3. Aug 2016

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  2. Jaya Moolchandani Hyderabad Campus
  3.  Aim-The company Rentlo aims at providing vehicles of all types for rent to it’s customers.  Services provided- Renting four wheelers of all type.  Proposed course of action- Developing apps to book the vehicle.
  4.  Tourist places and metro cities need this facility.  It currently aims at starting it’s services in four major cities- Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata.
  5.  Currently the travel agencies provide a driver and a car for tourists , but with the coming up of technology like GPS people don’t need a driver to take them to places, instead self driven car is more fascinating to them.  Though companies like zoom cars also provide the same service but is restricted to metro cities. CURRENT SITUATION
  6. Target customers..
  7.  College students who are eligible for driving  People fond of visiting places.  Tourist places  Big cities where business people need to go for work
  8. Competitors • zoomcars • ola rentals
  9. Zoomcar already provides door to door service for the vehicles with free petrol. Ola cabs have increased it’s product line recently by introducing Ola rentals. Ola has already gained trust amongst it’s customers by it’s cab services.
  10. MARKET OVERVIEW • Potential customers- college students, businessmen, family men. • Collaborators- makemytrip, snapdeal, car companies like- Tata, Hyundai, Renault • Opportunities- gain trust by collaborating with already famous companies. Will have to face risk of expenses and poor marketing.
  11. VALUE PROPOSITION The customers can install the app for
  12.  Register their details in the app and book there desired vehicle along with the dates.  Our people will come to your door to give you the car at the specified time.  Our customers have the option of online payment of security amount even through cash.  The car is yours Wohoo!! Drive safe   Our driver comes to take the car back when you have enjoyed the day!  Gives the rest of the deposit after checking the condition of the vehicle
  13. The company RENTLO ensures luxurious and appropriate vehicles of your choice depending on the type of journey you are in. RENTLO
  14. App idea • The App will have a user friendly interface with linked GPS. • It will have contacts of our mechanics who will be available at your call.
  15. We have joined hands with Makemytrip and snapdeal who provide coupons for discount for RENTLO on booking hotels or making a deal from their app.
  16. WEBSITE BOOKING AVAILABLE! • Our website allows full information about the procedure to book the vehicle. • It has a user friendly interface and provides details of the documents needed while booking.
  17. • The company aims at promoting it in renowned colleges where students come from different cities. • It also believes in digital marketing the app. • Promoting it in television through advertisments will make families planning for trips aware.
  18. The Future Goals…. • Increasing it’s product line by increasing the variety of vehicles. • Increasing it’s reach to more cities. • Providing per hour basis rent.