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Ipcrf presentation 2018



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Ipcrf presentation 2018

  1. 1. I IPCRF Preparation PhD EM 312 Quality Assurance in Education Irene C.Gumiran PhD EM Student
  2. 2. DEPED VISION We dream of Filipinos who passionately love their country and whose values and competencies enable them to realize their full potential and contribute meaningfully to building the nation. As a learner - centered public institution, the Department of Education continuously improves itself to better serve its stakeholders. Lead, Engage, Align & Do! (LEAD)
  3. 3. DEPED MISSION To protect and promote the right of every Filipino to quality, equitable, culture- based, and complete basic education where: • Students learn in a child-friendly, gender-sensitive, safe and motivating environment. • Teachers facilitate learning and constantly nurture every learner. • Administrators and staff, as stewards of the institution, ensure an enabling and supportive environment for effective learning to happen. • Family, community and other stakeholders are actively engaged and share responsibility for developing life-long learners. Lead, Engage, Align & Do! (LEAD)
  4. 4. DEPED CORE VALUES • Maka-Diyos • Makatao • Makabayan • Makakalikasan Lead, Engage, Align & Do! (LEAD)
  5. 5. INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCE COMMITMENT AND REVIEW FORM (IPCRF 2018) Concentrated on the actual job of the teacher. 1. Classroom Instruction/Teaching (60%) 2. Classroom Management (20%) 3. Plus Factor/Innovations and other assignments (10%) 4. Community Activity/Outreach including PTA activities (5%) 5. Professional Growth (5%)
  6. 6. CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION/TEACHING (60%) 1. To administer 9 quizzes per subject quarterly. 2. To conduct 5-hour remedial instruction. 3. To reduce failure from 15 to 5. 4. To reduce dropout from 2 to 0. 5. To reduce physical absence from 20 to 5 days; tardiness from 30 to 5. 6. To engage and select the technique that best encourages the level of thinking (Lasley, Matczynski, & Rowley, 2002)
  7. 7. CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT (20%) 1. Conduciveness of classrooms 2. Classroom structuring 3. Classroom amenities 4. Class discipline and orderliness 6. Homeroom period
  8. 8. PLUS FACTOR/INNOVATIONS AND OTHER ASSIGNMENTS (10%) 1. Innovations 2. Special assignments 3. Coach, coordinatorship, etc. 4. To produce and train contestants for specific competitions. 5. To initiate 1 inset for the school year. 6. To conduct 1 action research for the year.
  9. 9. COMMUNITY ACTIVITY/OUTREACH INCLUDING PTA ACTIVITIES (5%) 1. Homeroom PTA / PTA meetings. 2. Community project participation. 3. Brigada eskwela/adopt a school
  10. 10. PROFESSIONAL GROWTH (5%) 1. Seminars 2. Insets 3. Units/degree earned 4. Promotion
  11. 11. Name of Employee: Name of Rater: Position: Position: Review Period: Date of Review: Division: TO BE FILLED IN DURING PLANNING To be filled in during evaluation MFOs KRAs OBJECTIVES TIMELINE Weight per KRA Performanc e Indicators (Quality, Efficiency, Timeliness) Actual Results Rating Score To get the score, the rating is multiplied by the weight assigned Overall Rating for Accomplish ments ________________ ________________ Rater Ratee
  12. 12. PERFORMANCE EVALUATION IS NOT: Attack on employee’s personality Monologue A chance to wield power and authority Paper activity (compliance)

Hinweis der Redaktion

  • Attack on employee's personality - Authority as the Rater should be used properly. Be factual about your evaluation.

    Monologue - Engage the employee in a dialogue. Give him/her a chance to explain him/herself.

    A chance to wield power and authority - Performance reviews often make people uncomfortable and defensive. Make the discussion positive. The key themes are continuous improvement and development, even if a person hadn't wasn't able to meet objectives or demonstrated competencies effectively.

    Paper activity - Do not simply comply but manage the RPMS as a process and not a one-time even.

    An opportunity to gain "pogi points" with staff - The goal of RPMS is to improve performance and develop people.

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