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E commerce predictions and trends new

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eCommerce business is growing rapidly around the world. Today, we are living in a world that is largely dominated by technology. Every eCommerce business needs to understand the preference of target audiences and change their business performance according to the expectation of users. A majority of retailers use the Google eCommerce platform to render a streamlined customer experience.

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E commerce predictions and trends new

  1. 1. 1 H E A D L E S S E C O M M E R C E The headless eCommerce involves the use of eCommerce platforms that needn’t require a pre-designed storefront. Hence, this is known as headless eCommerce. The data can be restored from the backend through an API (Application Program Interface) and is distinct from the frontend. Headless eCommerce will provide the retailers with complete authority over the storefronts that are placed across varied channels (mobile, social media, desktop, so on). 2 I N F L U E N C E R M A R K E T I N G Influencer marketing is one of the beneficial ways to create awareness about your eCommerce business amid the target audience. The customers tend to get product suggestions and recommendations from the influencers. A study reveals that a good majority of online customers prefer to take the opinion of influencers while making a purchasing decision. The concept of influencer marketing has made huge waves on Instagram’s shopping strategy. 3 V I S U A L S E A R C H The process of visual search is all about using an image to search for the related or identically framed visual assets. Visual search will be emerging as a new trend amid the eCommerce businesses in 2020. Visual search in eCommerce can convert the followers into buyers through the top-trend social media platforms such as Instagram. Visual search is considered to be the best cross-selling tool. 4 M O B I L E S H O P P I N G With the rise in smartphones, there has been a huge growth in the number of mobile shopping customers. Studies have revealed that more than 50% of buyers prefer mobile shopping mode. Shopping through mobile devices will turn out to be a prominent trend in 2020. Generally, the eCommerce business firms tend to optimize their apps for making their website mobile-friendly. It will offer the best mobile experience for all the customers. 5 U S E O F C H A T B O T S Chatbots is one of the new and effective ways of communicating with your customers and this has a wide impact on the eCommerce business users. Chatbots will turn out to be the biggest eCommerce trend in 2020. Integrating the chatbots will minimize the bounce rate and will expand the customer-experience. According to John Muller, a senior webmaster trend analyst at Google, states that eCommerce will be one of the biggest things to have happened in 2020 with the latest trends. by Isabella Dawson A R T I F I C I A L I N T E L L I G E N C E A N D M A C H I N E L E A R N I N G The concept of AI and machine learning has been expanding consistently every day. It is one of the trending and burning concept in the field of eCommerce. This will boost the automated and customized shopping experience, bringing about a huge satisfaction level among customers. In recent times, the technique of machine learning has accomplished huge importance. 5 G This 5th generation in the mobile technology is all set to create a positive impact on the eCommerce business in 2020. 5G is believed to change the scenario of present eCommerce business by bringing more revenue and customers. It will also enable the growing brands to make the finest use of VR and AR techniques. The feature of online payment method will be made simplified by going beyond the present trend of 2-step authentication. 6 7 ECOMMERCE PREDICTIONS AND TRENDS Visit us on www.allianzebposervices.com