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Succeeding with Hybrid SharePoint (includes new Cloud SSA material)

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Succeeding with Hybrid SharePoint (includes new Cloud SSA material)

  1. 1. Succeeding with Hybrid SharePoint and Search: Strategy and Implementation Jeff Fried CTO, BA Insight SPS Redmond October 2015
  2. 2. KCTCS (background)
  3. 3. Focused on Search and SharePoint since 2004 Longtime Search Nerd • CTO, BA Insight • Senior PM, Microsoft • VP, FAST • SVP, LingoMotors Who is this guy? Jeff Fried Passionate About • Search • SharePoint • Search-driven applications • Information Strategy Blog: DoMoreWithSearch.com Technet Column “A View from the Crawlspace” jeff.fried@bainsight.com
  4. 4. About BA Insight  – Secure connectivity – Increased findability – Applications and UI components 
  5. 5.  – –  –  –  – Why Hybrid SharePoint? 8
  6. 6. Delve PowerBIYammer Next-Gen Portals Office 365 APIs Cloud-only OneDrive Office Video Equivio Zoom (e-Discovery)
  7. 7. Migrate remote users Two Hybrid Adoption Strategies Pilot Online Service with a subset of users Off-board exchange mailboxes Migrate Move everything to the cloud at your own pace Co-Exist Maintain a hybrid model Keep using On-Premises systems & customizations; mix according to need
  8. 8. The Evolution of SharePoint: HYBRID ManagementExtensibilityExperiences | Server Experiences ManagementExtensibility | Server | Server HYBRID Team Sites Portals Search Enterprise Content Mngt BI
  9. 9. SharePoint “Hybrid Classic” Search: Bidirectional Business Connectivity Services: Supported Duet Enterprise for SharePoint and SAP: Supported IntranetMicrosoft data center Internet Microsoft Office 365 tenant SharePoint Online Federated search results Site collection SharePoint Online can query SharePoint Server SharePoint Server 2013 SharePoint Primary web app Federated search results SharePoint Server can query SharePoint Online Outbound Inbound Customer network Perimeter network
  10. 10. 14 Essential building block: Authentication with Hybrid SharePoint
  11. 11. Approaches to Hybrid – by Workload Split Workload different tools in different places Split User task uses content or sites across ‘the divide’ Exchange, SharePoint, Lync OneDrive, Yammer, PowerBI, Delve Extranet, Mysites, Team Sites, Project Sites Portals, Intranet, Services/Applications Links Search
  12. 12. Search Provides a Unified View
  13. 13. SharePoint 2016 Hybrid Cloud Hybrid Search User Profiles Following Extranet Compliance (DLP/e- Discovery) Config Experience Built on Search
  14. 14. Cloud Search Service Application • Unified index with on-premises and cloud content • Feeds Office Graph/Delve experiences • Supports Search as a Service • Reduces search crawl footprint Audio text And search indexpropertiessignals Metadata extraction and processing
  15. 15. External Content (on-premises and/or in the cloud) SharePoint Server (On-premises or Hosted) Office 365 SharePoint Online Content Onedrive for Business Content Connectors SharePoint Content Hybrid Connectivity (index in O365)
  16. 16. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • BA Insight Connectors Mailbox and Archiving Systems • Microsoft Exchange • Microsoft Exchange Online • IBM Lotus Notes • Symantex Evault • Autonomy EAS / (Zantaz) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ERP and Portal Systems • • • • • • • • • • • • Plus a proven architecture and process for creating new connectors to complex systems
  17. 17.   External Content in O365 UX Unified view across all content - on-premises and on-line - inside and outside SharePoint
  18. 18. External Content (on-premises and/or in the cloud) SharePoint Server (On-premises or Hosted) SPO Content OneDrive Content Connectors SharePoint Content Connector Framework AutoClassifier Office 365 AutoClassifier (app version) CEWS
  19. 19. DLP Sensitive Data Search works with hybrid Search for sensitive data across on-premises and SharePoint Online All Built-in sensitive types Identification and export Extends to data in OneDrive Sensitive Information type detection through KQL searches Get instant statistics Preview & export results
  20. 20. External Content (on-premises and/or in the cloud) SharePoint Server (On-premises or Hosted) SharePoint Online (SPO) Search Delve & InfoPedia Data Loss Prevention (DLP) SPO Content OneDrive Content Connectors SharePoint Content Connector Framework AutoClassifier Office 365 AutoClassifier (app version) CEWS
  21. 21. Scaling
  22. 22. External Content (on-premises and/or in the cloud) Custom Processing CEWS Bottlenecks: 1) Source systems 2) Content Processing 3) Indexer ….
  23. 23. External Content (on-premises and/or in the cloud) Bottlenecks: 1) Uplink 2) Source systems ….
