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Health Insurance France

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Health Insurance France

  1. 1. Practical Hints Health insurance in France Files Sheet N°9 Social security and Social security is compulsory ¹ If your studies are interrupted for The repayment of your treatment medical reasons, the age limit of is made by the students’ health for all students. private health 28 is extended for a period equal insurance company that you to that of your sick leave Foreign students from countries chose during your administrative insurance outside the European Economic registration in your college. This age limit is also extended Area, can be accepted under the when someone undertakes long Trainee students Social security system for stu- studies (medecine, chemistry Social Security etc.. ) dents in France under certain If you are carrying out an unpaid conditions: Students from a EEA sta- internship program in a company It is a basic insurance which  You are less than 28 years- during your studies and provided te entitles you to the that the training period is com- old on October 1st of the If you come from EEA country, repayment of a part of your pulsory and it is certified by a current year you have to be able to signed training per iod medical expenses. You are following a whole present the European Health agreement, you remain covered Private health insurance training course, in a registered Insurance Card on your arrival, under the students’ Social Secu- postgraduate college which will exempt you from rity. subscribing to the French Social It is optional but allows you You are not insured under If you do a paid internship in a Security system. to complete the social another Social security system company, it is possible that you This card gaurantees you reim- security repayments. still benefit from treatment When you register at university bursement of the medical cost covered by the general system of 4 very or at your college, you will have during a stay in another member Social Security (system for to join the students’ Social state. It is an individual, card employees), provided you important Security via a student health and only the cardholder’s name correspond to the conditions to insurance company called 1 is mentionned and it is be entitled to these rights. This points «Mutuelle étudiante». valid for one year and free of may give rise to the payment of a charge. daily allowance if you are on sick For the college year of leave for example. If your spouse, common law 2005/2006, the subscription Particular provision for fee to the students Social wife/husband or partner in a students from Quebec Age limit Security was 186 € and you can- PACS (French civil union) is not be exempted from it even if If you come from Quebec, you covered by social security, and if From the age of 28, except you are affiliated to a foreign have to present the «Form SE under particular circumtances¹ , he or she is not a student, you are public system or to a French or 401 Q 102 bis» in order to be you cannot be affiliated to the exempted from affiliatiing to the foreign private insurance sche- exempted from subscribing to students’ So cial Se curity student social security charges me. the French Social Security anymore. and you can benefit from the re- system. Your affiliation to the students’ Your rights to obtain repayment payment of your treatment under Social Security will take effect as . for treatment will be maintained your from October 1st and until for 4 months from the end of the September 30th of the following partner’s insurance. academic year of your 28th anni- 2 year. versary. Your student health insurance Health insurance continues to make repayment of If your spouse, common law your treatment until December During the college year, your wife/husband or partner in 31st of the current year. affiliation to the Students’ Social a PACS is a student, you Security allows you to benefit From January 1st of the following both have to pay the student from the repayment of treatment year, it is the Social Security social security charges. for yourself as well as your part- office of your place of residence 3 ner (spouse or common law which takes over, under the wife/husband or partner in a civil condition that you have made union, child) provided they are the necessary administrative If you are carrying out a not students themselves. arrangements. training period in the framework of your studies, it is Employed students considered as an unpaid mission if the monthly salary is lower than If your paid activity is regular and lasts throughout the academic year, and if your work at least 60 hours a 30 % of the minimum wage month or 120 hours per term, you are exempted from the subscription and payment of the students’ Social Security and you depend on the General Social Security system (that of employees). (= French SMIC = Salaire mini- mum inter-professionnel de However, if your activity is seasonal (you work during the holidays, for example) or if it breaks off in the course of the academic year, it is compulsory to be affiliated to the Student’ Social Security regime and to pay the croissance). subscription. 4 More information: Student Social Security Organisations The Social Insurance repays 35 to 70 % of Online health insurance: www.ameli.fr medical fees. That is why it is strongly recommended to MGEL– La Mutuelle Etudiante: www.mgel.fr take out private health USEM - Union nationale des Sociétés Etudiantes Mutualistes: www.usem.fr insurance. LMDE - Mutuelle des étudiants: www.lmde.fr Update : 04.24.07