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B&W Portraiture - Artist Research

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B&W Portraiture - Artist Research

  1. 1. Black & White Portraits (mostly!) Celebrating Diversity
  2. 2. Portrait Photography Portrait photography is the art of photographing an individual or small group of people. The real goal to portrait photography is to demonstrate the mood, personality or likeness of a person(s).
  3. 3. Diane Arbus Her controversial portraiture looked beyond the superficial and into her subjects often troubled souls. But her magazine work show she could have a split personality.
  4. 4. Margaret Bourke-White One of the original Life magazine staff photographers, Bourke-White was a pioneer in both photojournalism and womens' work roles. Her images of World War II--especially the liberation of concentration camps--were deceptively simple. Her images would often be the perfect combination of fact and beauty.
  5. 5. Richard Avedon His up close, show-every-hair-follicle approach to portraiture can be jarring, but his ability to render both his and his sitters' personalities in each image he creates is uncanny.
  6. 6. In the American West
  7. 7. Brassai His portraits and Paris street photos are touching and perceptive.
  8. 8. Corinne Day
  9. 9. Sally Mann http://www.aperture.org/shop/ books/immediate-family-2592 "Mann's subjects are her small children (a boy, a girl, and a new baby), often shot when they're sick or hurt or just naked. Nosebleeds, cuts, hives, chicken pox, swollen eyes, vomiting— the usual trials of childhood— can be alarmingly beautiful, thrillingly sensual moments in Mann's portrait album. Her ambivalence about motherhood —her delight and despair— pushes Mann to delve deeper into the steaming mess of family life than most of us are willing to go. What she comes up with is astonishing." —Vince Aletti, The Village Voice
  10. 10. Sally Mann "Immediate Family, which was published in 1990, must be counted as one of the great photograph books of our time. It is a singularly powerful evocation of childhood from within and without..."
  11. 11. Portraiture Photography was also used as a form of official identification
  12. 12. Pierre Gonnord • The idea of creating my own work in the lagoon and starting from scratch fascinated me. I have had to take other roads to reach its inhabitants and, trapped from the first moment by this human river, I asked myself, as Montesquieu did in his Lettres Persanes: “Comment peut-on être Vénitien?” The people, the human material present and constant from the start of my search, have once again helped to guide my steps and launch me on another fantastic, intimate adventure. To experience Venice, share it, question it, leap from one scenario to another, to transgress and cross contemporary frontiers. There are still as many possible Venices as there are people and visions. • Here are the seven chosen faces, portraits, fragments of my vision and experience of walking through Venice.
  13. 13. Pierre Gonnord
  14. 14. Katy Grannan
  15. 15. Edward Curtis Curtis built an illustrious career documenting Native Americans in the 1900s. The images resonate 100 years later.
  16. 16. Fazal Sheikh • The portrait is central to Fazal Sheikh’s work. For more than two decades, as he has worked in different communities around the world, the invitation to sit for a portrait has been the principal means by which he has established a link with his subjects and been allowed to enter and document their lives. Often these have been people in crisis: displaced from their homes and their countries, at risk from violence, poverty and prejudice.
  17. 17. Elliott Erwitt A perceptive street photographer with a sharp sense of humor, a sensitivity to the human condition, and an affinity for dogs. It is almost impossible to be depressed after looking at his work!
  18. 18. Steve McCurry
  19. 19. Dorothea Lange Best known for her famous photos of the Depression, including Migrant Mother, Nipomo, California, Lange was active from the 1920s to the early 1960s and was one of the most influential photographers in American history.
  20. 20. Lewis Hine By championing the cause of poor immigrants, child laborers and other downtrodden folks through his powerfully straightforward photos, Lewis Hine showed us how the "Other Half" lived. His passionate photographs enlightened the world and brought about legislation that has protected millions since his work appeared in the early 20th century.
  21. 21. Henri Cartier-Bresson The father of Photo Reportage and co-founder of the legendary Magnum photo agency, "HC-B" has influenced generations of photojournalists, documentary photographers and street photographers. Influenced and inspired by classical and impressionist art and freed by the portability of the Leica, HC-B changed the way we look at the world around us.
  22. 22. Imogen Cunningham Cunningham's carreer spanned the first three quarters of the 20th century photographed many of her subjects draped in exotic clothes in images with moral themes and tableaux representing works of poets. Later nudes were shocking for their time, but rather tame now.
