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Ditch the Career Site

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Jacco Valkenburg is one of a growing band of recruiters who is looking to move his clients career sites from a traditional website to a Facebook career page, utilising Facebook technology, search and targeting. Others are strongly opposed to this view, believing the career site to be the number one venue for applications.

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Ditch the Career Site

  1. 1. DitchThe Career SiteiRecruit Expo 2013Jacco ValkenburgWARNING: this presentation may not be suitable for Internet Agencies, Employer Branding Agencies,Analytics Experts, SEO/SEA Specialists, Wordpress Pros or RINOs.
  2. 2. www.recruit2.nlOld school recruitment / marketing2CAREERSITEStoryVacanciesPrint Job FairsAgencies Job Boards
  3. 3. www.recruit2.nlThe old landing-page in Flash (2009)
  4. 4. www.recruit2.nlVacancies page - Wigo4it
  5. 5. www.recruit2.nlUpdating the recruitmentsite?Requires:1.Re-design of WWW-site2.Needs to be suitable for mobile devices3.New CMS4.New internet agency (probably)5.ATS integration6.Webhosting, security, maintenance7.Budget8.Project team9.Align with Marcom, Internet agency, Management10.Time… 3-9 months
  6. 6. www.recruit2.nlA free Facebook Page in 3 clicks…
  7. 7. www.recruit2.nlFacebook CMS
  8. 8. www.recruit2.nlWorking at Wigo4it
  9. 9. www.recruit2.nlEmployer branding
  10. 10. www.recruit2.nl…and a vacancies page (tab)
  11. 11. www.recruit2.nlSearch and apply for jobs
  12. 12. www.recruit2.nlFacebook Page vs RecruitmentsitePRO Facebook (Career) Page:1.Fast2.Easy3.FreeTabs can include all functionality of a traditional site50+% of internet population is familiar with FBNo need to have a FB account, everything is accessible(only commenting on status updates requires a login)
  13. 13. www.recruit2.nlFacebook Page vs RecruitmentsiteCONTRA Facebook (Career) Page:A lot of misunderstandings regarding FacebooktechnologyTabs cannot be accessed with a mobile device*News updates are not always shown in timeline(Edgerank)* 9% of internet traffic on the www-site comes from mobile
  14. 14. www.recruit2.nlMisunderstandings1. Employees were afraid that they, and their updatesbecome visible to ‘anyone’ (it’s not)2. Facebook is temporary (a recruitment site too)3. Not SEO (are your vacancies on top of Google?)4. A Facebook account is required (no)5. People don’t apply via FB (please tell?)6. Privacy issues (no recruitment-data is ‘shared’ with FB)7. Facebook is private (it’s a web-page!)8. It takes a lot of work (picking up the phone is also work)9. You always need new content (really?)10. It’s a big scary step (or is it a smart thing to do?)
  15. 15. www.recruit2.nlFacebook as central stage in marketing15
  16. 16. www.recruit2.nlFacebook as central stage for recruiting
  17. 17. www.recruit2.nlSocial recruiting17FACEBOOKCAREER PAGE
  18. 18. www.recruit2.nlOld school adverteren Social recruitingKostbaar GratisSnel tot langzame reactietijd Direct resultaat (realtime)Reactief, korte termijn Proactief, langetermijn relatiesActieve werkzoekenden Passievere kandidatenBeperkt inzicht Veel inzichtEenrichtingsverkeer zenden Sociaal en interactiefBeperkter bereik met veel verspilling Doelgericht en betrokkenGemiddelde kwaliteit Hogere kwaliteitOld school vs Social Recruiting18
  19. 19. www.recruit2.nlMedia usage of studentsSource: Make A Move 2012All students use Facebook19
  20. 20. www.recruit2.nlIT-staff on social mediaSource: IT Job Market Report – ITJobBoard
  21. 21. www.recruit2.nlJacco Valkenburg>1996 Recruitment specialist>1999 Freelance corporate recruiter>2003 Starting Rec2Rec agency (Recruit2)>2007 Blogger o.a. RecruitingRoundtable.nl>2008 Author ‘Recruitment via LinkedIn’>2009 Author ‘Career Management via LinkedIn’>2009 Winner‘Best Social Recruiter 2009’>2010 Offering Mobile Recruitment AppsAbout me