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Leone Asset Management Acquires ALM Research and Development

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Leone Asset Management Acquires ALM Research and Development

  1. 1. Leone  Asset  Management  Acquires  ALM  Research  and  Development     BELLEAIR  BLUFFS,  FL  /  ACCESSWIRE  /  January  10,  2017  /  Today,  Leone  Asset   Management  (PINK  SHEETS:  LEON)  announces  they  have  acquired  ALM  Research  &   Development,   Inc.,   an   innovative   company   specializing   in   the   formulation   of   innovative  nutraceutical  and  cosmeceutical  products.     James   Price,   CEO   of   Leone   Asset   Management   stated,   “This   is   simply   an   amazing   acquisition   for   Leone   Asset.     Steve   Kushner   and   ALM   R&D   have   created   a   game   changing  technology  that  greatly  enhances  the  absorption  and  efficacy  of  virtually   thousands  of  compounds  that  are  used  in  nutraceutical  and  cosmeceutical  products.   Clinical   research   was   performed   at   a   major   independent   research   facility   in   the   Northeast,  where  the  delivery  technology  was  studied,  using  a  proprietary  3-­‐D  skin   tissue  model,  for  permeation  of,  and  retention  of  transdermal  compounds  within  the   human  skin  tissue.    The  results  of  the  studies  were  extremely  encouraging.  We  are   currently  using  the  technology  in  our  subsidiary  Go  Epic  Health’s  flagship  product   Cholesterade®   and   the   increase   in   efficacy   and   overall   results   have   been   outstanding.    We  intend  to  commit  a  lot  of  time  and  effort  in  creating  new  products   for  our  Go  Epic  Health  offering  as  well  as  improving  other  products  existing  in  the   marketplace  today  under  exclusive  licensing  agreements.”     About  Leone  Asset  Management   Leone  Asset  Management,  Inc.,  is  a  multi-­‐national,  multi-­‐industry  conglomerate  with   subsidiary  companies  that  operate  in  Health  and  Wellness  in  the  U.S.,  Technology   Development   in   India   and   Infrastructure   development,   agriculture   management,   and   mineral   exploration   and   export   in   Africa.   For   additional   information,   visit:   www.leoneasset.com.     About  ALM  Research  and  Development   ALM   Research   &   Development   is   a   company   specializing   in   the   formulation   of   innovative   nutriceutical   and   cosmeceutical   products   for   both   the   consumer   and   professional   marketplace   and   has   had   several   products   marketed   through   major   national  chains.    A  major  focus  of  ALM  for  the  past  6  years  has  been  in  creating  a   more   efficient   method   to   deliver   compounds   to   the   body.     As   a   result,   ALM   has   created  a  novel  platform  delivery  technology,  which  is  fully  patent-­‐pending.  It   has   been   clinically   demonstrated   to   increase   permeation   and   duration   of   activity  of  compounds  through  transdermal  delivery  as  well  as  enhance  active   compound  uptake  and  bioavailability  when  applied  orally.    The  technology  not   only   holds   multiple   compounds   and   transports   them   into   the   body   with   unprecedented  efficiency,  but  also  has  a  major  positive  impact  on  the  surrounding   physiology  that  is  the  target  of  delivery  for  the  active  ingredients.    This  technology  is   in  use  with  a  number  of  topical  products  in  the  medical/aesthetic  field.   For  further  information,  please  visit  www.leoneasset.com.     About  Go  Epic  Health  
  2. 2. Go   Epic   Health,   a   Leone   Asset   Management   subsidiary,   is   a   nutritional   product   holding   company   which   owns   the   intellectual   property   and   worldwide   manufacturing   and   distribution   rights   to   Cholesterade®,   a   natural   cholesterol   reducing   product   created   by   the   late   Dr.   Robert   Cade,   creator   of   Gatorade®.   Go   Epic's  wholly  owned  subsidiary,  American  Retail  Alliance,  markets  and  distributes   Cholesterade®  as  well  as  other  new  and  innovative  consumer  goods  through  the   nation's   largest   retail   pharmacy   chain   stores,   drug   and   health   food   stores,   multi-­‐ level  organizations,  and  product  specific  catalogs.  Wholly  owned  subsidiary  Eagle   Labs   is   a   product   and   contract   manufacturing   company   specializing   in   manufacturing   food,   cosmetics,   dietary   supplements,   liquid   bottling   and   product   formulation.   For   further   information,   please   visit   www.goepichealth.com   and   www.gocholesterade.com.     Forward-­‐Looking  Statements  Disclosure:   This  press  release  may  contain  "forward-­‐looking  statements"  within  the  meaning  of   the  federal  securities  laws.  In  this  context,  forward-­‐looking  statements  may  address   the   Company's   expected   future   business   and   financial   performance,   and   often   contain   words   such   as   "anticipates,"   "beliefs,"   "estimates,"   "expects,"   "intends,"   "   plans,"  "seeks,"  "will,"  and  other  terms  with  similar  meaning.  These  forward-­‐looking   statements  by  their  nature  address  matter  that  are,  to  different  degrees,  uncertain.   Although   the   Company   believes   that   the   assumptions   upon   which   its   forward-­‐ looking  statements  based  are  reasonable,  it  can  provide  no  assurances  that  these   assumptions  will  prove  to  be  correct.  All  forward-­‐looking  statements  in  this  press   release   are   expressly   qualified   by   such   cautionary   statements,   risk,   and   uncertainties,  and  by  reference  to  the  underlying  assumptions.   James  Price   CEO   Leone  Asset  Management   (727)  581-­‐1500   jprice@leoneasset.com