  23. 23. George Hurrell During Hollywood's Golden Era, publicity photos had the power to make or break stars. George Hurrell, who perfected the "glamour" portrait, was the most sought after glamour photographer by the big names and the wanna-be's.
  24. 24. Andre Kertesz Kertesz used the camera to transform the chaos of the street into lyrical scenes. A brilliant, influential teacher and artist.
  25. 25. William Klein His brief involvement with photography yielded an influential body of work that has been called confrontational and immediate. They seem to be a furious protest against the establishment. Uncompromising and bold, the images are mostly street photos that stare when others would avert their gaze. He almost dares you to look at them.
  26. 26. Peter Dench
  27. 27. Hazel Thompson http://www.hazelthompson.com
  28. 28. Alexander Rodchenko • 'I want to take some quite incredible photographs that have never been taken before… pictures which are simple and complex at the same time, which will amaze and overwhelm people," wrote Alexander Rodchenko in his diary on March 14, 1934. "I must achieve this so that photography can begin to be considered a form of art."
  29. 29. Annie Leibovitz One of today's most influential and admired artists, renowned for her vivid and distinctive style, Annie Leibovitz is an American original and a master of self-promotion. Her portraits of Bruce Springsteen, Jody Foster, Michael Jackson, Miles Davis, Greg Louganis, Mikhail Baryshnikov, John Lennon and more combine a keen eye with a quick wit.
  30. 30. Don McCullin
  31. 31. Nicholas Nixon His early work showed a remarkable mastery of large format photography in situations where one would expect to see 35mm cameras; his portrait work includes a series on four sisters taken over a 15-year period and images of people with AIDS.
  32. 32. Nigel Parry editorial images of Actors, featured in book: Sharp http://www.nigelparryphoto.com/published-books/sharp
  33. 33. Nigel Parry
  34. 34. Nigel Parry
  35. 35. Cynthia Cortes. Photographing Intimacy.
  36. 36. Sebastiao Salgado A photojournalist in the best sense of the word, Sebasiao Salgado is fascinated with people who work hard in all parts of the world. From landless workers trying to claim property for themselves in Brazil to Oil workers putting out fires in Kuwait, Salgado's lens captures the beauty in his subjects' gritty reality. Look at his work: Workers and Genesis (below)
  37. 37. Cindy Sherman Sherman uses photography as a tool to manipulate images of women that have been spawned by popular culture, with herself as the leading character in most of the images she creates.
  38. 38. Julia Margaret Cameron
  39. 39. Jason Tilley The Beautiful People Project – portraits taken across India over a 10 year span
  40. 40. Edward Steichen As the curator of the photo collection for the New York Museum of Modern Art, Steichen was the man behind The Family Of Man, a late 1950's photo exhibition and recently-republished book that was a watershed in the history of photography because it gave photography mass appeal as an expressive, fine art. His curatorship brought about a grand era for "Concerned" photography.
  41. 41. Irving Penn – body of work: Small Trades
  42. 42. His Studio
  43. 43. Raghu Rai • Magnum Photographer from and based in India.
  44. 44. Maurice Broomfield • Broomfield was “one of the first industrial and architectural photographers to use his corporate commissions to make visionary photographic studies of the workers and the environments in which they worked,” writes the Host Gallery, which, last year, put on the first retrospective of the photographer’s iconic images of industrial Britain from the 1950s to the 1970s.
  45. 45. Helen Levitt
  46. 46. Paul Strand A white picket fence. A poor Adirondac family. Paul Strand's pure vision and uncompromising technique gained him international accolades as a master of American photography, especially in the 1950s. His black and white photos are exquisite and memorable.
  47. 47. Weegee A crime news photographer in the 30s and 40s in New York, Weegee is possibly the most well known street photographer. Crude and direct, his photos have an immediacy and impact that affect the viewer to this day. His later work, distorted portraits that he called "photo charicatures", have a similar in-your-face quality.
  48. 48. Edward Weston Weston's immaculately constructed images imbue forms of common objects with a sensuality that transcends the subject. Sharp, detailed and rich in tonality, his closeups, nudes and nature photographs brought the power of photography as an objective tool of observation to new heights. You'll never look at a pepper quite the same way again.
  49. 49. Minor White A teacher as well as a photographer, Minor White crafted works of beauty that were also explorations of his inner self. His best known work was made of the natural wonders in the American West. He experimented with alternative processes, non- narrative sequences and techniques that would stretch the bounds of photography.
  50. 50. Photographic image by Bill Brandt
  51. 51. Rineke Djikstra
  52. 52. Photographer Jikta Hanzlova
  53. 53. Boronda

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  • Relates to things like phrenology etc and picked up on by the Nazi ’ s etc... Does relate to the idea of portraits for categorising and social status