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NABA Graphic Design And Art Direction Presentation

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NABA Graphic Design And Art Direction Presentation

  1. 1. Graphic Design & Art Direction School
  2. 2. Creativity and innovation at the service of communication Professionals that set the trend
  3. 3. Graphic Design & Art Direction i s a formative platform that prepares t he students for the world of design and visual communications by providing them with an integrated system of technical, methodological and cultural competences
  4. 4. TECHNICAL COMPETENCES From freehand drawing to website and 3D structures design METHODOLOGICAL COMPETENCES Communication campaigns and Graphic Design conception, structuration and production CULTURAL COMPETENCES Art History, visual culture and semiotics
  5. 5. Know how to think The student will be able to translate the theoretical project in contemporary communication languages, using a range of diverse and integrated tecniques EDUCATIONAL APPROACH Know how
  6. 6. THROUGH Class Lectures Laboratories Interdisciplinary workshops Creative teams set up Real clients collaborations Transversal teaching Targeted internships
  7. 7. A school of professionals for professionals who are dedicated to innovation Professors of prooved and documented experience, active in the professional world will teach to students shape, content and methodology TEACHING APPROACH
  8. 8. Angelo Colella CORPORATE CREATIVE DIRECTOR Graphic Design and Art Director Department Director at NABA Has worked as Creative Director in the Coroporate Design area of important groups such as: Publicis, Repubblic LAB, EBS Consulting di Praga, Arnoldworldwide Italy del gruppo Havas. Currently is the Corporate Creative Director for Milano AD.
  9. 9. Milano Metro system – 3D Video Presentation for the milanese metro line
  10. 10. Prague International Marathon - Corporate communication of 2010/2011 marathon
  11. 11. Gruppo Banco Popolare di Novara - Corporate Identity and user’s manuals
  12. 12. Cesare Baroni EDITORIAL ART DIRECTOR - RCS In 1978 starts at Frabbri Editori (later RCS) as responsible for Art Direction of the part work and Great masterpiece division. Has predominantly worked in the editorial publication sector also designing books cover pages for Palazzi Editore, Il Sole24ore, Libri Scheiwiller and GSK GlaxoSmithKline.
  13. 13. COPERTA Corporate Identity e manuali d’uso Volume addressed to pediatricians and parents to encourage reading in pre-school age .
  14. 14. Volume addressed to pediatricians and parents to encourage reading in pre-school age .
  15. 15. Paolo D’altan ILLUSTRATOR Since 1987 has worked with main Italian advertising agencies and in the field of illustration for youngsters for major Italian editorial groups: Mondadori Ragazzi, Einaudi ragazzi, Bompiani. Has gained prestigious awards for advertising illustration. He has been president of the Italian Illustrators Association.
  16. 16. Turin - 1 st price for Turn city of culture 2003
  17. 17. Calendari for the wales - Baldoni e Dal Borgo – Gold and Silver price ADCI 1993-1995
  18. 18. Montalban 2009 Illustration article Il sole 24 ore - Annual Illustrator 2010
  19. 19. James Clough LETTERING DESIGN Has studied Typographic Design at London College of Printing. Since 1971, lives and works in Italy as a graphic designer , calligrapher and lettering designer. Collaborates with design studios and advertising agencies. Teaches lettering and History of Typography at several instituitons.
  20. 20. Calligraphy for the cd of Katia Labèque
  21. 21. Calligraphy and leaflet for the Tunisian Tourism Board
  22. 22. Arif Bashir MULTIMEDIA DESIGN He specializes in graphic post-production that allows him to range from TV to advertising so to follow important projects forAljazeera Channel, Mediaset and SKY. He is the auhtour of reknown tv jingles and TV promos. Cuurently he works at Mediaset as graphic designer for Striscia la Notizia.
  23. 23. Opening of Striscia la Notizia
  24. 24. Marco Pupella CREATIVE DIRECTOR Has collaborated with several agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi as Regional Creative Director, DDB as Creative Director. Has worked as Art Director at Leo Burnett and JWT.
  25. 25. Newspapaers press campaign Audi (1998) Silver award at ADC, Clio Awards.
  26. 26. Press release Diet Pepsi (2003) Award New York Festival, Clio and FAB Award.
  27. 27. Magazine Press release M&M's (2003) Awards and international recognitions such us: Moebius, Epica, FAB Award, Econ Award, German ADC, New York Festival, Eurobest, Catch 52, Cresta e London International Advertising Awards.
  28. 28. Luca Ferreccio DESIGNER DIRECTOR Designer Director with Packaging Design and Space Design competences He is currently the Creative Director at SoFar/SoNear in Milan, textile design for furniture company of which he is also partner . A path started at packaging agencies leader on a world wide level which has then evolved as more wider design studies like Carmi and Ubertis Milan.
