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The Customer Experience Conundrum

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Vishal Chawla

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The Customer Experience Conundrum

  1. 1. © 2019 Ipsos. All rights reserved. Contains Ipsos' Confidential and Proprietary information and may not be disclosed or reproduced without the prior written consent of Ipsos. The Customer Experience Conundrum Vishal Chawla - SVP Customer Experience & Analytics March 12, 2020
  2. 2. © Ipsos2 ‒ What is “The customer experience conundrum”? 78% of brands measure customer experience (CX) by investing in Voice of the Customer (VoC) program using an enterprise feedback management (EFM) platform Big Question Why do organizations see limited impact on CX or return on investment (ROI)?
  3. 3. © Ipsos3 ‒ Why do organizations see limited impact on CX? Narrow CX Focus Traditional AnalyticsSiloed Customer Data Unempowered Employees
  4. 4. © Ipsos4 ‒ How can organizations achieve holistic CX impact? CX VISION 360 Customer Profile Innovation Advanced Analytics Employee Experience
  5. 5. © Ipsos5 ‒ Reset Contact Center Value Narrative • Ensure executive sponsor at the C-level • Select an overall metric • Dedicate CX leader and team • Create omnichannel customer journey maps and personas Leading Practices CX Vision Only 25% of brands feel they have a mature CX vision and program that will allow them to transform customer experience
  6. 6. © Ipsos6 ‒ Reset Contact Center Value Narrative Leading Practices 360 Customer Profile Only 28% of brands in the CX space have successfully integrated VoC data with other data sets to create a 360 Customer Profile • Identify the data sources - VoC, Financial, Operational and External • Build a roadmap to create the 360 customer profile • Ensure accountability to enter meaningful data and improve quality • Utilize integrated data to drive customer intelligence
  7. 7. © Ipsos7 ‒ Reset Contact Center Value Narrative • Identify “right” use cases for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning • Communicate actions to be taken across all levels based on the insight • Layout a clear path for activation • Articulate the return on CX investment Leading Practices Advanced Analytics Only 37% of organizations feel that they are using advanced analytics to drive insights and actions
  8. 8. © Ipsos8 ‒ Leading Practices Employee Experience (EX) Only 11% of organizations view employee experience as a fundamental component of customer experience • Develop EX vision - metric, journey map and personas and link it to CX vision • Build training programs to increase the employee knowledge • Create a feedback loop with employees • Empower employees to address customer needs
  9. 9. © Ipsos9 ‒ Reset Contact Center Value Narrative • Set-up employee-led innovation labs • Focus on a test and learn mindset and accept potential failure at first attempt • Leverage pilots / POC’s for the “technology innovations” use cases • Ensure end to end change enablement for innovation adoption Leading Practices Innovation Only 32% of organizations create innovative products and services based on customer feedback
  10. 10. © Ipsos10 ‒ Reset Contact Center Value NarrativeSo…what next? There are 5 areas you must integrate to achieve “holistic” impact to solve the CX conundrum CX Vision 360 Customer Profiles Advanced Analytics Employee Experience Innovation Now Next Future There are 3 immediate actions you can take to mature your customer experience journey Aspire Assess Activate
  11. 11. © Ipsos So… where what would you like to be tomorrow? who Vishal Chawla Ipsos - SVP Customer Experience & Analytics vishal.chawla@ipsos.com +1 (312) 982-5387 Linkedin.com/in/chawla-vishal Thank you.