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Jacob Long (1)

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Jacob Long (1)

  1. 1. JACOB P. LONG 4041 Windward Trail Anderson, SC 29621 (864) 376-0816 jpl@g.clemson.edu OBJECTIVE To meet and exceed sales goals within a specified territory while providing clinical support, technical support and customer service for new and existing accounts. EDUCATION Clemson University Clemson, SC Bachelor of Science, Economics May 2015 EXPERIENCE CLEMSON BASEBALL Clemson, SC Fayetteville, NC Pitcher August 2013-May 2015  Combined 105.2 innings pitched with a 3.73 ERA in 29 appearances with 19 starts. Allowed 92 hits with 54 walks and 81 strikeout.  Held opponents to a .229 batting average with two outs and 1-for-11 with the bases loaded and had a team-tying three pick offs (2014).  Pitched 6.1 innings in a starting role, allowing five hits, one run and one walk with four strikeouts against No. 3 South Carolina (2014).  Pitched 6.0 innings in a starting role, allowing three hits, one run and one walk and five strikeouts against No. 1 Florida State (2014).  Pitched 5.0 innings in a starting role, allowing four hits with one run and four strikeouts against No. 2 Virginia (2014).  Pitched a scoreless eighth inning against No. 18 Oregon in the Nashville Regional (2014).  Pitched 6.0 innings in a starting role, allowing four hits with one run and three strikeouts against No. 8 Flordia State (2015). HORTONS LAWN CARE Anderson, SC Fayetteville, NC Landscaper May 2007-Present Ensure lawn maintenance and care through gardening and cultivating various landscapes.  Care for established lawns by mulching, aerating, weeding and removing thatch and weeds and edging flowerbeds, walkways and walls.  Work with various teams to complete projects within budget and time limits while utilizing active listening and making certain that plans are carried accordingly.  Follow and create landscape designs to create visually appealing lawns and green spaces.  Remove all hazardous trees, shrubbery and debris to guarantee a safe lawn.  Plant seeds, bulbs, flowering plants, grass, and apply mulch for protection and enhance green areas with the addition of stonework, plants and decorative pieces. YMCA RECREATION CENTER Anderson, SC Wilmington, NC Umpire July 2007-July 2008 Officiate sporting events, games and competitions to maintain standards of play and ensure game rules are observed.  Coordinate and communicate rules, field hazards, calls and mechanics with other umpires, officials and coaches and effectively mediate and resolve any on-field conflict.  Report to all regulating organizations regarding games, scoring, complaints and actions taken.  Effectively manage game time starts as well as duration of play.  Resolve claims of rules infractions or complaints participants and asses any necessary penalties according to regulation.  Research and study players and teams to anticipate issues that may arise on or off of the field of play.  Inspect sporting equipment and examine players to ensure compliance with event and safety. ACCOMPLISHMENTS Athletic Scholarship, 2010-2015
  2. 2. Member of the Cape Cod Baseball Team, 2014 Member of the Costal Plains League All-Star Team, 2013 Member of the Alaskan All-Star Team, 2012 #6 Junior College Baseball Pitcher in the Nation, 2011 TL Hanna High School Most Valuable Pitcher, 2009-2010 COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT Greenville Children’s Hospital Calvary Home for Children