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Why You Should Deep Link the Content of Your Blog

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Deep linking is an important part of SEO. This report will go over the details of how and why.

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Why You Should Deep Link the Content of Your Blog

  1. 1. Deep Linking and Referencing the Pages and Posts of Your Site or BlogYour site or blog absolutely must have its pages and posts linking to each other. This shows the searchengine spiders that you are serious about spreading useful information because you are in effectreferencing other topics that relate to the content that your visitors are looking at on the page.This is why you always see Wikipedia pop up so frequently on searches. Cruise over there and checkout how many links they got going on in each article.There are a few key points that you need to keep in mind when inter linking your content. Expertsrefer to this technique in different ways. In this article I will call it "deep linking".Like I said, search engines love to see your site linking and referencing other parts of it. You shouldconsider that your site is essentially part of the web. Theres no sense in denying or fighting this fact.It is not called a web on accident. Each link can be thought of as one thread that a spider weaves. Itsalso not an accident that the terminology is search engine "spiders" "crawl" this "web".This is really easy to wrap your head around when you think about it in easy terms. Simply considerthat you control a small part of this massive web. You are a little spider (and hopefully growing byconsuming more information) shooting strands out of your ass! You want to make your blog or site bea mini web within the world wide web. That is what search engines will see as something that is usefulfor people.But, you also need to keep in mind that as you link, you need to be using anchor text related to bothwhat the current content is about AND what it is linking to. Anchor text simply means the words thatyou can click on to go somewhere. This can be tricky, but try not to over think it.You should be using your keyword phrases as this anchor text. (I exhaustively cover the fundamentalsof keyword research in my book. Go grab it.) It is a very simple thing to do and can give you atremendous boost in the search engine rankings. You dont need to make it perfect on your first go.As you build your site, you will write more and more posts. You will intuitively realize that you canreference other parts of your site with this anchor text. Just go edit that older post and you have aneffective, yet extremely simple back link to your new post already.The key is to keep your reader in mind. Ask yourself what other parts of your site would boost theirunderstanding related to what they are reading right now. This will also keep them engaged with yourmessage for longer, which is a good thing!In addition, search engines and visitors like to see that you are linking out to established, authority sitesbecause they know you are referencing them to help guide your readers towards helpful information.I cant stress enough that deep linking your site or blog is to have the best interest of your visitors inmind. Search engines are so sophisticated now that you should just be asking yourself: What is goingto be the most helpful content for my reader?It used to be that you would write with the search engine spiders in mind, but that is not a best practice http://JBroMarketing.com
  2. 2. anymore, in my opinion. Writing should be done for your readers. Site structure, keyword research,security, and site speed are the important factors to consider for search engines.This simple deep linking can blast your sites importance, and therefore rankings and traffic, massively.If you dont believe me, then try it. I dare you.