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Team Overview & Service

  1. International Wealth & Immigration Local advice for the global family An introduction to our Services & Team
  2. We are an independently-owned wealth manager creating investment solutions that meet our clients’ needs. Established in 1986, we have US$ 4.1 billion of assets under management. We continue to grow because clients from around the world are looking for more specialist advice. Our investment teams create tailor- made portfolios designed to perform when it matters most. It's a highly sophisticated process driven by multi-asset investing, open architecture and an objective to preserve and grow our clients’ wealth. Our recent awards Our specialist areas US Family Office Private Investment Office Institutional International Wealth and Immigration Adviser Solutions UK Wealth Asia Real Estate About the Group Who we are 2
  3. Our Clients Entrepreneurial First Generational Wealth Seek Solutions Time Poor • Our clients run and manage their own businesses • Our clients take the initiative and often are at the forefront of new ideas and business cycles • Our clients are innovative in their working and financial lives • Our clients are leaders in their fields High Net Worth • Our clients have created their own wealth from either income or capital • Our clients have relied on their own skills, luck and judgement to create their wealth • Our clients would like to pass their wealth down to the next generation • Our clients are constantly looking for added value from the services we offer • Our clients see us as their Trusted Advisor and place an enormous amount of trust in us • Our clients are looking for entrepreneurial solutions to their problems • Our clients have a busy work, social and family schedule • Our clients require a fast and reactive service • Our clients prefer clear and concise communications • Our clients prefer a range of contact methods from face to face, digital and sometimes social media • Our clients are wealthy and many have complicated tax and investment criteria to consider • Our clients value discretion and security from their advisors • Our clients want to preserve and grow their wealth over many generations $30m+ High Net Worth $5 - $30m Mid Tier Millionaires $1 - $5m Millionaires Next Door As defined by RBC & Cap Gemini – World Wealth Report 2014 3
  4. Where are our Clients from? • Our clients are predominately from the Emerging & Frontier Markets • Over 50% of our Clients speak Russian or Chinese as their first language • Over 2/3rds of the Firm’s clients are International and Non Domiciled Russia & CIS 30% China & Asia 25% Middle East 20% North & South America 15% Africa 10% UK & Europe 15% 4
  5. What solutions are our Clients looking for? Trusted Advisor Family Office Bespoke Strategic Advice • Our clients prefer to have a dedicated Team of people, in one location, to whom they can delegate and trust with the running of all their financial affairs • Our clients are looking for a long term relationship Capital Preservation & Growth • Our clients require access to our “black book” of Strategic Partners to deliver a seamless service for all their needs including Investment, Legal, Tax, Property, Concierge and so on • Our clients require a solution that has been designed specifically with their needs and requirements in mind • Each solution for our clients is unique • Our clients require us to review and manage their affairs from a high level and strategic perspective • Our clients require us to help them with their planning and structuring • Our clients prefer us to have a detailed knowledge of their affairs • Our clients have worked very hard to accumulate their wealth so they require us to help them both preserve and grow their capital • Our clients are not risk takers in the absolute sense so require dynamic and balanced investment solutions 5
