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Institutional research

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Institutional research

  1. 1. Institutional Research
  2. 2. Warner Bros • Warner Bros is a very popular film company that has produced many successful films, it most popular to date being The Dark Night (2008). This grossed $1.4 billion worldwide after having a budget of $185. It’s most popular horror film at this time is I Am Legend that has grossed $585 million worldwide since it first came out in 2007. It had a production budget of $150 million which shows how successful the film was which is common with warner bros as they are a very successful film. The Exorcist is another very popular film from this company that has a lifetime worldwide gross of $441 million, with $232 million of this coming in domestic sales on the other $209 million coming from foreign sales.
  3. 3. Market Share There are 4 main studios that are accounted for 68% of the total market share, these are Universal at 21%, Paramount at 20%, Buena Vista at 15.6% and Warner Bros at 11.4%. Other companies with a relatively big market share include Sony, 20th Century Fox and Lionsgate which all have a market share of over 6%. These 7 companies have 87.5% share of the market and with there being over 60 film companies. This shows how dominant these 7 companies are as the others have only got a 12.5% share between them all.
  4. 4. Ratings • Ratings show that Drama is the highest rated genre within the film industry, with comedy closely following it. This is showing that perhaps a way of getting a higher amount of views is to verge a genre with horror so that there is more of what the audience will like to see.
  5. 5. Genre Market Share Again, comedy is proven to be very popular as the market shares for films that are a Comedy have 23.48% market share of copies of the films sold. Horror is actually bottom with only a 4.7% share. This again is showing that Horror does not actually have many shares in the genre market however the films that do get made have to be really good to make money.