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Jacob arboneaux

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Jacob arboneaux

  1. 1. Jacob Arboneaux 2nd hour 12/19/12
  2. 2. Wyo Tech• 470 Destination Daytona Lane Ormond Beach FL, 32174• Phone: (386) 255-0295• Fax: (386) 252-3523
  3. 3. History• The WyoTech, Daytona campus was established in January 1972, imagined as a school that would be "private" in its structure and "public" in its impact.• There are many more colleges around the states.
  4. 4. Tuition and required Fees• Wyotech can run you anywhere from $20,000- $30,000, this depends on whether you take any specialty courses or not.
  5. 5. Degrees Offered• Automotive, collision, motorcycle, marine, plu mbing technology, and electritian degrees.
  6. 6. Major Program• I will study automotive at WyoTech
  7. 7. Curriculum of Major Program• Annual Cost• Total One Year Cost• All Residents: $18,875• Cost Itemization• Tution for all Residents: $18,375• Room and Board: N/A• Books and Supplies: $0• Other Fees: $500
  8. 8. • Jessi Combs - Extreme 4x4• Graduated in 2004 in the Collision Refinishing Technology Core Program• Co-host of Spike TVs "Xtreme 4X4"
  9. 9. Why?• I want to attend WyoTech, because I always wanted to be a mechanic. I always wanted to rebuild a car similar to this one.
  10. 10. References/sites• http://www.wyotech.edu/