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Jason Pannell Resume

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Jason Pannell Resume

  1. 1. Jason Pannell 646-431-5399 98 Mills Street #4, Dover Plains, NY 12522 theblackstorm401@gmail.com Summary Resourceful and accomplished Office Manager with extensive office operations and personnel expertise. Proficient in Spanish and English written and oral communication. 45 years old and married for 17 years. • Microsoft Office Suite proficiency • Extensive Excel experience • Meticulous attention to detail • Professional and mature • Strong problem solver • Resourceful • Understands grammar • Proofreading • Schedule management • Fluent written and spoken Spanish • Dedicated team player • Strong interpersonal skills • IT Support • Mail management • Meeting planning • Report writing Accomplishments • Coordinated all department functions for team of 150+ employees. • Substituted for work coordinators who cared for the needs of between 20 and 30 female staff members. • Trained office personnel on highly detailed scheduling tasks. • Assisted the department computer contact in testing new software and resolving specific issues of the users. • Arranged yearly assistance for elderly tenants to clean their apartments with a staff that changed each year. • Addressed Spanish and English audiences of more than 5000 people at different times. • Arranged lessons and gave constructive counsel and commendation to 115 Spanish adults and children in a structured school environment before an audience of approximately 130 people on a weekly basis. Experience Watchtower, Brooklyn, NY February 2003 to March 2016 Office and Project Manager / IT Support Assisted with the development of spreadsheets to assist with scheduling aspects and day to day upkeep of implemented systems. Assisted others with technical issues with their computers and other office equipment. Drafted meeting agendas and executed follow-up for meetings and team conferences. Managed the receptionist area, including greeting visitors and responding to telephone and in-person requests for information. Designed electronic file systems and maintained electronic and paper files. Planned meetings and prepared conference rooms. Proofread and made final revisions on reports and correspondence from coordinators. Made copies, sent faxes and handled all incoming and outgoing written and electronic correspondence. Facilitated working relationships with co- tenants and building management. Properly routed reports through the signature process. Managed daily office operations and maintenance of equipment. Maintained and reserved the executive conference room calendar. Coordinated notification for tenants and departments regarding maintenance projects via e-mail,
  2. 2. Jason Pannell 646-431-5399 98 Mills Street #4, Dover Plains, NY 12522 theblackstorm401@gmail.com signs and notices delivered through the mail. Watchtower, Brooklyn, NY May 1995 to February 2003 Cleaning Crew Manager Created schedules for workers and updated task descriptions for the manual. Trained new personnel and monitored their morale and attitude to help them succeed. Helped young men to communicate effectively and respectfully with female staff members. Monitored and ordered cleaning supplies for the crew and the housekeeping staff of approximately 30 members. Made and implemented suggestions to improve work conditions. Participated and trained others in security response for 9 separate residence buildings. Member and coordinator of the fire brigade. Education High School Diploma; Spanish and Architecture,1988 Coconino High School - Flagstaff, AZ, USA College preparation courses during senior year (AP Calculus and AP English). Member of the National Honors Society. Spanish classes through the junior year, and later 4 years Spanish course for oratory. College training as a New York EMT in 1995, and 3 years’ experience on a rotational duty schedule. TESOL Related Training TESOL, SLATC, CCPS, and TESOL TUTOR certification. References References are available upon request.