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Why our future lies in ecosystems and what is going to support it

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We are in the early stage of multiple shift where organisations will move from a traditional top-down way of working towards framed, opened and networked ecosystems.

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Why our future lies in ecosystems and what is going to support it

  1. 1. Why our future lies! in ecosystems and!what is going to support! it operationally! Génération CO! Rezonance! Lausanne, January 17th 2013! Jean-Yves Huwart! Global Enterprise!
  2. 2. Global Enterprise Brussels-based consultancy company covering new trends in innovation, entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, ecosystemsbuilding and new ways of working. We design operational solutionsintegrating, a.o., coworking in long term strategies.Jean-Yves Huwart, CEO !
  3. 3. Coworking Europe Conference Global Enterprise organises the European! conferences on Coworking! Brussels -!19-20 November 2010! Berlin -! 3-4-5 November 2011! Paris -! Credit : Stefano Borghi8-9-10 November 2012! www.coworkingeurope.net!
  4. 4. Intrapreneurship Conference Global Enterprise organises! the Intrapreneurship Conference! Brussels –!15 December 2011! Paris -!13 December 2012! Bilbao –! June 2013! www.intrapreneurshipconference.com!
  5. 5. Table of contents1.  Nations, corporations, individuals2.  The traditional corporate model shaken from all sides3.  Working distribution tools4.  Coworking and social networks to support the ecosystem shaping process
  6. 6. 1. Nations, corporations,

  7. 7. 18-19th century : the economy was run by kingdoms and nations Robert Cleveley- The Battle of Cape St vincent
  8. 8. 20th century : the economyrelied on corporations Flickr Marc Görtz
  9. 9. The traditional HQ model fitted theneeds of the 20th century organisation…
  10. 10. In the 21st century,the economy is growingly drivenby inter- connected individuals Flickr Jodyodea
  11. 11. We enter a major societal, environmental,technological and economical storm… …shifting the order of priorities to a new set of working values.
  12. 12. 2. The traditional corporatemodel is shaken from all sides
  13. 13. An ever more complex and unpredictable world …Economy
  14. 14. The traditional innovationmodel is brokenCompetitiveness
  15. 15. R&D to reinvent the exlusive field ofHow not anymorethe Japan and magic ? world innovation WesternEcnomicalR&D
  16. 16. The rise of emerging global playersGlobalisation Source : dailystruggle.tumblr.com
  17. 17. The challenges of sustainabilityEnvironment Picture Beluga project
  18. 18. A growing demand for newcorporate valuesSociety Flickr A picture is worth
  19. 19. Build a better work/life balancePeople Flickr A picture is worth
  20. 20. How to cure the mobility nightmarePeople
  21. 21. 3. Work distribution tools

  22. 22. My company is in the cloudTechnological
  23. 23. The rise of the nomad laptopworkers! And of the BYOD mentalTechnological Flickr Marielle Peeters : Seats2Meet, Den Bosch (The Netherlands)!
  24. 24. Softwares are now a service! Flickr NedralTechnological
  25. 25. Companies outsourceindividual skills… … and tap into the growing pool of freelancersEconomical
  26. 26. 4. Coworking and socialnetworks to support theecosystem shaping process

  27. 27. Organisations of the future willbe based on ecosystems
  28. 28. Moving from competition tocollaboration Flickr Oblong57
  29. 29. Time for the distributedworkplace
  30. 30. Open for multidisciplinarities Conjonctured Coworking, Austin (TX) – Picture Jean-Yves Huwart!
  31. 31. It’s happening online
  32. 32. Modern workers need some kind of ! third place...!Source : Deskmag!
  33. 33. Here comes COWORKING, trend fueled !by the changing needs of our time!
  34. 34. Operationnally, the ecosystem and effortless networking dynamics … …are critical for the modern empowered individual workers.Flickr Nextspace Coworking
  35. 35. Human emotions come back as a driver of innovation innovationFlickr : Barbswyers1
  36. 36. A matter of attitude
  37. 37. To automate the flexible workplace is easy Tables and chairs are not enough…
  38. 38. Consider a space Inspiring inspiring, feel good space
  39. 39. Coworking Sao Paulo
  40. 40. YES !Coworking Europe survey 2010
  41. 41. www.entrepriseglobale.biz / www.global-enterprise.biz Flickr Betagroup Coworking, Brussels!