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  1. 1. workingcv.doc4/6/15 328 8th Street Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 Cell: (310) 344-1414 Email: jackwaterman@mac.com Jack L. Waterman Summary of Qualifications A seasoned executive with over 30 years experience in operating and expanding complex international and domestic business units. Most recently Chairman and CEO of an OTC company whose turnaround included relisting on NASDAQ. Leadership responsibilities included Capital Markets, Acquisitions, Investment Bank and Analyst relationships while overseeing the strategic and operational growth of the company with the goal of the successful sale or re- capitalization of the company. Extensive experience includes the management for public markets of both the P&L and Balance Sheet as well as operating units with more than $4 billion in annual revenues. Direct control of all elements including finance/accounting, business and legal affairs, sales, operations and marketing. Particular emphasis on acquiring, creating, launching, managing and growing mature business units of Fortune 100 companies in addition to successfully launching, capitalizing and nurturing “new media/technology” enterprises. Professional Experience 2005 to 2007 VitalStream Holdings, Inc Costa Mesa, CA CHAIRMAN and CEO Company was an early stage start up streaming media (content delivery network) enterprise who specialized in the Internet streaming of audio and video content for companies including Myspace, ABC Radio Group and various major studio films. ▪ Orchestrated the transition from OTC listing to NASDAQ Global Markets in first nine months. ▪ Upon arrival, VitalStream was essentially without any cash, losing $500,000 a month, requiring fresh capital investment, immediate access to a new bank loan facility while creating substantial growth in its customer base. ▪ Within the first two months, we secured a new $20 million credit line, raised an additional $20 million equity infusion from existing and new VC investors and aggressively secured new customers focusing on Media/Broadcasting companies. ▪ Grew annual revenues from $9 million to $25 million in the first full year. ▪ Completed the sale to Internap (NASDAQ: INAP) in February, 2007 for more than $231 million, an approximate seven-fold increase in market cap. ▪ Secured initial “Buy” or “Out-Perform” coverage from more than nine investment bank analysts. ▪ Targeted and completed the acquisition of EON Streams, owner of a premier online advertising insertion technology which significantly expanded VitalStream’s revenue verticals and growth potential.
  2. 2. workingcv.doc4/6/15 1983 to 2005 Paramount Pictures Corp NY and LA 1994 to 2005 President Worldwide Pay Television, International Channels, Airline and Hotel sales, PPV/VOD and Executive VP of Business/Legal Affairs, Finance and Operations for Worldwide Home Entertainment Division. Overall responsible for more than $4 billion in annual revenues and over 2,000 employees. ▪ Lead negotiator on all film production, acquisition, duplication, distribution, revenue sharing and promotional agreements for the Home Entertainment Division. Reported directly to the Chairman of The Viacom Entertainment Group in this capacity. ▪ Grew International Pay Television revenues from less than $10 million per annum in 1992 to more than $500 million in 2004 despite limited production and film rights in foreign markets resulting from Studio’s co-financing strategy. ▪ Domestic revenues grew to an average license fee per film from $6 million in 1995 to current average of $18 million per film with mega hits realizing as much as $23 million per film in 2005. Negotiated several multi-year output deals with HBO, Showtime and over thirty international movie services. ▪ Maintained aggressive library sales relationship with HBO and Starz despite company preference to focus all sales on Showtime with more than $500 million in library sales written since 1997. ▪ Launched three Advertiser supported cable/satellite channels controlled and owned by Paramount in the UK, Spain and Australia, currently generating annual EBIDTA of $30 to $40 million with 12% to 15% annual growth. These assets further contributed between $15 and $20 million per year in incremental license fees to Paramount. ▪ Senior operating executive and lead negotiator for the creation and operating of an extensive portfolio of studio controlled movie channels in Brazil, Latin America, Australia, Japan, Asia and India. These channels have contributed in excess of $60 million in annual EBIDTA while generating approximately $100 to $150 million per year in product license fees. ▪ Negotiated channel carriage/joint venture deals for MTV and Nickelodeon at their request in Australia, Italy and the UK. ▪ Led a five studio negotiation to launch and manage MovieLink (an internet delivered VOD service) serving on its Board of Directors. ▪ Lead negotiator for all company wide cross-divisional vendor agreements including Kodak raw stock agreement, Deluxe film processing and Technicolor replication deal. These and other deals I was responsible for generated over $1 billion in bonus payments to Paramount plus annual cost reductions of 10% to 20% per annum. 1992 to 1994 Executive Vice President, Business Affairs/Finance, Video Division and Motion Picture Marketing ▪ Existing responsibilities expanded to include oversight of Motion Picture Marketing administration and operations on a worldwide basis. ▪ Planned and implemented the creation of an in house creative advertising and media planning/buying agency to increase creative output and lower costs due to the prior practice of multi-vending creative elements to outside agencies. This agency assumed responsibility for the creation of all one sheets, on-air spots and trailers.
  3. 3. workingcv.doc4/6/15 1991 to 1992 Senior Vice President, Business Affairs/Finance, Video Division ▪ Divisional CFO and Head of worldwide Business and Legal Affairs for Pay Television, Home Video, Airlines, PPV, VOD and various investments and Joint Ventures. 1990 to 1991 Senior Vice President, Television Group ▪ Additional responsibilities expanded to include operating role in the recently acquired TVX Station Group and Zenith Productions a UK based TV production entity. 1988 to 1990 Vice President Planning, Television Group ▪ CFO of the Television Group reporting to the President of the Television Group. Responsibilities expanded to include preparation of Wall Street Analyst presentations, Mergers and Acquisitions and Strategic Planning. ▪ Successfully completed acquisition of one third interest in Bell and Howell video duplication services for the Video Division. ▪ Targeted and completed the acquisition of the TVX Station Group which became the foundation of the Paramount Broadcast Group later merged into the CBS Station Group. ▪ Negotiated and purchased fifty per cent interest in UK production company Zenith Productions to obtain a foothold into international local production. ▪ Prepared all financial analysis and assisted in negotiating in all divisional transactions including the BSB deal in the UK and The Arsenio Hall deal for syndication. Also structured and negotiated the overall development deal with James Burrows and the Cheers renewal with NBC. 1987 to 1988 Executive Director, Financial Planning, Television Group ▪ Primary responsibilities included the creation, preparation and consolidation for senior management of the TV Group quarterly Business Plans, five year strategic plans and financial analysis of all division deals and transactions. Operating units included Network Television, Domestic Distribution and First Run Production, International Distribution, Video Division, Wilshire Court Productions and USA Network. 1983 to 1987 Senior Financial Analyst, TV Group - NY Manager, Financial Planning, TV Group - LA Director, Financial Planning, TV Group - LA
  4. 4. workingcv.doc4/6/15 Education 1978 to 1981 University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia Portfolio Management Major 1981 to 1982 Adelphi University, Garden City, Long Island ▪ Dean’s List multiple semesters ▪ Member Delta Mu Delta, National Business Honor Society
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