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Montrose BLP

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Montrose BLP

  1. 1. The Montrose BLP top side preparing for load out before barge transfer to Schiedam JT 25.3.15
  2. 2. A brief description of the Montrose BLP project • Project details of the MonArb area redevelopment • A bridge-linked platform will be constructed and attached to the redeveloped Montrose Alpha Platform, which was originally installed in 1976. The bridge-link will measure 71m in length and weigh 350t. • The subsea development works will include the fabrication and installation of two 5km pipeline bundles. The pipeline bundle system will tie back the Cayley production wells to the new BLP at the Montrose Platform. The works will also involve the fabrication and installation of a 17.5km production pipeline, water injection pipeline, gas lift pipeline and control umbilical which will connect Shaw Field to the BLP. • The pipeline bundle will be installed at its offshore location using the Controlled Depth Tow Method. The development will also involve the drilling of six additional infill wells from the Montrose platform using a modular rig. • The BLP jacket, which will weigh 5,400t and measure 118m in length, is expected to be delivered in 2014. The modification works for the bridge at Montrose are also expected to be carried out in 2014. The topsides for the BLP and the bridge installation works are expected to be completed in 2015. • Oil will be exported using an existing flowline into BP's Forties Pipeline system and further to the Cruden Bay Pipeline using an existing export riser at Montrose. Gas will be transported through a new riser into the existing WAGE (Wood And Gas Export) module at the Montrose Platform, which will be tied into BP's Central Area Transmission System (CATS) that runs to Teesside.
  3. 3. My role in the Project *Identify Multi Discipline work scope that will need to be completed in the North Sea as part of a carry over package post construction at the Heerema Fabrication yard in Zwijndrecht Holland. * * * *