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This fact sheet is meant to provide those working with Interreg Programmes with compact, up to date information. It should be useful to, e.g. members of the Monitoring Committee, the national sub-committees, the European Commission, stakeholders of the EUSBSR, other Interreg Programmes, INTERACT and funding advisors. This fact sheet was prepared by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat. The MA/JS is happy to receive feedback and provide further assistance:

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Programme fact sheet

  1. 1. One of  15 transnational  Interreg Programmes for 2014‐2020  interreg‐ Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat: Investitionsbank Schleswig‐Holstein (IB.SH) Cooperation around the Baltic Sea Funding cooperation for a more innovative, better accessible and sustainable Baltic Sea region Berlin | Brandenburg | Bremen | Hamburg | Mecklenburg‐ Vorpommern | Schleswig‐Holstein | Lüneburg/Niedersachsen north western  regions June 2017 | interreg‐ € 278.6 MILLION to find joint solutions to common problems ERDF – European Regional Development Fund ENI – European Neighbourhood Instrument NOR – Norwegian national funding 263.8 ERDF | 8.8 ENI | 6.0 NOR plus national co‐financing  about € 344.7 million total Programme volume
  2. 2. organisations from different countries  Minimum partnership 3 At the core of the Programme:  Developing the  Baltic Sea region NATURAL RESOURCES Clear waters Renewable energy Energy efficiency Blue growth EU STRATEGY SUPPORT Seed money Support of PACs & HALs Targeted support &  EUSBSR  forums INNOVATION Research &  innovation infrastructures Smart  specialisation Non‐ technological innovation TRANSPORT Interoperability Accessibility Maritime Safety Shipping Urban mobility 111.0 111.0 86.0 16.4 Stimulating cooperation between local | regional | national level public authorities research & training institutions  sectoral agencies & associations NGOs | enterprises Co‐financing rates Million € total investment Programme funding   + expected project co‐financing up to 50 % up to 75 % up to 85 % up to 85 % (t.b.d.) June 2017 | interreg‐
  3. 3. June 2017 | interreg‐ Funds committed vs.  funds available (million €) Innovation Natural resources Transport projects to create change Application process in numbers Call 1: Call 2: submitted selected submitted selected 2 Feb 2015 28‐29 Apr 2015 Project Concept notes Concept notes applications Projects 14 Jul 2015 19 Nov 2015 1 Jun 2016 13‐14 Sep 2016 17 Jan 2017 24 May 2017 227 164 103 58 59 39 54 58 37 30 25 19 494 156 149 74
  4. 4. June 2017 | interreg‐ Countries around the Baltic  Sea work together  Partners outside the Programme area Partners in the Programme area Different organisations  cooperate to develop the region partners working in projects
  5. 5. Funding [in €] Total ERDF Norway ENI* Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme funds 278,630,658 263,830,658 6,000,000 8,800,000 expected co‐financing/ own contribution 66,061,996 59,148,032 5,278,198 1,635,765 Total Programme budget 344,692,654 322,978,690 11,278,198 10,435,765 thereof Innovation (Priority 1) 111,236,605 thereof Natural resources (Priority 2) 111,236,605 thereof Transport (Priority 3) 85,960,584 thereof EU Strategy support (Priority 4) 15,968,408 thereof Technical assistance 22,290,452 Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat The Programme is managed by  Investitionsbank Schleswig‐Holstein (IB.SH)  in Kiel, Germany. Offices are located  in Rostock/Germany and Riga/Latvia.  Programme address Investitionsbank Schleswig‐Holstein (IB.SH) Interreg Baltic Sea Region MA/JS  Grubenstraße 20, 18055 Rostock, Germany phone: ++49/ 381/ 454 84  5281 e‐mail: info@interreg‐  Financial details ERDF – European Regional Development Fund ENI – European Neighbourhood instrument * ENI funding is subject to the signature of  Financing Agreements between the  European Commission, Russia/Belarus and Germany
  6. 6. 5 ways  to use this fact sheet about This fact sheet is meant to provide those working with Interreg  Programmes with compact, up to date information. It should be  useful to, e.g. members of the Monitoring Committee, the  national sub‐committees,  the European Commission,  stakeholders of the EUSBSR, other Interreg Programmes,  INTERACT and funding advisors. This fact sheet was prepared by  the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Managing Authority/Joint  Secretariat. The MA/JS is happy to receive feedback and provide  further assistance: info@interreg‐ your website  Enrich your website with an interactive slide  show: Embed slides as i‐frame from your handout The Programme at a glance on your table: Print out in black & white or colour,  it fits on one sheet of paper (front & back, 2 pages on 1). your poster for info boards and events: The fact sheet is printable  up to DIN A2 size. your presentation Snapshots for your slide presentation: make a screen shot and crop as you need it. your text  Draft your text quickly: Pages 3 to 5  offer a digestible description of the Programme  for your article, brochure or website. June 2017 | interreg‐