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Pov premium motorcycle market india

Marketing Machinery of Harley Davidson & Triumph - India, 2015

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Pov premium motorcycle market india

  1. 1. Picture Source: Harley Davidson India 06-12-2015 1
  2. 2. Disclaimer: Intention of the document is to summarise the current marketing activities of Primarily Harley-Davidson and Triumph - Premium Motorcycle Brands in India and Positioning these brands are trying to capture in the Minds of the targeted consumer. Due to the small length of the document I may have missed out some critical details, hence feedback is welcome. Views are personal and in no way represent that of the organization I work for. Data collected is through public sources and no solicitation is asked for specially for this document. 06-12-2015 2
  3. 3. Agenda • Creating a market for a new category of products is always a challenge • Some of the few examples of new category introduction have been mentioned in subsequent slides • Capturing a Reference Point => mindshare and share of wallet for a brand become key to success as the consumer behaviour transitions is still a WORK IN PROGRESS situation • The slide overs some innovations brought forward by H-D Marketing machine here in India to Create the Premium Motorcycling Category 06-12-2015 3
  4. 4. The Challenge – Creating the Category 06-12-2015 4 Picture Source: Ducati India
  5. 5. Marketing Machine=> Call to Market for different Target Segments 06-12-2015 5 Non User First Time User Multiple Years + Brands Experienced Tactics – • Test Rides = Conducted most frequently by Harley Davidson India and Triumph India • Bootcamps = One of its kind in India, Conducted only by Harley Davidson India Tactics – • Community Rides = Conducted/ Sponsored by most of the brands • Rock Riders = One of its kind Music TM event of Harley Davidson India Tactics – • Promote User Generated Content= Promote Customisation projects, currently Harley Davidson India is most active here The deck covers Harley and Triumph Marketing activities in India, since other brands are semi active Vs these two brands
  6. 6. Creating new categories – recent examples 06-12-2015 6 Polaris ATV’s Polaris Eicher Multix Mahindra Shaan (Discountinued now) Premium Motorcycle Segment Unlike other examples in the slide, Multix & Shaan platform – specifically engineered for developing markets
  7. 7. Reference Point? 06-12-2015 7 Looks and feels all the same – how do I distinguish? Same issue faced by new category products
  8. 8. God Exists many know, very few have experienced… 06-12-2015 8 Majority of the target/ potential customers before experiencing the category – experienced it through Hollywood, racing media like Moto GP, Best f the globs like Vintagent or TV Series like Biker Build Off
  9. 9. For a first in its category – Creating experience and reference point 06-12-2015 9 Target Consumer: • Urban Middle Class Family with steady income • Not a first time user, already has experience & a reference point of benefit accrued • Challenge is to keep him loyal to the brand – his life has already included the product as a must have Target Consumer: • Bottom of Pyramid/ Rural Consumer • Has not experienced the product before trial packs came in • Challenge – product adoption, creating a reference point for a category first FMCG Firms have already tackled this challenge
  10. 10. The challenge still exists today… 06-12-2015 10
  11. 11. Harley Marketing Machinery is way out in front of the rest… 06-12-2015 11
  12. 12. Creating the experience: Trial=> Test Rides 06-12-2015 12 Picture Source: Harley Davidson India
  13. 13. Creating the Experience -The Innovations: Bootcamps 06-12-2015 13 Picture Source: Harley Davidson India
  14. 14. Buying Funnel: Advocacy & Loyalty 06-12-2015 14 Picture Source: Harley Davidson India
  15. 15. Advocacy & Loyalty: Promoting User Generated Content=> Customization 06-12-2015 15 Picture Source: Harley Davidson India
  16. 16. Advocacy & Loyalty: Building Communities 06-12-2015 16 Picture Source: Harley Davidson India
  17. 17. Triumph comes in afterwards… 06-12-2015 17
  18. 18. Creating the experience: Trials=> Test Rides 06-12-2015 18 Picture Source: Triumph India
  19. 19. Advocacy & Loyalty- @ BIC 06-12-2015 19 Picture Source: Triumph India
  20. 20. Advocacy & Loyalty- Community Rides 06-12-2015 20 Picture Source: Triumph India
  21. 21. Thank You 06-12-2015 21