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A Brand You Should Know

A presentationn I made for my Personal Branding class.

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A Brand You Should Know

  1. 1. A Brand YouShould KnowTara Joyce Jennifer Devonshire JDevonshire.wordpress.com @Jenjiii #PBandJterm
  2. 2. www.elasticmind.ca Elastic Mind Consulting//CreateTara JoyceIn May of 2008, at the age of 26, Taradecided to leave her corporate Rise of ancareer in marketing and digital mediaso that she could shape a career out Innerpreneurof what she wanted from businessand life.
  3. 3. Personal BrandPurpose-The exploration of our goals, talents andvalues-The unification of work and love.Business ObjectiveTara Joyce provides values-driven business owners withstrategic branding and communicationdesign support + inspiration
  4. 4. Inspiringelasticminds.tumblr.comINSPITATION Knowledgeable Drive Passionate Relatable
  5. 5. GOOGLE: Tara Joyce Past Employers: Linkedin -Marketing Manager at Recommendations : 3 people Econstruction Connections: 101 connections -Marketing & New Media - Specialties: writing, marketing + Associate at The Corporation of communication design, web Massey Hall and Roy Thomson design and Hall development, branding -Marketing Research Consultant (Co-op) at Bardel Entertainment Twitter: 2,439 Followers Personal TweetsBook: “Pay What it is Worth”
  6. 6. Brian Gerald Murphy: Just discovered you on Google+ ... then found your website... which led me here. Looking forward to the book on Pay-What-Its-Worth!What others aresaying…
  7. 7. Want more ofTara? Twitter: @ElasticMind Facebook: Arise Your http://www.facebook.com/E lasticMindCreates Innerpreneur Linkedin: http://ca.linkedin.com/in/tar (Vimeo) ajoyce