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What parents should know about good oral care?

  1. What Parents Should Know About Good Oral Care? • As a parent it is easy to become overwhelmed with the information that you need to know to keep your child safe and healthy. In turn, you need to pass this information on to ensure that they are educated and ale to look after themselves in due course. • One area that often causes concerns for parents is that of oral health. We all know the importance of making sure that our teeth are kept clean and healthy, but often this can be done ineffectively, and can lead to problems in later life.
  2. Start Early • Although babies are rarely born with teeth (though it does happen) it is important to start oral care from a very young age. You can wipe gums clean after meals and this will help encourage healthy gums, as well as getting your youngster used to the concept of having their mouth cleaned on a regular basis.
  3. Use fluoride • Depending where you live in the UK your water may, or may not, contain fluoride. This important element helps to protect enamel, and therefore protect teeth from decay. If you drink bottled water, or live in a low fluoride water area, make sure that your family uses a high ppm fluoride toothpaste and/or mouthwash.
  4. Brush twice a day • It is important to get your family into the habit of brushing regularly, and ideally twice a day. Encourage a brush after breakfast, and just before bedtime.
  5. Floss Daily • Flossing can help reduce gum disease and should be used in addition to regular brushing.
  6. Change your Brush Regularly • Brushes are susceptible to wear and tear, and over time can become effectively useless at ensuring a good clean. As a result it is important that you change them at least three to four times a year.
  7. Eat well • Ensure your family has a well balanced diet full of fruit and vegetables. These contain numerous vitamins and nutrients that can encourage good general health and oral health.
  8. Avoid sugary snacks and drinks • Sugar can cause decay, especially as it provides a good adhesive to help bacteria stick to the surface of your teeth. Reduce your sugar intake and opt for water or sugar free drinks and snacks instead.
  9. Chew Gum • Chewing gum between meals can be a good way of reducing bacteria in the mouth. This is because it increases saliva flow which neutralises acid and washes bacteria away.
  10. Stop Smoking • If you smoke, consider stopping as this can have a hugely negative impact on your oral health. Discuss this with your children and encourage them not to start.
  11. Routine check-ups • Make regular appointments to see your dentist for routine check-ups and ensure your children have these appointments too.
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