  29. 29. Eurolat – Milk Line - Fresco Blu Parmalat.
  30. 30. Barbero - Riccadonna spumanti Line
  31. 31. Henkel - Antica Erboristeria. Line Repositioning
  32. 32. Teaching Path
  38. 38. 1 ST YEAR Preparatory work Tecniques acquisition and professional tool application 2 nd YEAR Design Project Methodology Application in advertising and Graphic Design EDUCATIONAL AIMS
  39. 39. 3 RD YEAR Professional Experimentation Complete and innovative project development Specializations Graphic Design (Brand Design) Multimedia Advertising (Audiovisual languages and tecniques) EDUCATIONAL AIMS
  40. 40. PREPARATORY WORK vs DESIGN During the course of the 3 years, the student follows a structured path through educational steps that facilitates learning with a growing level of in-depth of topics and specialization of tecniques
  42. 42. Once acquired technical skills, the student will be able to face with real clients projects The group work and the solid theoretical preparation will allow the student to correctly interpret briefs so to promptly respond to market requirements FROM PROJECT TO EXPERIMENTATION
  43. 43. TOOLS AND TECNIQUES The student will learn all tools that allow him to develop a communication project , Acquiring full command of manual, digital and compositional tecniques.
  44. 44. Digital Design Web Project Photography Tecniques Dinamic Graphic Video Tecniques 3D Design TOOLS AND TECNIQUES
  45. 45. The student will own a solid theoretical foundation , as an indispensable cultural background to which the student will draw to strengthen creative abilities, developing a critical cultural and conscious approach CULTURAL PREPARATION
  46. 46. History of Modern Art History of Contemporary Art History of Graphics and Advertising History of Cinema and Video Contemporary Art Fenomenology CULTURAL PREPARATION ’
  48. 48. In the 3 rd year, finalizing the educational path, the student will be able to chose the area to specialize in and elaborate the final thesis . Specialization Graphic Design (Brand Design) Multimedia Advertising Specialization (audiovisual tecniques and languages) SPECIALIZATION
  49. 49. Design path and experimentation and expressive experimentation which will end up on a multimedia communication proposal. It develops representation and innovation of a brand identity, through a creative interdisciplinary process and of a strategic vision. BRAND DESIGN
  50. 50. Basic Design Corporate Identity Lettering Web Project Digital Tecniques Photography Interaction Design Editorial Graphics Multilayer editing Packaging Base Web Design Urban Communication 1st year 2 nd year The student learns to integrate analytical, conceptual, design and technical (graphic, illustration, photography, digital elaboration and compositing) skills acquired during the BA. BRAND DESIGN
  51. 51. The student will develop the project brand restyling elaborating on the following areas: Corporate Design Visual identity, archigrafia, coordinate image , Exhibition graphic , motion graphic Editoria l - Literature Design magazine, brochure, pubblications, book series etc Packaging structural, design, wrapping, P.O.P. displays BRAND DESIGN FINAL THESIS
  58. 60. Design path which through the study of tecniques and of TV communication dynamics and of new media , develops analytical competences and audiovisual advertising codes application , from writing to screenplay realization, from story board to audio-video simulation. Percorso progettuale che attraverso lo studio delle tecniche e delle dinamiche della comunicazione televisiva e dei nuovi media, sviluppa competenze di analisi e applicazione dei codici della pubblicità audiovisiva, dalla scrittura alla realizzazione di sceneggiature, dallo story board  alla simulazione audio-video. AUDIOVISUAL LANGUAGES AND TECNIQUES
  59. 61. The student learns to integrate conceptual, design, technical (Advertising History, photography, digital elaboration, compositing )and analytical skills acquired during the course of the BA program– Art And Copy Strategy and Planning Spot Analyses Online Advertising Video tecniques Photography Tecnques Interaction Design Graphic Motion I anno II anno AUDIOVISUAL LANGUAGES AND TECNIQUES
  60. 62. The student will develop the design of an audiovisual format r elaborating on thef ollowing areas: AUDIOVISUAL LANGUAGES AND TECNIQUES FINAL THESIS Audiovisual Media Video advertising , radio advertising of an advertising campaign/social campaign/institutional campaign Web Communication website, blog, on-line campaign , viral marketing, flash presentation
  61. 63. AUDIOVISUAL MEDIAS Video Mix di lavori in Motion Graphic per Absolut Vodka http://vimeo.com/18115912 Animazione realizzata per la promulgazione dell’ articolo 11 della Costituzione Italiana http://vimeo.com/18386569 Teaser Motion Graphic per la rete televisiva MTV http://vimeo.com/18389719 Teaser Promo realizzato per l’ipotetica rete televisiva NatGeo Kids http://vimeo.com/18425665
  62. 64. PROFESSIONAL OUTCOMES The Graphic Design & Art Direction BA program forms to the profession of Creative Director, a complete and flexible professional figure, ready to immerge in the communication world, from editorial to web and to coordinate and supervise the team of creative figures: graphic designers, illustrators, copywriters and web designers .