  24. 24. 30 Performance
  25. 25. External Content (on-premises and/or in the cloud) CEWS Custom Processing Bottlenecks: 1) Uplink 2) Source systems 3) Content Processing ….
  26. 26. Mechanisms Cloud SSA Remote Result Source Cloud App model Applications External Content Federator Identity and Directory Sync
  27. 27. • • Directory Synchronization SID S-1-5-21-1212121212-1212121212-1212 jaden@corp.hybridsearch.com msOnline- OnPremiseSecurity Identifier S-1-5-21-1212121212-1212121212-1212 PUID PUID-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXX
  28. 28. Mapping of Access Control Lists Allow: S-1-5-21-1212121212-1212121212-1212 PUID-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXX • User SIDs are mapped to PUIDs • Group SIDs are mapped to Object IDs • «Everyone» and «Authenticated users» are mapped to «Everyone except external users»
  29. 29. 1) 2) 3) Cloud Hybrid Search Limitations 36 Feature OOB Limitation BA Insight CEWS not available with Cloud SSA available via connector framework Entity Extraction not available with Cloud SSA available via autoclassifier Custom Security Trimming not available with O365 index can 'map down' to AD groups Thesaurus SharePoint Online doesn't support a thesaurus can use Federator - with SP server- based search center Removal of on-premises search results not available with Cloud SSA (could provide a custom solution)
  30. 30. External Content (on-premises and/or in the cloud) SharePoint Server (On-premises or Hosted) SPO Content OneDrive Content Connectors SharePoint Content Connector Framework Office 365 AutoClassifier (app version) CEWS Custom Processing
  31. 31.  – – –   NOT OOB …. but there’s a way to handle them all Scenarios 38
  32. 32. 39 Connectors Federator
  33. 33. OOB Federated Search User Experience Results from Cloud Results from SharePoint On-Premise Refiners from Cloud only No termset synchronization Result Blocks (not interleaved)
  34. 34. BA Insight Federator
  35. 35. 43 Full Range of Hybrid Search Configurations Scenario Most systems and portals hosted on-premises Most systems and portals hosted in the cloud Must work across borders but maintain data residency Single Single MultiSearch Search Index Search Index Across Multiple in SP Server in SP Online * Search Indices How it works Crawls SP Online and other sources from SP Server Crawls SP Server and other sources from Cloud SSA, pushes text & metadata to SP Online Searches SP Online and SP Server simultaneously; combines the results Advantages Simplest approach; best search experience Low footprint on-premises; can use online features (Delve, DLP) Only solution for some scenarios BA Insight Improvement over OOB no OOB solution Adds content outside SP Preview content outside SP2013 Supports content enrichment Provides single interleaved result set and refiners * requires Microsoft Cloud SSA Approaches for Hybrid SharePoint Configuration
  36. 36. 44 Customer Example: ACE Built on SharePoint 2013 – but couldn’t run as-is in O365
  37. 37. SharePoint Server in Azure in hybrid configuration with O365 Tenant Virtual Network Cloud Service Availability Set Active Directory & DNS Cloud ServiceCloud Service Availability Set Front End Availability Set App server Availability Set Database Microsoft Azure Gateway subnet Active VPN On-premises environment Optional!
  38. 38. Example: Using Search-First Migration with Hybrid Cloud Service Availability Sets SharePoint Services Farm Microsoft Azure SharePoint Online Site collections Office 365 Tenant SharePoint 2013 Content Farms SharePoint 2010 Farm(s) 2) Migrate / Upgrade Content Farms Each site collection can be moved independently Can be on-premises, in O365, or hosted in Azure 3) Decommission old farm(s) 1) Establish Search Service (using Azure IaaS)
  39. 39.  –  –  – Getting Ready 49
  40. 40. Key Considerations for Hybrid: Workloads, Environment, Data, Customizations Availability of features Online versus On-Premises on particular workloads Significant investments in customization of On-Premises workloads Concerns over global network performance with remote sites Regulatory considerations Manageability concerns
  41. 41. Tools     52
  42. 42. New Sites to bookmark 53
  43. 43. Contact: Jeff.Fried@BAinsight.com www.BAinsight.com Questions / Discussion

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  • Key take-away
    Search is much more than 10 blue links
    a powerful way to create a unified view of enterprise information
    And compelling search-based applications and dashboards
  • Notes
    80% of workload
    Central Internal
    Provides services to other environments (yellow arrows)
    In general, parallel architecture to Central
    Deployed based on need
    Internal and extranet options