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2018 Killington June 20-21, 2018

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Cyber Security, Software/Network Engineering

www.esgjrconsultinginc.com or www.greenmountainrepublicans.org www.gilbertforsenate.us

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2018 Killington June 20-21, 2018

  1. 1. 33 Experience cutting-edge workshops tailored to small businesses 33 Obtain specific tips on how to improve your company’s chances of winning government contracts 33 Learn about federal and state certification programs that can benefit your business 33 Engage in networking opportunities 33 Meet one-on-one with influential government purchasing agents and prime contractors 33 Access regional resource partners and discover available programs 33 Obtain credits by attending up-to-date Small Business Professional Training 33 Meet with aspiring suppliers and established subcontractors 33 Attend a networking reception 33 Participate in prescheduled, industry-code-matched, one-on- one appointments with suppliers 33 Connect at the DoD Northeast Regional Council meeting with key representatives from DoD and SBA REGISTER NOW JUNE 20–21 2 01 8 T R A I N I N G A N D M ATC H M A K E R E V E N T K I L L I N GTO N , V E R M O N T GOVERNMENT TO INDUSTRY: Bridging Opportunities ©2018FIGG THIS TWO-DAY EVENT IS A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY for government agencies, prime contractors, and New England area small businesses to engage directly with each other amid the majestic Green Mountains. Attend buyer or supplier specific training and participate in a series of brief appointments to showcase your company’s expertise or meet with multiple customers at the same time and place. REGISTER ONLINE AT: VTRegionalMatch2018.com Vermont only hosts this Department of Defense (DoD) Northeast Regional Matchmaker every few years. Do not miss out! FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT: ptac.vermont.gov EMAIL: Leonarda.Stewart@vermont.gov CALL: 802-828-5237 For Prime Contractors and Government Agencies (Buyers) For Businesses (Suppliers)