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Journalism Resume

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Journalism Resume

  1. 1. Jack McElroy Jack.mcelroy@hotmail.com 0403686539 ‘Hardworking, attentive journalist’ My goal is to bring the charm of printed journalism to the new online media landscape. I want to establish my voice as a trustworthy and reliable source of information. My long-term goal is to enter into the food & lifestyle journalism world. 6/539 New South Head Rd Double Bay 2028 Twenty-Two years old I am open to moving or travelling to suit my client Skills: I have a diploma of journalism where I learnt to write in shorthand, edit my own work as well as other peoples and am fully aware of the media codes and ethics. I am a hardworking journalist with a creative and quirky writing style most strongly suited to feature writing. I also possess the skill to cut the fat and focus on current news and events. My writing style has a fast pace and is easily understandable and enjoyable. I also have four years customer service experience. I have a lot of experience dealing with strangers and communicating ideas successfully. I attended Cranbrook Senior School Bellevue Hill before undertaking a Diploma of Journalism at Macleay College Surry Hills Macleay College:2014-2015 Shorthand News Features Digital & Video Media News Law News Ethics Government Reporting Food & lifestyle features writing. My main interest is to write about Sydney lifestyle. I have a talent for finding new and exciting places within Sydney and I believe this is a pivotal part of the current market. As the landscape has switched to online & mobile editorials that are mostly suited to university students and young adults I believe my voice will be important and attractive to that target market.