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Sales 101: How to Write an Email that Everyone Responds To

Instructor: Michael Pici
If the task you need to complete requires a response how will you coax your reader into replying? As you will find out in this class it is all about content, content, content. Tailoring your email so that it feels personal to the recpient is one sure fire way to elicit a response from them. So get your content creating hats on and let Michael Pici, Sales Specialist at HubSpot, teach you how to develop emails that your recipiant will want to reply to!
What You'll Learn:
How to research your prospect pre-email and phone call
How to craft the perfect email that will always get a response
Technology tricks and shortcuts
This class is for anyone who wants to get better at outreach. This will be just as effective for a first timer, as a seasoned sales rep.

About the Instructor: Michael Pici is an Inbound Marketing and Sales Specialist at HubSpot. He helps organizations develop strategies to attract highly qualified leads by using modern sales techniques to develop a holistic sales and marketing funnel. Michael is a top sales producer, and is the co-author of the Inbound Sales blog: Sell Inbound.

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Sales 101: How to Write an Email that Everyone Responds To

  1. 1. How to Write an Email that will make Everyone Respond We will be starting at 6:00 pm EST. 1 2 Brainstorm 1 person that you would like to approach for any reason. Why do you want to get in touch with them?
  2. 2. By Michael Pici
  3. 3. Situations • Sales Prospecting • Approaching Investors • Co-Marketing Outreach • Event Coordination • Partnerships • Business Development • Recruiting • Internal Communication • Getting support for ideas • Meeting a mentor • What else?
  4. 4. AGENDA 1. Preparing to write a great email + Try it Live 2. The formula + Try it Live 3. Hacks 4. Hit Send
  5. 5. 1 Preparing to write a great email.
  6. 6. WHAT IS A KEYWORD? PERSPECTIVE: Take 5 or 10 minutes… Consumer/ Prospect
  7. 7. WHAT IS A KEYWORD? Be curious PERSPECTIVE: Consumer/ Prospect
  8. 8. Ideas WHAT IS A KEYWORD? • Google Search • Personal Blog • What do they care about enough to write about? • Social Media Profiles • Interesting Post? • Follow anyone cool? • Recent changes / updates? • Newsle • Company Website • Team / management page • About us page • News page
  9. 9. WHAT IS A KEYWORD? PERSPECTIVE: Consumer/ Prospect How are you connected?
  10. 10. Trigger Event: “A trigger event is something that happens either internally or externally to an organization that has the potential to create an urgent and compelling need for your product, service or solution. Suddenly new priorities emerge from this occurrence – ones that are a catalyst for change.” – Jill Konrath
  11. 11. WHAT IS A KEYWORD? PERSPECTIVE: Consumer/ Prospect Leverage lead intelligence if possible… • • • • Pages viewed / last time on your site Marketing emails read Where they came from… (search phrase) Website revisit alerts
  12. 12. What are their priorities?
  13. 13. WHAT IS A KEYWORD? PERSPECTIVE: Identify multiple points of contact… Start with 1 Consumer/ Prospect
  14. 14. Try it Live.
  15. 15. 2 The Formula.
  16. 16. Set a Goal: Forget closing the sale… Get a response
  17. 17. Subject Lines • Mike, quick question for you • [Mutual connection] recommended I get in touch • Ideas for [thing that is important to them] • Question about [recent trigger event or goal they have] • Thoughts about [title of their blog post] • Have you considered [your thought or recommendation]?
  18. 18. Free, Final, Reminder, Sale, Tempting, Specials, Complimentary, Help, Donation, Don’t, [Company Name], Exciting, Unique, Discount, Solution, Partner, State of the art, Preview
  19. 19. Mike,
  20. 20. Notice Something Relevant…
  21. 21. WHAT IS A KEYWORD? Start off by saying something about them…not you. • • • • • I noticed you… Elon Musk mentioned… Saw that we both… I loved your post on… Congratulations on.. How many emails do you reply to that begin with, “My name is….”?
  22. 22. Try it Live.
  23. 23. WHAT IS A KEYWORD? PERSPECTIVE: Consumer/ Prospect What is your Value? A typical value proposition sounds something like…. “We help web marketing firms increase their lead generation by 400% and effortlessly prove ROI to their clients.” – Potential HubSpot value proposition
  24. 24. WHAT IS A KEYWORD? PERSPECTIVE: Consumer/ Prospect You are not a commodity. Focus on ideas and insights that will be a value add to help your prospect achieve their goals…
  25. 25. WHAT IS A KEYWORD? PERSPECTIVE: Consumer/ Prospect Use your research to align with your prospect.
  26. 26. WHAT IS A KEYWORD? PERSPECTIVE: Consumer/ Prospect Create a bridge between them and you
  27. 27. Try it Live.
  28. 28. Ask a great question.
  29. 29. Be Different
  30. 30. Questions • How, if at all, would you like to improve your strategy? • Is [benefit to them] a priority for you right now? • Do you have any unanswered questions about [topic of learning]? • Are you after a lifestyle business, or world domination? • Are you alone on this? • Has it always been this way? • Where did you expect to be by now? • Would it be nice, or does it have to happen? • What would you recommend? What would you do if you were me? • What are you hearing? • Was this all your idea? • Now what? Credit: Rick Roberge
  31. 31. WHAT IS A KEYWORD? PERSPECTIVE: Consumer/ Prospect Signature: • Don’t distract • Leave contact information, and a link to view your online profile of choice
  32. 32. Probably best off if… Keep it short., aka no need to scroll Plain text, black and white No links or attachments
  33. 33. Try it Live.
  34. 34. 3 Hacks.
  35. 35. Track your Email Opens: Know when your message is being read in real time…
  36. 36. Try Signals – a free chrome extension that shows who has opened and clicked your emails.
  37. 37. Try Signals – a free chrome extension that shows who has opened and clicked your emails. GET SIGNALS TODAY
  38. 38. WHAT IS A KEYWORD? PERSPECTIVE: Consumer/ Prospect Google Alerts – great for prospecting and help curate trigger events. • • • • • News about a person or their interests Company news Industry News Funding Mentions of your company
  39. 39. Should I stay or should I go? One of my best performing emails, reaching reply rates of 40%
  40. 40. QUESTIONS?
  41. 41. THANK YOU.