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10 Hot Connected Car Trends for 2015 and Beyond [Infographic]

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Internet-connected cars give us the ability to think of our cars as smartphones on steroids. Coupled with sensor and optical technologies, our cars will be able to do things we've never dreamed. This infographic shows ten of the hottest connected car trends for 2015 and beyond that enable this automotive revolution.

Infographic from Jabil, follow our blog at Jabil.com/blog

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10 Hot Connected Car Trends for 2015 and Beyond [Infographic]

  1. 1. 1. WIRELESS Will everything be connected inside the car and out? Connected cartechnologies will build the foundation for an eventual self-driving car. It all starts with wireless communications. 90°Io 32°Io of cars will he of global cars Internet connected phone-connected I0m lines of code mfgag ; - pef car 1o1u1ouu1 I inilliqfhpi 1’. 'l” fastest-growing , ,$98.42 °°"'l%il§2 billion market by 2018 0 33% 70 /0 of cars crashes can °I U-3 gals d be avoided by using smartp one-connecte connected vehicle tech by 20" Software-controlled units called Electronic Control Units (ECUs) increasingly power everything from dashboard instruments to safety features and powertrain components. How vulnerable are they? MAJOR VU LN ERABI LITI ES Communication Channels RFID Keys Car can be immobilized Keyless Entry Jammers block alarms & access car Tire Pressure Monitoring Can be hacked Bluetooth Malicious software In-Car Hacking Threat U USB ports Software malware Infotainment Interfaces ECU system vulnerabilities OBD ll ports Access to key auto controls Remote Hacking Cellularflelematics Access to internal units and ECU Dedicated Short-Range Comm Malicious inputs to other cars Wi—Fi Opens vulnerability to OBD ll port HOW DO WE SECURE OUR CARS? | : 4)) > Design security into hardware > Create safe : : 3, software networks IQ ««~ 2:? T’ E g; « V ) E7. E] - III - / l5 : !: (__I_) > Build security > Uniquely ID & % into ECUS authenticate users ((" > Control access to remote services Smart headlights will use sophisticated technology, including MEMS and lasers, to automatically adjust our lights to driving conditions. 4,700 lumens Effective up to (much brighterthan a 140 mph halogen headlight) 800,000 micromirrors DIGITAL LIGHT PROCESSING Communication technologies will enable ubiquitous connectivity to the Internet from car dashboards. Seamlesslnte ration ofMobi| ityan Web PortableNavigation @ @ 2Y4 Sate| |iteRadio fl * Hands-Free E} Calling Screen-Based Navigation E-"$3 5. VEHICLE-TO-VEHICLE When will my car talk to other cars? When our cars can talk to each other securely (vehicle-to—vehic| e communications), our roads will be much safer. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration requires V2V tech in all new cars & trucks — . - . . - - . - - . -_ -_. _ 80% crashes Consumers expect to access music, movies, navigation and other app-based content from their phones in their cars. After all, why not? Web Browser Fnllggsa/ tlifilrl] Haptic Feedback Integrated Google In-Car Wi—Fi Maps Hotspot S°Clal hélggclg Voice Activation " Human Machine Interface (HM| )tech allows us to communicate with our cars more naturally through gestures, voice and augmented reality. POPULAR HMI TRENDS INFLUENCING VEHICLE HMI ~ Touchpads . . a Voice control and natural speech recognition Gesture controls I / Augmented reality I Autonomous Driving _ _ I Mobility Personalization Legal Regulations ElectricVehicles Other Currently used on self-driving vehicles, LiDarwi| | help our cars see everywhere at once. Rotates I 6b4 m Accurate to aser ea S » 100 meters . . T l; ?L! R_, '!';3“ $7o, ooo 95>. ‘ Paving the way for driverless cars Roof-mounted LiDar on Goog| e's autonomous car As prices fall, sensor applications will offer advanced driver-assistance and safety systems on all vehicles. STRONG GROWTH IN GLOBAL AUTO SENSOR MARKET fi G A A A Night-Vision Cameras Sonar LiDar O I ’ I Collision avoidance Self-Parking Adaptive cruise Lane departure control warning Eventually, we'll purchase almost everything through a car's telematics system. RECEIPT $ Paired with sophisticated and secure systems, our vehicles are getting closer and closer to driving themselves. From telematics and infotainment systems to wireless communications and human—machine interface platforms, global manufacturers like Jabil build these systems for some of the largest brands in the world, enabling the disruptive future of autonomous vehicles. uJPrBIL www. jabiI. Com / f I I I % 9 I (T