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Jainism a religion o~0002

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Jainism a religion o~0002

  1. 1. Jainism is a Religion of Practice (Jain Way of Life) Non-Violence is the Supreme Religion of All Religions Most all are vegetarians and some are vegan Would avoid business that involves violence Many would not eat root vegetables Many would even avoid walking on grass Practice of fasting or eating only one meal/day Practice of not eating after sunset Minimize use of water and fire Charity – Animal Welfare - Philanthropy
  2. 2. Jainism is a Religion of Practice (Practice for Jain community) Building of Animal Shelters Building of Schools and Hospitals Support Language Research Institutes Research and training in Sanskrit, Prakrit, and Other Ancient Indian Languages Remarkable contribution by Jain Monks in all Major Indian Languages
  3. 3. Practice of Jain Monks Non Possessiveness: Would not possess any property, assets, money, or Furniture Travel by Walking Lifetime Celibacy Many would not even posses any clothing Some would possess only 2-3 pieces of fabrics Intense Practice of Austerities and Penance Study of Scriptures Research in ancient Indian Languages Contribution – Social Uplift and Education
  4. 4. Jain Prayers Universal Forgiveness Prayer I grant forgiveness to all living beings. May all living beings grant me forgiveness. My friendship is with all living beings. My enmity is totally nonexistent.
  5. 5. Universal Peace and Friendship Prayer Shivmastu Sarva Jagatah, Par‑ hit‑ nirata bhavantu bhutaganah, Doshah Prayantu Nasham, Sarvatra Sukhi bhavantu lokah. May the whole Cosmos be blessed. May all beings engage in each others well beings. May all weakness, sickness and faults diminish and vanish. May everyone and everywhere be healthy, prosper, blissful, and peaceful.
  6. 6. WEBSITES: www.jainelibrary.org www.jainworld.com www.c.o.colstate.edu/~malaiya/jainlinks.html http://users.netmost.com/jainway www.jainsansaronline.com