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  1. 1. THEUNIVERSITYOFTENNESSEE College of Engineering Department of Industrial Engineering 416 EastStadiumHall Knoxville, TN 37996-0700 (865)e74.3333 FAX(865)974-0588 November 5, 2004DETERMINATION Candidate'sLast Name: Candidate'sFirst Name: Country: Qualifying Experienceand Traimng: OF EXPERTISE KVALEM JAN HELGE Sweden,The Uruted I{ngdom Sixteenyears AcademrcEqulvalentrn the Uruted States: DE,GRE,E: BACHELOR OF SCIBNCE& GRADUATE COURSEWORK(85%of MASTERSDEGREE) In INDUSTRIAL/AUTOMOTIVE BNGINEERING EvaluationPreparedBy: PROFESSORA-DEDEJI BADIRU I am preparing this evaluadon in order to demonstate thzt Mr. Jan H"lg" I(valem has completed speciahzed advanced-level work expedence in the field of Industrial/Automotive Engrneenng. I am qualified to comment on the wotk expetience of tlrrs candidate becauseof the positions I hold, and have held at the University of Oklahoma and the University of Tennessee. Becauseof the posiuons I hold at the above-mendoned universities, I have the authonty to evaluate forergn educadonal credits, expedence, tramrng, andfor courses taken at othet US ot intetnational universities,and to determrne whether credit will be awarded to a student by the Uruversity. At the above-mendonedrnsntutions, I have served as an Assistant Professot, Associate Professot, and Professor of Industdal Engrneering. I am ptesently the departrnent head of Industtial Engineedng at the Universityof Tennessee. The text below is an experiential evaluauon of the work expedenceattained by Mt.Jan Helge I(valem during the course of hrs ptofessional career.The followrng evaluation is based upon an analysis of Mr. I{valem's employment experience. As indicated in the foregoing evaluad.on,Mr. I{valem hascompleted more than sixteenyearsof ptogtessivelytesponsible quali$rtngwork experience rn Industnal/Automotive Engineenng, and telated areas.
  2. 2. As prescnbed below, Mr. I(valem has completed mote than sixteen years of professional training and work expedence in Industrial/Automotive Engineedng, and telated areas.During this penod, Mr. I(valem served in posiuons of advanced professional responsibiJity and sophisticadon, together with peers,under the supervision of maflagers,at a level of employment corrmensurate with Bachelorslevel tratrunE. From 19BBthrough 1,991,,Mr.I{valemservedasa BTB AB EngineeringConsultant,wherehe was responsible for managing various projects, as well as pedotming vadous types of engineering work. From 1,992through 1993, Mr. I{valem worked in vatious capacitiesfor numerous compailes. At MercedesBenz, he was involved in developing a noise teduction shield in composites, and carned out his work usrngCATIA 2D/3D. At Mares/SA PlasticIndustry, he helped to designand develop an instmment panel, usrng CATIA 2D/3D R3. For Volvo Cars AB, he rvas involved in design and development of a child safety and resttaint system, as well as packaging work that also included concept and feasibrlitystudies. From 1994 through 1995,Mr. I(valem conflnued to wotk fot Volvo CarsAB, in the Fuel and Coolant Department. In tlus position, he was rnvolved in the design and development of packaging work on an Engtne Fuel System,tncludrng conceptual and feasibility studies. He carried out all work usrngCadam and CATIA. From 1995 through 1.999,Mr.I(valem worked for XDIN AB, whete he worked on vadous projects for Volvo Tmcks, and Volvo Cars AB. At Volvo Cars AB, he was involved in design and creation of a new "cast" subftame, including surface models and production dtawings. At Volvo Trucks, he rvasrnvolved in packagingwork, mcluding concept and feasibility studies fot a new Stattet Motor Installad.on,werght optimrzatron of engine components using altemadve matedals such as composites,Coolant systemand external engine component installation, and desrgnand development of an oil-cleaning system, rncludrng coficept development, feasibility and prototlpe development. Addrtionally, he worked in the Engine Development Department of Volvo Trucks, whete he was responsible for the design and development of a new emission control system, and involved in the development of a new Engrne Brake System, new Turbocharger installation, new Air Compressor installation, new retarder installation, new Exhaust Manifold, and new CrankcaseVentilation System. He used Pro-Engrneet to caffy out his wotk, and was also involved in packaging worktng, including concept, feasibility studies,drawrngs,pruchasing,tesdng,and liaisingwith suppliers. From 2000 through 2001, Mr. I(valem worked for Nova Bus Inc. In this position, he was responsiblefor conducting engine studiesand evaluations,aswell aspatticipating in systemdesrgnand development within the Engrne Development Departrnent. From 2000 thtough 2002, Ml I(valem also worked for the Volvo Truck Colpotanon. He served in the Vehicle dynamics and CAE