  6. Circle of Expertise 6 Please note that some of these Services are delivered by third parties.
  7. Our Solutions Tier 1 UK Investor Visa International Offshore Investments Portuguese Golden Visa (*) Shariah Compliant Investment (*) • Home Office compliant portfolios from the leading Team in the marketplace • Programmes available at £2m, £5m and £10m • Investments in Gilts, Corporate Bonds and Equities • Seamless integration with the Legal and Accounting issues of migrating to the UK • Provision of portfolios based offshore held in personal names, companies, trusts and foundations • Custodial relationships in Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and the Caribbean • Portuguese Visa with access to other European countries through the Schengen area • EUR 1m investment made within global portfolios providing daily liquidity • Only 7 days residency required each year • An investment portfolio which meets all of the requirements of Shariah law and the principles articulated for "Islamic finance” (*) Both the Portuguese Golden Visa and Shariah Compliant “products” are not available just yet. We aim to have them in place during 2015. 7
  9. Why the UK and London in particular? Education Freedoms Legal Global hub • The UK has an excellent education system both within Private Schools and Universities Entertainment • The UK has unparalleled freedoms of speech, religion, movement and a free press • Many of our clients come from countries and jurisdictions where the level of openness and transparency is very restricted • The UK has one of the best legal systems in the world • The UK courts are fair and unbiased • The UK has become the No1 global city as decreed by several surveys • The UK has a unique position from a time perspective being in the middle of global time zones • The UK is accessible with excellent transport links to other major cities • The UK has always held a distinguished cultural influence on the world with classis events such as Wimbledon, Henley, Ascot throughout the years social calendar • London is a cosmopolitan city with a rich seam of restaurants, theatres and clubs to attend 9
  10. Reviews & Monitoring Annual Face to Face Review Quarterly Phone Calls & Valuations Weekly Macro Economic Updates Online Access • A formal review, held in our offices, once a year to discuss the investment portfolio and your future strategic plans Access to the Team • A regular update and monitoring of the portfolio as well as keeping pace with other planning developments • If there are several issues to plan and discuss then additional ad hoc meetings can be arranged • Our Investment Desk produce a weekly update on the major themes effecting global markets and how these events in turn effect your investments • Our clients are welcome to attend the briefings at any time which are held on a Tuesday morning • Full access online to your portfolio 24 / 7 • Access to your Wealth Manager and Portfolio Manager at any time on an unlimited basis • We operate on a “all you can eat” basis to encourage our clients to talk often and regularly with us • Suitable for clients wanting a long term relationship 10
  11. Our team T +44 (0)207 396 3247 E T +44 (0)207 396 3227 E T +44 (0)207 396 3253 E Mark Estcourt Jade Dobber Ed Margot Executive Director and Head of International Wealth & Immigration Associate Director Senior Portfolio Manager Mark founded the International Wealth and Immigration Division which provides strategic wealth planning for international clients and their families, as well as the Tier 1 Investor Visa. He has many years of private client experience since starting his career in 1992 and has also successfully built and sold two wealth management businesses. Mark oversees and manages the affairs of high net worth clients including the portfolio management and the provision of complementary services, to ensure that our clients receive appropriate advice and can access a wide range of services from our Strategic Partners. After considerable work within the Investor Visa community, including advising the Home Office, Mark was recently awarded with the ‘Chairman’s Award’ for his work in immigration at the 2013 ‘High Value Immigration Awards’. Mark has also won several other industry related awards for his service and performance. Jade manages the affairs of our international clients and has a number of years’ experience working with these individuals and their associated professional advisors. Jade handles all wealth management issues, including introductions to our strategic partners such as Lawyers and Accountants. She also has exceptional knowledge of the intricacies of the on-boarding process of the Investor Visa programme and understands the requirements and complexities of global jurisdictions. Jade manages the client relationship right from the initial enquiry all the way through to the investment and beyond as she helps build long standing relationships with clients. For clients, she is the principal point of contact, bringing together London & Capital’s investment capability and the expertise our strategic partners so clients enjoy a seamless family office style service. Jade was formally in Property Management before joining London & Capital in 2011. She qualified from the University of Leeds with a 1st Class Honours Degree. Ed began his career in 1999 and has experience with both domestic and international high net worth clients and their families. Prior to joining London & Capital, he led a discretionary team where he was responsible for £500 million of private client portfolios and also built a Managed Advisory Service. Earlier in his career, he was involved with the management of $8 billion at Kleinwort Benson and $2 billion at Standard Bank in the Isle of Man. Throughout his career he has experienced a number of market cycles. Using a combination of bonds, equities and alternative investments he has proven his ability to select good quality investments and deliver excellent returns. He works closely with our clients and wealth managers to build portfolios that meet their requirements whilst conforming to the firm’s capital preservation strategy. Ed is a Chartered Wealth Manager and a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments. He qualified with a distinction in his professional qualifications and holds a B.A. (Hons) from The University of Exeter in Accounting and Finance. 11
  12. We hope you have found this document useful. If you would like to attend one of our weekly investment meetings please let a member of the London & Capital Team know. The meetings take place on a Tuesday morning from 8.15am to 9.15am (GMT) at our London offices and we are happy to reserve you a place. London & Capital 7 Triton Square Regent’s Place London NW1 3HG Issued by London & Capital Asset Management Limited, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The information is provided for information and discussion purposes only. The information does not constitute an offer, solicitation or recommendation to enter into any transaction or to buy, sell or hold any security, investment, loan or other financial product. T +44 (0)20 7396 3200 F +44 (0)20 7396 3201 E W Contact us 12