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5 Cu Ft Upright Freezer

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5 Cu Ft Upright Freezer. Compact, flush back design offers 2.8-Cu-Ft. of storage, perfect for with tight spaces. Reversible doors offer versatility. Features 4 pull out drawers, adjustable thermostat, lock and key 5 Cu Ft Upright Freezer.

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5 Cu Ft Upright Freezer

  1. 1. TOP 10 5 CU FT UPRIGHT FREEZERIf you are looking for 5 Cu Ft Upright Freezer. You are on the right place. Here we have 5 Cu Ft Upright Freezer at cheap price. You can buy5 Cu Ft Upright Freezer in stock. Not waste your time anymore, Check the details and buy 5 Cu Ft Upright Freezer at lower price right nowvia our page below. Shops & Purchase Online with Secure Check out, Quick & Easy.Top #1 Sunpentown UF-311W Energy Star 2.8 Cubic-Foot Upright Freezer, WhiteView All OffersMore Product DetailFull Customer ReviewsUpright 2.8 cubic-foot freezer with a space-saving flushback design4 pullout baskets help keep food organized and easilyaccessibleIce-cube tray; lock and key; reversible door; front levelinglegsMechanical adjustable thermostat; manual defrost; EnergyStar ratedMeasures 19-1/2 by 19-5/6 by 34 inches; 1-year limitedwarrantyCompact, flush back design offers 2.8-Cu-Ft. of storage, perfect for with tight spaces. Reversible doors offer versatility. Features 4 pullout drawers, adjustable thermostat, lock and keyCustomer ReviewNot The Greatest : This freezer is having trouble keeping things properly frozen. I have removed any items that may be placed in there long-term, as I am worried about its occasional and sudden defrosting. Not sure if I have a lemon or if all have this problem. Also, accumulates alot of ice.Not Dependable : I ordered this to freeze and store my wifes breast milk. It worked for 2 months and then one day we checked and the
  2. 2. freezer was not working and all the breast milk was thawed. The freezer made noise as it usually does but nothing was kept cold even at thehighest cooling setting. This happened just after the return policy expired.So Far; So Good : After reading all the reviews, decided to take a change on this little freezer. Just needed something to supplement myhome freezer. And the more packed a freezer is, the more efficiently it runs. So didnt want anything too big. At this point, I am pleased withthe freezer. I read several reviews where the freezer arrived damaged. Amazon is now packing the freezer in its box into another box withcorner guards. Very well protected. Also, once you get the inner box that holds the freezer out , it is slit all the way around near the bottom tosimply lift the box off. I felt Amazon was taking pains for the item to arrive unblemished, and then to make it easy on the consumer. I amkeeping the freezer in my utility room which is not heated or cooled but is part of the house right off the kitchen. It is quite cool out thereright now, and I have the freezer on the coldest setting to keep everything frozen. I am wondering if it will make a difference once the utilityis much hotter in the summer. The 4 stars is for that reason; I am having to use the coldest setting to keep everything frozen.Sunpentown Has A Warranty That = No Warranty At All! : Nice compact unit but forget the warranty! AND MINE DIDNT LAST 12MONTHS!PROS:The compact design of the Sunpentown uf310 upright freezer is great and the four racks make using a pleasure. It fit the space I had for asmall freezer almost perfectly. Flush handle grips on a reversible door, nothing protruding to get snagged or broken.It is very easy to organize and access. It is quiet and takes very little space. The manual defrost isnt all that bad. It defrosts quickly and isfairly easy to clean up the water. With normal use seems like I could get by with defrosting the unit about every 6 months or so. I defrostedafter the first 6 or 7 months of use as the drawers were getting tight from frost buildup.CONS:The real problem came after 11 months of use when the unit failed to maintain freezing temperature. Went from 0 degrees to 40 degreesovernight! The shocker and real eye opener came when I found out ALL WARRANTY