departments,working on method development and CAD Support/ instmcting on Pro-Engrneer, and rn the Engine Development Group, where he helped to lead a project team for a complete cooling system and all non-moving pafis. In this tole, he was responsible fot ptoject planning technicai solutions,cost and weight optimization, quality, suppliers,and other telated aspectsof the project. Frcm 2002 through 2004, Mr. I(valem wotked as a lead engineer and designet in developing components for North American Volvo engine. As a lead engineet, he created 3-D models and drawrngsfor parts using processmethods. He demonstratedproficiency in engineenng standardsand material specificauons. He also trained designetsand engineersin the use of project planning and bill
  3. 3. of matenal processes. Flis general responsibiJitiesrnclude planning, scheduling, and organtzing a varietll of engineeringprojects of differing scaleand compiexity. He has sewed as core-team member in developng a completely new cost saving sftategyand global design for Powettrains product series. He provided ideas that made drrect conlrbutions with a major impact on the final product. He has demonstrated skills rn the areasof product development, quality management, and cost reduction. Thus, he hasa sound knowledge of manageial processcoupled with his technical background. The foregorng is a srrnmary of Jan Helge I(valem's professional expedence and itemizes his tesponsibrhnesdunng a period of mote than Sixteenyearsof employment experlenceand training in the concentration of Industrial/Automotive Engineering, and related areas. The responsibiJities handled by Mr. I(valem throughout his careet are tndicahve of bachelots-level coutsework in Industnal/Automotive Engineering, and related subjects;and advanced graduate-levelcoursework in Industrial Engrneering. As describedheretn, Mr. I(valem's mote than sixteenyeats of employment teflects experience and trarning rn posinons of progressivelyincreasingresponsibility and sophisticadon, illustrated by the applicanon of relevant and specialized skills and taimng by supenors, together with peers, that represent the equivalent of baccalawreate-leveltraining in Industrial/Automotive Engineering, and relatedateas;and advancedgraduate-levelcour:sewotkin Industdal Engineering. Considenng the equrvalencytatio mandated by the Immigtation and NaturaLzaion Serviceof three yearsof work experience fot one yeat of college training, twelve of Mr. I(valem's sixteenyears reflect the time equivalent of not less than four yeats of bachelors-level academic training in Industrial/Automorive Engineering. The additional four yearsare equivalent to more than one yearof graduate-levelcoutsework. It is my judgment that the graduate-levelwork is equivalent to 85% of Mastersdegreerequirements. This translatesto 30 hours of coursecredit on a 36-hour Mastersdegree requirement rn a non-thesis Mastersprogram. On the basis of the concentrated nature of his wotk experience and taining in Industrial/Automotive Engrneedng, and related ateas,I heteby affitm that Mr. I(valem's academtcand experiential quahfications are comparable to advanced university-level training in Industrial/Automotive Engrneering. On the basis of more than sixteen years of work experience and professional taining in Industrial/Automodve Engrneering and related ateas,it is my judgment that Mt. I(valem has attained the equrvalentof a Bachelor of ScienceDegree in Industnal/Automonve Engineedng and gaduate- level coursework, from an accreditedinsttution of higher educationin the United States. This evaluadon relies upon copies of the original documents provided by Mr. I(valem and represented by Mr. I(valem to be authendc and true copies of those documents. Mr. Itvalem's professionalexperiencewas evaluatedbasedupon a tesume prepated by Mr. I(valem, and ptesented to me as accurately teflective of Mr. I{valem's professional expedence. There ate no apparcrrt grounds for me to drsbelievethe authenuclty and accutacyof the documentation ptesented to me on behalf of Mr. I{valem. I represent the fotegoing to be arLaccut^teand cotrect evaluation to the best of my knowledge and belief, pursuant to tequitements of the Immigration and Naturalization Service ("INS") of the Uruted StatesDepartrrent of Justice.
  4. 4. The fotegoing evaluation ofJan H"lg" Kvalem has been prepared and certified by me this 25*' day of October 2004. Becatse of the positions I hold at the above-mentioned univetsities, I have the authotity to evaluate whethet the school is to grant college level cedit for experience, trainiflg, andf or corusestaken at other US or intemational universities. Prof. Adedeji Badiru Prof. Adedeji Badiru, Professot and Departrnent Head, Industdal Engineering Departrneng University of Tennessee. Fot detailed statement of qualifications and expetience of evaluato4 seeattached rcsume.