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Building a richer picture

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by Helen Beetham and Mark Langer-Crame

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Building a richer picture

  1. 1. Building a richer picture November 2018 Helen Beetham and Mark Langer-Crame
  2. 2. Building a richer picture Padlet available for this session. Can be found here - http://bit.ly/diginsightscop3 During session (and after) can write down: 1. What do you want to achieve from this session? 2. Share your ideas of how to further develop the use of insights in your college or university 3. What are the challenges or barriers? 4. What solutions can we share?
  3. 3. Top three things to consider before carrying out analysis 1. What is the organisation doing well? 2. What could we do better? 3. What do our key stakeholders want and need to know?
  4. 4. Looking at your staff and student data from a 360 degree perspective Providing a rounded view • Look at situation from different perspectives/sides • Data not be amalgamated from different surveys • Better balanced investment may be needed in digital provision • Common differences in demographic groups? Note, we will be providing a full match-up of questions and topics between the latest student and staff surveys in due course on guidance pages of website
  5. 5. Questions and contributions