REPAIR REQUIRES PREPAID SHIPPING toINDRUSTRIAL CITY, CALIFORNIA. Packing was also at my expense! The company refused to even provide packing material.UPS will ship the unit at about half the original purchase price (depending on your location). I paid $85 plus the expense of packingmaterials, another $20+ and I considered this cheap! I found shopping around helpful as both shipping and packing rates vary considerablyby UPS Stores. One wanted over $200 to ship plus another $110 to pack the freezer.Sunpentown International just doesnt provide ANY assistance in warranty returns which can make the warranty a very expensive item ifused! Better to assume there is no warranty! Glad I was in Texas and not Maine for this deal! IF WARRANTY WORK IS NEEDED IT ISCHEAPER to BUY A NEW FREEZER.Has a warranty that can become a liability! Consider the unit a one year throwaway unless you are close to their office in Calif.!The Sunpentown uf310 also claims to be 3.1 cu. ft. but that is the measurement of the entire unit plus compressor!Ok, Didnt Last Long : I had one of these for about 2-3 years and then it died. Perhaps Im expecting too much for the price. It was OK,needed one manual defrost over that period. Had to be careful to make sure the door was closed otherwise would defrost on its own. Imtrying a different brand now (Avanti VM301W) to see if it lasts longer.Worth Every Penny And More : I read the other reviews and frankly, I am not sure where the negative comments are coming from. Ibought this item 2 years ago. It was a demo/floor model and the last one in stock at Fryes Electronics in Dallas. I paid a whopping $ 149.00for it. The best money I have ever spent! I was living in an apartment with a very small freezer space on the refrigerator and did not have alot of room for a big freezer so this was perfect! Very quiet. Keeps everything frozen and even makes ice in a very short time. Frost build-up? Almost non existent. I had it over a year before I needed to defrost it. Perphaps the negative comments are coming from people who arenot truly using it to store extra items, but are in fact "fanning" the door by opening it frequently? I would highly recommend to anyone else.Oh, and its appearance is very nice as well. Living in an apartment, it was in a corner of my dining room and several people thought it was aclassy little wine refrigerator, lolDead After 4 Months!! : Worked for 4 months during the summer. Turned off during the winter. When started back this year IT DOESNOT GET COLD anymore! IT is 13 months old and ready to hit the dumpster because it costs more to repair it than get a new one! Neveragain SPT!Could Have Bought It Cheaper Elsewere, But I Got It Now So Ill Keep It : just got the freezer, seems to be working ok, a little noiseywhen it goes on. its balanced perfect. just remember look around more
  3. 3. Quiet And Reliable : I have had this freezer for 6 mos now and am entirely satisfied. It is quiet and efficient. The pull out baskets on eachshelf make finding things easy. The wheels make rolling it when I clean easy. The extra box made sure there was no damage during shipping.Freezer : even better than I exceptedsmall but plenty of room with the racksand best of all runs very quiet dont even know it is runningTop 10 Best Sellers (#2-#10)Top #2 : Sunpentown Energy Star 2.8-Cu-Ft Upright Freezer - StainlessTop #3 : Haier HUM013EA 1-2/7-Cubic-Foot Compact Space-Saver Upright FreezerTop #4 : Haier HNSE04 4.0 Cubic Feet Refrigerator/Freezer, WhiteTop #5 : Danby DCF700W1 7.0 cu.ft. Chest Freezer - WhiteTop #6 : Thermo Scientific Sliding Drawer Rack 3" Box, 4 Inner Door Freezers 15 Box/Rack, Capacity 28 Cu. Ft., Uprights 5.5" W x 11.9"H x 26.3" LTop #7 : Danby DUF408WE 4.2 cu.ft. Upright Freezer - WhiteTop #8 : GE FCM5SUWW 5.0 cu. Ft. Chest Freezer - WhiteTop #9 : Frigidaire FFU12F2HW 12.1 Cu. Ft. Upright Freezer - WhiteTop #10 : Frigidaire FFU21F5HW 21.0 Cu. Ft. Upright Freezer - WhiteVisit here you will be found the Best of 5 Cu Ft Upright Freezer In Discount Price. We have Great deals for 5 Cu Ft Upright Freezer You cancheck Prices and Comparison before you buy 5 Cu Ft Upright Freezer Quick & EasyPowered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)