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We save power smart town

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Remote management on each lighting point, energy saving, integrated services for the Smart City. Minos System is the system that revolutionizes the management and use of outdoor and street lighting grids.

The use of the Power Line transmission (Communication) enables Minos System to communicate with each single lighting point exploiting the existing electric line, without adding any new and expensive cable. Thanks to this technology, the system allows to decide in which particular area to operate and in which time to send ON/OFF and flux reduction commands to the lighting points. Moreover we can also get all the information about the status and/or malfunctioning of each lamp.

Not just lighting but a new smart grid.

Thanks to its innovative technological solutions, Minos System transforms the lighting network into the most widespread communication infrastructure already present on the territory and the lamp-post in a new support capable of integrating services to make the city more smart, safe and sustainable.

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