  63. 65. Corporate Design Director Is responsible for brand identity BRAND DESIGN Editorial Art Director Manages the graphic project in the editorial company Packaging Designer Designs communication on the packaging PROFESSIONAL OUTCOME
  64. 66. Creative Director Has multidisciplinary competences in advertising communication which allow him to manage complete advertising project s AUDIOVISUAL LANGUAGES AND TECNQUIQUES Web Designer Designs graphic interfaces for the web Multimedia Designer Design and develops digital communication PROFESSIONAL OUTCOME
  66. 68. MAPPA FORMATIVA Blue Line: Explores the creative dimensions associated with the Art Director, through analysis of advertising language and of aesthetic codes of contemporary world applied to the world of advertising from press campaign to TV advertising to cinema
  67. 69. MAPPA FORMATIVA Red Line: It is a parallel path to the blue line but with aesthetic and creative writing courses, it leads to the Copywriter figure
  68. 70. MAPPA FORMATIVA Orange Line: Is an alternative path to the green line which allows to develop manuality – from calligraphy to classical and digital illustration, also in its most sophisticated versions, as 3D animation.
  69. 72. MAPPA FORMATIVA Green Line: If chosen on the 2 nd and 3 rd year among optional subjects, it allows to acquire photography skills usable in the digital artistic world
  71. 74. MAPPA FORMATIVA Yellow line It traces all core and preparatory courses to all potential specializations; these can be activated through optional courses. It merges in the creative lab which represent simulation of an integrated agency, where graphic design and brand designer are developed in all of its different applications: packaging, dynamic graphic and urban design
  72. 75. MAPPA FORMATIVA Purple Line: It is a compulsory path as it forms the student in one of the most stimulating profession of contemporary communication: web design
  73. 76. www.nabartdirection.com WEB COMMUNICATION
  75. 78. Becoming graphic designers or advertisers is a demanding path, but an exciting one. Beyond talent, students need to be open to learning, observing and researching, mechanisms of visual and sensorial perception. Graphic Design and Art Direction classes are a continuous training of applications and of real clients requests which train the students to measure himself with the working world in a realistic and professional way. At the same time we do not neglect the most important subject of all: Cultivating and mantaining enthusiasm in creating, which makes this work as a unique profession, even richer of potentials and future.
  76. 79. PARTNER
  77. 80. COLLABORATION WITH UNIVERSITIES AND ACADEMIES: Università Statale di Milano, Facoltà di Scienze Politiche Università Statale di Milano, Facoltà di Farmacia Politecnico di Milano Università Cattolica di Milano Università Sapienza di Roma Università Anahuac, Mexìco Piattaforma interuniversitaria sulla legalità: (Bocconi, Università Statale di Milano facoltà di Scienze Politiche e Giurisprudenza, Bicocca, Politecnico, IULM)
  78. 81. Vicky Gitto COPYWRITER 1998 - Copywriter BGS D’arcy 2001 - Copy Supervisor, Creative Director DLV/BBDO 2005 - Group Executive Creative Director DDB Italy 2009 - Executive Vice President, Group Executive Creative Director Y&R Brands SUCCESFULL ALUMNI
  79. 82. “ Educated Horse. The New Golf Gt sport 2.0 TDI 170hp.” Cliente: Volkswagen Agenzia: DDB Milano, Italia Creative Director/Copywriter: Vicky Gitto Art Directors: Cristina Marcellini, Hugo Gallardo
  80. 83. “ Golf Powered by Audi - Audi quattro Cup 2008” Cliente: Audi Agenzia: DDB Milano, Italia Creative Director/Copywriter: Vicky Gitto Art Director: Hugo Gallardo
  81. 84. SUCCESSFUL ALUMNI Maurizio Maresca CEO Arnold World Wide Italy Gruppo Havas
  82. 85. Cliente: Central Groucho - casa di produzione cinematografica Agenzia: Arnold Worldwide Italy Creative Director: Maurizio Maresca Copywriter: Alessandro Sabini Art Director: Aureliano Fontana
  83. 86. SUCCESSFUL ALUMNI Luca Uliana GRAPHIC DESIGNER Graduated in 2006 at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti di Milano, From the same year he has started collaborating with several studios and agencies (gruppo RG, studio Martinelli, Unichrome). Since 2007 he started working at Rba Design taking care of Packaging Design and Corporate Identity. From 2009 has started teaching at NABA Corporate and Packaging Design
  84. 87. Cliente: Oran - Soda RBA design - Branding & Design
  85. 88. Cliente: Monk’s RBA design - Branding & Design