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Intergen Convergence 2017 - Customer engagement (Toyota)

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Intergen Convergence 2017 - Customer engagement (Toyota)

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Intergen Convergence 2017 - Customer engagement (Toyota)

  1. 1. Keep pace with multitudes of new platforms and cloud services? Keep pace with new entrants to market? Keep pace with the expecta tions of our own staff? Keep pace with customer demands and market expectatio ns? Keep our data and IP safe whilst keeping pace? Customer engagement - Toyota
  2. 2. Summary 1. Toyota NZ – Brand Reputation vs Customer Experience 2. The Role of Digital in the Car Buying Process 3. What next
  3. 3. Toyota New Zealand 2017 Brand success CONSIDERATION BRAND HEALTH Toyota ranked No.1 in 14 of 16 brand attributes based on the 2015 MIA Survey questions on customers opinions of vehicle manufacturers. We are leading the way across all key measurements of behaviour, the biggest brand, relatively strong conversion rates across the buying process. Source: 2015 Brand Tracker Source: Motor Industry Association Survey 2015 Toyota No. 1 automotive brand in NZ for consideration Toyota most highly rated automotive brand in NZ TRUST 1. Whitakers 2. Whitakers (again) 3. Canon 4. Tip Top… 9. Toyota Trusted brands Survey is deployed to around 1,500 New Zealanders who rated brands on a trust scale of 1-10. Source: Readers Digest Survey 2016 Toyota 9th most trusted brand in NZ Toyota is No. 1 car brand VALUE FOR MONEY Source: Best Buy Award New Zealand 2015/2016 Toyota offers the best price quality ratio for family cars on the New Zealand market Respondents were asked what they felt represented the best price/quality ratio, i.e., the best value for their money, according to their personal experiences, with specific products or service categories in the New Zealand market. REPUTATION 1. Air NZ 2= Toyota & Z Energy 4= AA Insurance & Pak n Save Toyota was ranked 2nd in fairness, 3rd in trust and responsibility, to be 2nd overall in corporate reputation. Source: Millward Brown Rep Z score 2017 Toyota 2nd highest rated brand in NZ for corporate reputation Source: RepTrak™ Report New Zealand 2015 1. Toyota 2. Air NZ 3. Z Energy 4. The Warehouse 5. Goodman Fielder Toyota is ranked 1st out of the top 25 companies in NZ for Corporate Reputation. Brand measure Toyota Highest placed Competitor Awareness 91% 89% Consideration 48% 29% Visit 35% 18% Drive 32% 15% Purchase 20% 9%
  4. 4. Toyota New Zealand 2017 New Zealand’s most trusted brands
  5. 5. Toyota New Zealand 2017 29 years of market leadership 2016: 5th consecutive year of record sales (27,505 units) Holden, 10.6% Ford, 11.4% Nissan, 5.9% Mitsubishi, 6.3% Honda, 2.7% Mazda, 7.6% Hyundai, 5.7% Suzuki, 3.6% Toyota2016, 18.7% 2017, 20.1% 2018, 20.0% ​2019, 20.1% 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% * Record Volume 27,505 CBU * Record Share 26.1% CKD
  6. 6. Toyota New Zealand 2017 29 years of market leadership
  7. 7. Toyota New Zealand 2017 FEELING/EMOTIONALSTATE START Excitement, interest engagement Mixture of enjoyment, frustration & anxiety Prepare to visit dealer – wary, suspicious Indecisive, Anxious, anticipating disappointment Repressed emotion (Fizzing) Elation, advocacy BUT! Disappointment increases if waiting Deflation if car is a poor fit Average length 5-6 weeks, but 41% go from start to purchase in 3 weeks Half spend less than a week actually looking at/driving cars Trigger tobuya newcar Information Search Gotoa dealer Testdrive &decide Purchasing TakingIt Home Ownership Most of the decision is already made. Most know the brand, but have a short list of 3 61% Start Online But most struggle to move decision making forward online 3-4 Dealers will be visited walking on the yard is a big deal 2 cars driven on average. Customer doesn’t consider this a selling opportunity, rather confirming their research Dance the dance. Try to get the best deal. Largely mechanical and admin process Almost everyone is happy at this point – look to bask in the glow of new ownership with family and friends OMG – What have I done?” Ongoing ownership becomes neutral once the honeymoon period is over.
  8. 8. Toyota New Zealand 2017 Actual dealer visits declining but online visits increasing 2006 2016 6 1.2 10 24 Source: Google global shopper survey 2105 & TNZ proprietary research 2016 AVERAGE DEALER VISITS TOUCHPOINTS
  9. 9. Toyota New Zealand 2017 Build your own hilux
  10. 10. Toyota New Zealand 2017 Case study: Barbara and the Corolla Wagon Hi there, The car I previously purchased from you in 2013 was in an accident and is now deemed a write off for insurance. I need to replace it and I’m looking for a white corolla wagon. Can we please take this one for a test drive this Sunday? I have the value of the car for a deposit. I look forward to your reply. Thanks, Barb
  11. 11. Toyota New Zealand 2017 The customer journey is complex
  12. 12. Toyota New Zealand 2017 Offline to online
  13. 13. Toyota New Zealand 2017 Build Your Own C-HR