche communities, g-chat, HTML.5.
  13. Cloud computing will grow just like social media (google lean startup,
  14. aas – “as a service”
  15. facebook is becoming more popular than google.
  16. facebook launched job posting application – BranchOut
  17. 35-44 age group is the largest users of facebook.
  18. top 3 methods in 2010 to recruit:
  19. LinkedIn
  20. social media
  21. use the status updates
  22. plug-ins(power point, slide share)
  23. start a group
  24. search for candidates, clients,
  25. ask for a recommendation
  26. share & discuss career, events, news, etc
  27. watch you community page
  28. start a company careers account
  29. start a careers channel
  30. GYST - Find Share & Review Businesses.
  31. Android - is a mobile operating system developed by Google and is based upon a modified version of the Linux kernel.
  32. Use tagging – categorize content
  33. Optimize digital assets – podcasts, video, etc.
  34. understand and know your audience
  35. how do they search?
  36. what search engines do they use?
  37. what lingo do they use?
  38. how do they prefer their content served? (video, text, photos)