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Growth of Jugnoo - Samar Singla, Jugnoo

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As presented in the Israel Mobile Summit 2019

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Growth of Jugnoo - Samar Singla, Jugnoo

  1. 1. © All Rights Reserved 2 WHAT WE DO? Providing Transportation as a Service to Indian masses using auto rickshaws or Tuk Tuks
  2. 2. © All Rights Reserved 3 AI ML in On Demand | Need We Hate Google 1 Reducing dependence on Third Party Services like Google Maps Happy Customers 2 Improving customer experience by reducing steps in flow Lean Organisation 3 Removing overheads, like huge customer support staff Save $$$ 4 Improving bottom line by reducing supply and demand side incentives
  3. 3. © All Rights Reserved 4 Where we use in Jugnoo ETAs for Food Delivery  | Driver Arrival  | Time to Reach Destination Marketplace Demand Forecasting Dynamic Pricing Customer Tickets Resolution Assistance Recommendation of Restaurant  | Drop Location
  4. 4. © All Rights Reserved 5 Tools we use For data gathering Apache Kafka  | Apache Spark | BigQuery For training Scikit-Learn | Tensor Flow | XGBoost
  5. 5. © All Rights Reserved 6 Our Estimated Time Of Delivery Model Objective-  Predict total duration of complex multi-stage process & recalculate time-to-delivery predictions at every step of process. Six-step workflow:                             Manage data Train models Evaluate models Deploy models 
 Make predictions Monitor predictions
  6. 6. © All Rights Reserved 7 Our Estimated Time Of Delivery Model Multi-objective Optimization Eater conversion rate objective Getting eaters to place orders Marketplace fairness objective, exposing less popular restaurants to more eaters: - - - Three-sided marketplace Customers, Restaurants & Delivery-partners- Ranking Objectives Diversity and Relevance-
  7. 7. © All Rights Reserved 8 Marketplace Demand Forecasting Directing  driver-partners to high demand areas before they arise. Increasing trip counts by 100% and fulfilment to 70%. Hardware capacity planning: Forecasting can help find the sweet spot: not too many and not too few. Advanced pattern recognition algorithms to identify fake transactions and has saved $100,000 uptil now.
  8. 8. © All Rights Reserved 9 Dynamic Pricing: The Jugnoo Effect The “Right” price is not always the lowest price. Jugnoo managed demand & supply by introducing dynamic pricing to incentivize supply in underserved areas with high demand. Automated differential pricing & control by region, helped us increase fulfilment rate by 40% within 2 weeks of launch.
  9. 9. © All Rights Reserved 10 Customer Tickets Resolution Assistance- Jugnoo’s Chatbot Sees High Customer Adoption Jugnoo moves from call support to Chatbot powered messaging. Driving cost savings and boosting agent efficiency. Within a month of launching, the chatbot was solving 15% of all customer queries, increasing to 25% over the next few months. Time-to-resolution for our customers has dropped from a 5-minute wait to less than 60 seconds The Phenomenal Impact We Created