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Jisc UK ORCID Support: onboarding webinar

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Jisc UK ORCID Support: onboarding webinar

  1. 1. Jisc UK ORCID Support: onboarding webinar 7th November 2o16
  2. 2. Jisc UK ORCID Consortium »Monica Duke (Jisc UK ORCID support) »Paula Demain (ORCID) With thanks to ORCID for support materials 07/11/2016 Jisc - UKORCID webinar 2
  3. 3. Overview • Jisc Support and Resources • membership • Getting started with an integration • Collect and Connect (ORCID) • Questions and Answers 07/11/2016 Jisc - UKORCID webinar 3
  4. 4. Introduction »What is ORCID? – A unique identifier for researchers (&others) – An international organisation, member based »What is the Jisc UK ORCID consortium • Reduced membership costs • Localised support • Smoother path to adoption 07/11/2016 Jisc - UKORCID webinar 4
  5. 5. Some ORCID adoption landmarks in the UK 07/11/2016 Jisc - UKORCID webinar 5
  6. 6. UK ORCID consortium membership 23/11/2016 Title of presentation (Go to ‘View’ menu > ‘Header and Footer…’ to edit the footers on this slide) 6 76
  7. 7. The ORCID support team »Monica Duke »Balviar Notay »Jisc Collections »External consultants › Nicky Ferguson (Clax) › Owen Stephens (Sero + team) 07/11/2016 Jisc - UKORCID webinar 8
  8. 8. Aims of the support project › Respond to technical support requests via phone, email, site visits and surgeries from research information management practitioners and developers in ORCID consortium member organisations building integrations using the ORCID API › Gather technical interoperability requirements across UK universities and to, where appropriate implement developments or help to guide developments in key systems › Design, organise and facilitate UK ORCID user community events to provide a forum for networking, sharing of experiences and collaboration › Design, organise and facilitate ORCID hack days to enable developers in consortium member organisations to learn about ORCID development resources, to collaborate and to create new ORCID tools › Set up and manage online communication channels to facilitate sharing of plans and coordination of implementation activities among group members › Create documentation and other tools to inform users – where appropriate – or refer them to existing documentation and resources provided by the ORCID organisation. 07/11/2016 Jisc - UKORCID webinar 9
  9. 9. Events to date http://ukorcidsupport.jisc.ac.uk/events/ 07/11/2016 Jisc - UKORCID webinar 10
  10. 10. Resources: ORCID integration flowchart 07/11/2016 http://ukorcidsupport.jisc.ac.uk/guidance/decision-tree/ • Decision tree • Decide your path to ORCID integration • Underlying guides • Evaluate options Jisc - UKORCID webinar 11
  11. 11. Resources: guides • Assess the benefits of using ORCIDs • Understand the range of institutional system types and approaches • Identify ORCID capabilities of available systems • Eprints ORCID Capabilities: Further information • Dspace ORCID Capabilities: Further information • Fedora ORCID Capabilities: Further information • Review required use cases • Alternatives to immediate ORCID systems integration 07/11/2016 Jisc - UKORCID webinar 12
  12. 12. Resources: FAQs http://ukorcidsupport.jisc.ac.uk/faq/ Membership Technical Getting Support Specific System Help Advocacy Making the business case General 07/11/2016 Jisc - UKORCID webinar 13
  13. 13. Resources: useful links http://ukorcidsupport.jisc.ac.uk/useful-links/ • UK specific resources • Funder announcements • System information • Reports • New member information 07/11/2016 Jisc - UKORCID webinar 14
  14. 14. Resources: member spreadsheet »A google spreadsheet (publically available) »Enables connections between institutions implementing similar systems »Relies on members updating (by email or through comments) »Includes website URLs by institutions, for researchers »Accessed from: http://ukorcidsupport.jisc.ac.uk/community-resources/ 07/11/2016 Jisc - UKORCID webinar 15
  15. 15. 07/11/2016 Jisc - UKORCID webinar 16
