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PR 101: Understanding the Evolving Public Relations Landscape

So your company just launched a cool new product, and now you need to get the word out about it. You gear up your social media channels and write a post for the company blog, but standard marketing tactics are just one piece of a larger puzzle and you could do much more to gain the publicity you deserve.

Ever heard of a press release? Know the essentials of media monitoring? What about measuring the efficacy of a campaign? Public Relations is an integral part of any organization's marketing mix and Sarah Salbu will explain the evolving landscape of PR and how you can employ strategic PR activities in your company.

What You'll Learn

Definitions of PR tactics and how and when to use them
Media monitoring and media relations
Ways to quantitatively measure the impact of PR efforts

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PR 101: Understanding the Evolving Public Relations Landscape

  1. 1. presents PR 101: Understanding the Evolving PR Landscape SARAH SALBU @SarahSalbu
  2. 2. Sarah Salbu Sarah Salbu is a senior account executive at SHIFT Communications, her priority is to understand the business goals of each client to best align all PR activities. Prior to joining SHIFT, Sarah led the PR program at PerkinElmer, a global human and environmental health company. She is also a communications mentor for a number of start-ups who participate in the Mass Challenge program and has led PR workshops at Boston's Startup Institute. When she isn’t doing PR you can usually find her at a comedy club in Boston or taking Salsa lessons. She was recently featured in Inc. Magazine talking about how to leverage Twitter as a networking tool.
  4. 4. OVERVIEW PR Tool Box Media Relations 
 & Monitoring Measurement
  5. 5. PR in Context Business Goals & Objectives Consistent Communications Brand Messaging Digital Presence Public Relations Events Measurement
  6. 6. PUBLIC RELATIONS TOOL BOX Press Release Media Alert
  7. 7. PRESS RELEASE Major corporate milestone/accomplishment • Relevant to a mass audience • Distribution Services such as BW or PR Newswire •
  8. 8. Headline 
 Compelling, cites company name, keywords
 Supports headline with product name, benefits
 Lead Paragraph
 Short and to the point, reflects content of headline and elaborates on the story in layman's terms
 Infuse opinion from experts
 Links/additional info *Up to 2 pages
  9. 9. MEDIA ALERTS News, but not groundbreaking • Relevant to a target audience • Typically non material •
  10. 10. Headline 
 Compelling, cites company name, keywords
 Answers 5 Ws *Up to 1 page
  11. 11. MEDIA MONITORING Business and Industry landscape Media relations - sense of industry influencers • Impactful pitching Recommendations: • Subscribe to local and industry email blasts, follow on social • Subscribe to HARO • •
  12. 12. SPOKESPERSON TRAINING Review recent articles by journalist Brainstorm likely questions List key points YOUR company would like to say • Lay out key company facts • Have multimedia available • • •
  15. 15. Quarter over quarter
 Media outcomes Share of voice HP Dell IBM Apple Intel 15 15 14 16% 11 30% 11 9 8 21% 4 20% 13% 0 Regular tracking with 
 media monitoring tool Ongoing manual tracking Media ranking Reputation
 1 or 2 + Circulation
 1 or 2 + Media 
 1 or 2 = Score from
  16. 16. Free: Google Alerts for company name, key words and competitors Tweet Reach Social Mention ! Paid: Meltwater Cision Critical Mention Radian 6
  17. 17. TAKE AWAYS
  18. 18. THANK YOU!! Questions? Contact: sarah.salbu@gmail.com
  19. 19. Course Title Course Title   INSTRUCTOR NAME