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Effective Content on Agile Teams

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Principles, process, and learnings so far from my work as a content strategist and UX copywriter for digital product UIs and related marketing collateral.

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Effective Content on Agile Teams

  1. 1. I believe effective content is… EFFECTIVE CONTENT ON AGILE TEAMS INSIGHT-DRIVEN When data, testing, and content hang out, exciting things happen. PART OF A WHOLE Words, design, and code need to harmonize. (So do their creators.) ITERATIVE Write, ship, measure, enhance, repeat. Validated learning is a matter of survival. MOBILE-OPTIMIZED Remember when you could get away with not doing this? 😂 I have found effective content flows when writers… A dispatch from the trenches © 2019 James Houston COLLABORATE with designers (early and often) • “Thoughts on these headlines? (Ignore #3 if you’re not going with the dog & frisbee photo.)” • “Agreed, it's weird as placeholder text. Could it be a tooltip? If 54% of form abandonments really happen here, maybe ‘more info is better’ until we plug the leak.” VERIFY information accuracy • “Are we sure that’s what triggers this error message? And there’s nowhere else it can appear? Can the API team confirm?” • “Who is the payments SME I should connect with to confirm when this late fee kicks in?” LISTEN during reviews & approvals (ego not invited) • “That’s a much better way of putting it for customers. Looks like I’ve spent too long in the weeds of this product’s technical documentation.” • “OK, clearly this disclaimer has to be on this page. Will the CFPB throw the book at us if it goes in the footer?” LEARN and iterate • “Whoa, app downloads went up 344% the day our email went out. Can we get a clicks-by-location breakdown? I wrote all the link and CTA text for maximum reusability.” • “That landing page headline seriously won the split test?!? Glad no one took my $100 bet it would finish dead last. Just a minute while I rewrite half the headlines I’m working on now for the new pages.” CLARIFY the purpose • “What problem is this addressing? (Whose problem is it? What is the desired outcome?)” • “What data and insights do we have about the problem? (How big is it? What is the root cause?)” • “After release, when and how will we start tracking results? How soon can we iterate?” UNDERSTAND the audience(s) • “Who is reading this? (Who else might see it?) What insights do we [have / need] about them?” • “What is the user journey to here? How does this content end up in front of a user’s eyeballs?” • “What does the target audience [know / think / feel / assume] when they see this? What do we want them to [understand / do] after seeing it?”