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Fun Ways of Exploiting Comics and Cartoons in the Classroom<br />
www.bitstrips.com<br />
<ul><li>Keep a portfolio of all the comics students create to serve as a measure of progress
Print out and enlarge individual comic strips and then display them on classroom walls
Create comics to use as signs and posters around the school
Students introduce themselves via comics and create a collage to put on the class wall</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Write sho...
Ask students to put comic strips in order to practice sequencing
Create a comic expressing a controversial opinion to generate a discussion
Choose topical comics and cartoons to use as a base for introducing a class discussion on current news of the day/week</li...
http://superherosquad.marvel.com<br />
Create promotional posters!<br />http://superherosquad.marvel.com<br />
Post blog comments in an unusual way!<br />http://superherosquad.marvel.com<br />
Comic strip designed and created by Lidiana, 8 years old, as a creative writing activity<br />http://superherosquad.marvel...
Jazz up dialogues!<br />Thanks to Annalisa Deia for her comic<br />http://superherosquad.marvel.com<br />
Make powerful statements!<br />
Promote Webinars  via Comics!<br />
Continue the story........<br />
http://superherosquad.marvel.com<br />
Choose the ending to a story<br />
Guess the caption<br />http://www.dailymail.co.uk/coffeebreak/cartoons/mac.html<br />
That reminds me. Charles rang but this new line was so faint I’ve no idea what he wanted.”<br />                    http:/...
Common Slang Expressions<br />Link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/coffeebreak/cartoons/mac.html <br />
Grammar Practice<br />www.writecomics.com<br />
Comic created by:<br />Primary Group B <br />Lake School of English<br />July 2011<br />
A Film Review<br />
Hypothetical Questions<br />
Idioms & Phrasals<br />
Idioms<br />www.writecomics.com<br />
Phrasal Verbs<br />www.writecomics.com<br />
Informal language<br />
Vocabulary review<br />www.makebeliefscomix.com<br />
Expressing Opinions<br />http://stripgenerator.com<br />
http://sketchfu.com/draw<br />
I think cartoons are brilliant!!<br />
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Informal language<br /> Fun with Comics and Cartoons

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Informal language

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