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DevOps@Morpho in 2014

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Overview of DevOps implementation at Morpho in 2014
(Created on 2014-11-12 ; Updated slide 28 with new statistics on 2014-12-07)
(Updated my selfie... on 2015-07-11)

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DevOps@Morpho in 2014

  1. 1. 0 / Morpho DevOps approach introduction Jean-Charles JOREL (jean-charles.jorel@morpho.com) May. 2015 DevOps Infrastructure Service Line
  2. 2. 1 / DevOps approach brief  Agenda  A word about Me  A brief history of DevOps  Goals / Enablers  DevOps rationale  Morpho corporate interests in DevOps  Why Cloud is needed?  What changes compared to non-DevOps oriented Project organization?  A Change Management challenge
  3. 3. 2 / About me…  Jean-Charles JOREL (jean-charles.jorel@morpho.com)  DevOps Service Line Manager  Leading a Team of 20 people dedicated to DevOps deployment & associated operations  Safran Morpho Expert  Promote Morpho Technical Excellence outside of the corporation  Areas of Expertise: DevOps…, Cloud Techs, Network protocols & SDN, Innovation process, Linux hacking…  Help to bring new Tech Trends inside Morpho
  4. 4. Let’s talk about DevOps…
  5. 5. 4 / DISCLAIMER In 2014, DevOps is still a word encumbered by multiple definitions Please keep in mind that these slides express only what is DevOps for us! So… it’s our definition that may conflict with others… Morpho DevOps Service Line
  6. 6. 5 / DevOps / (little) history background  A new IT Project Development management approach  A new word created end of 2009 for the first ‘devopsdays’  Enabled by new technologies (IaaS/Cloud especially)  Popularized by IT leaders (Google, Facebook, Yahoo… and companies with strong Time-To-Market needs)  DevOps has now a strong and steady momentum in IT environments CONFIDENTIEL / DATE / DIRECTION
  7. 7. 6 / DevOps : A word / 2 realities Dev   Ops
  8. 8. 7 / DevOps Practices & Platform DevOps / 2 professional realities : A word to bring them all and, in short loops, unite them! + = DBA, On-Site installers, Site support, Network engineers, … Ex: Java developper, integrators, Testers, …  A DevOps approach enables Dev and IT people collaborate and improve continuously through short loops! So, DevOps is LEAN!
  9. 9. LEAN? What is LEAN???
  10. 10. 9 / DevOps is « Toyota LEAN » applied to SW Delivery DevOps is introducing a very quick SW Factory Line & very fast feedback loops  where inputs are Ideas / Bugs / Improvements (so change requests in general)  that involve workers (developers / specifiers /qualifiers / sysadmins etc…)  creating added-value in a form of artefacts going onto the field to get quick feedbacks
  11. 11. 11 / LEAN is made to eliminate WASTE and reduce LEADTIMES (ex: Time-to-market) through MEASURES CONFIDENTIEL / DATE / DIRECTION
  12. 12. …so you need… Test Test Test Again and again and again Every time / everywhere SW Factory & IT Production: Applying LEAN to it? … to generate your process measurements required by LEAN.
  13. 13. 15 / DevOps is all about automation: Better to use a Cloud! A IaaS or a PaaS… or even a SaaS… API SLA API SLA API SLA Automation of highly specialized use-cases Automation of pre-defined Runtimes (ex: Tomcat, Oracle Database, mySQL, Apache etc…) Automation of Essential IT resources (Virtual Machines, Virtual Networks, Virtual Storage) Not cloud Automation very difficult…
  14. 14. 16 / (Some) IaaS or PaaS choices at a glance (in 2014) Private Public PaaS IaaS
  15. 15. Morpho embracing DevOps ?
  16. 16. DEVOPS@MORPHO EXPECTED BENEFITS  Ease Test & Integration Environment Setup by:  Providing on-demand & ready to use complex test environments  Ease Production installation as cooked in Development phase  Getting mature early on Production installation procedure  Dev people better feel Ops needs … and so Customer needs  Increase Reactivity in the later step of the project (often critical)  Allowing quick reproduction / validation environments for debug / tuning available to all project members.  Capitalize (Stop reinventing the wheel) and enable upgradability  Future projects will start from what was achieved previously.  Dry-run upgrade can be proactively tested / automated
  17. 17. 20 / Morpho is using the OpenSource IaaS named OpenStack for Test environment automation 240 physical servers – 200TBytes SSD – 13TB RAM 3000 VMs (average) for 600 users 35.000 VMs created / destroyed each month 700 Virtual test benches (tenants)  Use OVS-SDN with overlapping IPs  Morpho may additionally use a PaaS in the coming months…
  18. 18. 21 / Morpho DevOps Private Cloud dynamics (figures after 12 months of Production) Do not create other Waste! All VMs are stopped every second Wednesday of each month 30% are not restarted by users during the following month and are so garbage collected Overall number of VMs is constantly moving
  19. 19. 22 / An Integrated DevOps platform for every one Extended scope MCP Programs DevOpsplatform Product & Suites …/…Components (Simplified platform view)
  20. 20. What major changes compared to non-DevOps oriented Project organization?
  21. 21. 24 / Morpho DevOps Infrastructure, Technologies, Process Supervision & SLA OS, Virtualization & Networks Database Management Installation & Lifecycle Suite or Product or MSU Suite or Product or MSU Suite or Product or MSU Suite or Product Agile Application Platform MCP Common Binary Storage Solutions Solutions SolutionsPrograms & Solutions Agile DevOps Our Devs… Our Ops…
  22. 22. 25 / DevOps : Start With The End In Mind!  DevOps is stressing the need to have ‘Ops’ cooperating with ‘Dev’ as earliest as possible in the Project lifecycle  In non-DevOps oriented project management, ‘Ops’ are only involved near Production time  Leads to difficulties and over-costs due to late tuning on final hardware and / or Production context  In a DevOps oriented Project management,  ‘Ops’ build a representative simulation of the target Production environment AS SOON AS a preliminary Architecture description is available,  ‘Ops’ package IT deliverables (OS, DB, AppServer…) for the ‘Dev’
  23. 23. 26 / DevOps vs non-DevOps: How to identify them based on their Test Resource consumption ?  DevOps oriented projects are only possible if you have a Test & Integration Infrastructure providing a near unlimited amount of very cheap IT resources Amount of Test & Integration resources used End of project End of project DevOps project non-DevOps project Powered by
  24. 24. 29 / DevOps / A Management & Culture challenge
  25. 25. 31 / DevOps Practices & Platform DevOps / A Top Management challenge + = DBA, On-Site installers, Site support, Network engineers, … Ex: Java developper, integrators, Testers, … DevOps deployment is also (mainly?) about ensuring that 2 populations with different goals achieve the Corporate one
  26. 26. 32 / Morpho DevOps Service Line 4 teams for Full Product to Program Lifecycle support Stress Test services & Test Benches operations Software Configuration Management Artifact Lifecycle Management Standardized IT Deliverables MCP Collaborative Software Methods for developers & integrators
  27. 27. 34 / A DevOps Service Line@MORPHO in 2014??? That’s not the DevOps spirit!! By “definition”, DevOps can’t be done by a single organizational entity or team…  DevOps approach has to be run every day by our Ops and our Dev working together …but a single DevOps Support entity can:  Create a common Collaborative Environment & Tool Chain  where its challenge is to be as transparent from Dev & Ops as possible…  Help define the DevOps word and perform Change Management inside the corporation. That’s the current implementation of DevOps @ Morpho…