  16. 16. Resources: blog, twitter, mailing list »http://ukorcidsupport.jisc.ac.uk/blog/ »#orciduk »ORCID-UK on jiscmail › Just join https://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/ORCID-UK › Member to member communication › Event announcements 07/11/2016 Jisc - UKORCID webinar 17
  17. 17. Consortium membership: benefits » Access to full features of premium ORCID membership for a substantially reduced fee » Dedicated, ORCID trained, technical support staff from the Consortium Lead » Access to and participation in, a growing national and international community to develop best practice, knowledge and skills in research management » Use of ORCID in vendor-hosted systems as well as separate internal systems » Notifications from ORCID when information is updated in an ORCID record connected to the organisation Source:Australian Access Federation https://aaf.edu.au/orcid/ 07/11/2016 Jisc - UKORCID webinar 18
  18. 18. How do I become a member of the Jisc consortium? http://ukorcidsupport.jisc.ac.uk/faq/#membership • Place an order • Sign Licence agreement • Complete the agreement (survey monkey) • Consider next steps for integration • Sent by email (and on website) 07/11/2016 Jisc - UKORCID webinar 19
  19. 19. Next steps for support activities »Community Forum 07/11/2016 Jisc - UKORCID webinar 20
  20. 20. Next steps for support activities »Community Forum › In the process of being set up › Representative of systems and roles › Help us to design appropriate resources 07/11/2016 Jisc - UKORCID webinar 21
  21. 21. Next steps for support activities »Community Forum »Collect and Connect roll out »Jisc internal services e.g. IRUS-UK 07/11/2016 Jisc - UKORCID webinar 22
  22. 22. ORCID and Jisc Services »IRUS/ORCID exploration http://www.irus.mimas.ac.uk »Monitor Local consumes ORCID data https://www.jisc.ac.uk/rd/projects/ monitoring-open-access-activity »Will be looking at feasibility of other Jisc public facing services 23
  23. 23. Next steps for support activities »Community Forum »Collect and Connect roll out »Jisc internal services e.g. IRUS-UK »Working with the eprints community »System specific focus » ………. 07/11/2016 Jisc - UKORCID webinar 24
  24. 24. Where to get help ukorcidsupport@jisc.ac.uk 07/11/2016 Jisc - UKORCID webinar 25 ukorcidsupport.jisc.ac.uk
  25. 25. ORCID PROVIDES Persistent digital identifiers to distinguish researchers from each other Member-built integrations that connect researchers and their activities/affiliations A hub for synchronizing machine-readable connections between identifiers for people, organizations, and research activities ✔ Plumbing for research information ✔ Tools to build trust in digital information
  26. 26. REGISTRATION IS SIMPLE Register Directly via the ORCID website https://orcid.org/register Or referred by an integration from another site
  27. 27. REGISTRATION IS SIMPLE Welcome to the ORCID Registry! • Verify your email address • Here’s your ORCID iD:
  28. 28. THE ORCID RECORD Biographical data   Education data  Employment data  Works data  Funding data
  29. 29. THE ORCID RECORD Biographical data Include multiple  names Add a description 
  30. 30. THE ORCID RECORD Education & employment data Organization list from  Ringgold (an ISNI Registrar)
  31. 31. THE ORCID RECORD Funding data Funding agency  list consistent with FundRef Search & link wizard 
  32. 32. THE ORCID RECORD Works data Structured citations in BibTeX Classifications & metadata fields consistent w/CASRAI Translated titles & language support Search & link wizards: • Crossref Metadata Search • Scopus • Europe PubMed Central • ResearcherID • Modern Language Association • DataCite Metadata Store • Redalyc • Ariti • ANDS Registry BibTeX import
  33. 33. THE ORCID RECORD Works data When the same work is added by multiple sources, the different versions are grouped together based on work identifier Source information is captured for all items added to the record
  34. 34. THE ORCID RECORD Peer review data Only posted via API by clients approved for peer review Live: F1000, AGU/eJournalpress, Publons In progress: Aries Systems, Hindawi, Politics & Religion Journal, Peerage of Science Coming soon: Search & Link wizard!
  35. 35. USER PRIVACY Information in an ORCID Record has a privacy setting, which only the account owner can set – API cannot override. Account information (settings, permissions) accessible by the account owner. Public view Account ownerAccount owner, Trusted orgs & individuals Accessible by :
  36. 36. Jisc - UK ORCID webinarPHOTO: Privacy Source unknown Can be viewed by anyone Controlling access: privacy settings Can be seen by any trusted parties that you have authorized to connect Can only be seen by you 07/11/2016 37
  37. 37. THE ORCID API IN A NUTSHELL • Permissions / scopes: your contract with the user • The ORCID messages: format of the data exchanged • OAuth calls (the permission protocol): how you execute the contract • ORCID-specific calls: to provide & receive information with the registry
  38. 38. API Workflow A researcher is on your site and asked to link their ORCID iD Follow along at home: http://search.crossref.org/ http://dx.doi.org/10.2218/ijdc.v7i2.230
  39. 39. API Workflow They are taken to the ORCID website and can register or sign in at the same time as granting access
  40. 40. API Workflow The researcher is then returned to your site with their ORCID iD and the permission they granted
  41. 41. API Technology RESTful API interactions via HTTP calls OAuth “3-legged” authorization process XML/JSON data exchange
  42. 42. API Technology Accessing the API: 1. Client Credentials Client ID/Client Secret (ORCID provides) 2. Software tools capable of making/receiving HTTP calls cURL, custom applications PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, etc OR Systems with built-in ORCID API support (repositories, research information systems, etc)
  43. 43. Vendor Systems Set up 1.Check your system’s documentation for the redirect URIs you need 2.Complete the form at https://orcid.org/content/register- client-application-production-trusted- party 3.Enter your credentials as directed
  44. 44. Vendor Systems Set up Tell us which system you’re using Who to send the credentials to Select No
  45. 45. Vendor Systems Set up
  46. 46. Vendor Systems Set up Check with the system you use for Redirect URIs
  47. 47. Technical steps to build an integration 1. Get credentials for the ORCID Sandbox sandbox.orcid.org 2. Set up an integration on the sandbox using the documentation at http://members.orcid.org/ 3. Work with ORCID staff to test your sandbox integration 4. Launch your integration in the live ORCID Registry Build it yourself
  48. 48. GET & USE PERMISSIONS ORCID Record Yes! Do you have permission to do what you want to do? Get the permission; store iD and “token” Read the record or update the record No OAuth
  49. 49. TRANSFORM THE CODE INTO A TOKEN Use the code to gain access using the ORCID API https://sandbox.api.orcid.org/oauth/token HEADER: accept:application/json DATA: client_id=APP-XT8FBKJRO3MR8WDR client_secret=e285575c-4794-464b-a807-6f1c06b63 grant_type=authorization_code code=htA3yE redirect_uri=https%3A%2F%2Fmy.URL.org our API calls always look like URLs (RESTful) what format? the auth code confirming that you are the right one to get this information
  50. 50. STORE THE RESULT The result of the call "access_token":"6710dfee-6aab-445b-a266-205dd9085273", "token_type" : "bearer", "expires_in" : 631138518, "scope" : "/read-limited /activities/update", "orcid" : "0000-0002-0491-7882", "name" : "Bob Researcher" store the access token and iD when permission expires (in seconds) your permission – executed contract iD & name for the person who gave permission what you can do ✔ iD Collected!
  51. 51. ENABLING SYNCHRONIZATION ORCID API features & tips: • Update notifications (webhooks) • Your system registers iDs you’re watching • ORCID notifies when changes happen • Internal triggers • Employment status change • Publication acceptance • Publication correction • Funding award
  52. 52. Resources and help » UK helpdesk: ukorcidsupport@jisc.ac.uk » UK website: ukorcidsupport.jisc.ac.uk » About theAPI › https://members.orcid.org/api › Tutorials: https://members.orcid.org/api/tutorial-retrieve-orcid- id Bootcamp: is.gd/VALA2016ORCID › Mailing list: https://groups.google.com/orcid/orcid-api-users » Technical webinars: members.orcid.org/event-list » FAQ/knowledgebase: http://support.orcid.org/knowledgebase 07/11/2016 Jisc - UKORCID webinar 53
  53. 53. Jisc UK ORCID Consortium »Questions? 07/11/2016 Jisc - UKORCID webinar 54
  54. 54. jisc.ac.uk Contact: Monica Duke JISC UK ORCID technical and community support co-ordinator monica.duke@jisc.ac.uk 07/11/2016 Jisc - UKORCID webinar 55

Hinweis der Redaktion

  • Pilot: expect to see measurable improvements within two years of adoption
    Survey interest in consortium: 50 to join, 22 later
    Rate of membership: August 2015 (16); December 2015 (55); July 2016 (75); October 2016 (76)
  • Community mailing lists; technical and functional synthesis; use cases; community progress on eprints; blog posts; slides
  • If you want to become a member (how to order, licence agreement)
    Place order via the Jisc catalogue section- Jisc pays ORCID centrally
    An annual fee for 2017, 2018 (reduced fee)
    An overarching agreement between Jisc and ORCID; end-user agreement between institution and ORCID; agreement can be reviewed and questions on agreement directed to the helpdesk
  • 105 participating IRs now using IRUS-UK
    The IRUS team (Paul Needham) has been working with John Salter to do some work with ORCIDs - harvesting a White Rose ‘irus-orcid’  via OAI–PMH using the RIOXX format. This will be developed further (subject to IRUS CAG support) but it demonstrates that exposing ORCIDS in this way supports author reporting.
  • doi:10.2218/ijdc.v7i2.230