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Getting Started With Google AdWords

Can you really call yourself a digital marketer if you don't know the basics of one of the most widely used and effective digital marketing channels out there?
No matter your marketing goal, Google Adwords is the quickest and easiest way to grow your business. Period. This course will help you get over the steep learning curve and empower you with the tools and skills necessary to correctly set up a Google Adwords account that optimally minimizes your cost per acquisition (CPA) and maximizes your return on investment.
After this class, you'll be on your way to generating more leads for your company in no time, in addition to walking away with a template to measure your performance. Instructor Andrew Krebs-Smith will even personally walk you through how to create the most effective ad for your business.

What You'll Learn:
Best practices for implementing AdWords campaigns
Step-by-step directions on how to set up an AdWords account
How to craft an ad to generate the most leads

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Getting Started With Google AdWords

  1. 1. presents Getting Started With Google AdWords ANDREW KREBS-SMITH @AndrewKS
  2. 2. Andrew Krebs- Smith Andrew Krebs-Smith is the President/Founder of Social Fulcrum, a digital marketing agency in NYC and Boston. Before founding Social Fulcrum, he developed and managed marketing campaigns for accounts including Pfizer, Ocean City MD, The National Aquarium, and Strayer University. Andrew loves food, travel, music, exercise, and tea.
  3. 3. Getting Started with Google Adwords Andrew Krebs-Smith
  4. 4. Agenda • • • • • • • Why adwords? (5-10 min.) Setup (5-10 min.) Walkthrough (40 min.) Account Setup (10 min.) Workshop (10 min.) Tips (10 min.) Set up your accounts! (remainder)
  5. 5. Reasons to Use Adwords Feel  free  to  tweet  pics/video  of  this  class:@andrewks  #marketing
  6. 6. Reasons to Use Adwords/FB • • • • • Variable Cost Testing Measureable State of mind Targeting Feel  free  to  tweet  pics/video  of  this  class:@andrewks  #marketing
  7. 7. Scenarios • • • • • • • Selling stuff online Content marketing Getting a job Getting a date Growing your audience Leads Anything where you want to get people into your funnel Feel  free  to  tweet  pics/video  of  this  class:@andrewks  #marketing
  8. 8. Adwords Vs. Facebook • Harder to set up a basic campaign • Easier to set up an advanced campaign • Mindset: “I need this now” Feel  free  to  tweet  pics/video  of  this  class:@andrewks  #marketing
  9. 9. Things you need • Conversion Funnel • Keyword data – – – – Keyword tool Adwords data Analytics data Spyfu • Landing Page • Customer segments (can be broad) • Budget Feel  free  to  tweet  pics/video  of  this  class:@andrewks  #marketing
  10. 10. Setup Best Practices • • • • Start these at least 1 week before launch Install Google Analytics Verify Google Webmaster Tools Install Google Tag Manager – – – – – FB Retargeting Tag Google “Remarketing” Tag FB Conversion Cookies Adwords Conversion Cookies Google Analytics Tag • Check Tags with Tag Assistant • Setup Billing Feel  free  to  tweet  pics/video  of  this  class:@andrewks  #marketing
  11. 11. Process • • • • • Research Test Analyze Refine Repeat Feel  free  to  tweet  pics/video  of  this  class:@andrewks  #marketing
  12. 12. Login Feel  free  to  tweet  pics/video  of  this  class:@andrewks  #marketing
  13. 13. Do This First! Feel  free  to  tweet  pics/video  of  this  class:@andrewks  #marketing
  14. 14. When in doubt, do both Feel  free  to  tweet  pics/video  of  this  class:@andrewks  #marketing
  15. 15. Settings…
  16. 16. Location
  17. 17. Location Feel  free  to  tweet  pics/video  of  this  class:@andrewks  #marketing
  18. 18. Location Feel  free  to  tweet  pics/video  of  this  class:@andrewks  #marketing
  19. 19. Basic Bidding Feel  free  to  tweet  pics/video  of  this  class:@andrewks  #marketing
  20. 20. Better Bidding
  21. 21. Delivery Method Feel  free  to  tweet  pics/video  of  this  class:@andrewks  #marketing
  22. 22. Ad Extensions
  23. 23. Scheduling
  24. 24. Ad Rotation Step Length 2 30  days 3 Forever 1 15-­‐30  days Never Feel  free  to  tweet  pics/video  of  this  class:@andrewks  #marketing
  25. 25. Matching Options Feel  free  to  tweet  pics/video  of  this  class:@andrewks  #marketing
  26. 26. Don’t setup keywords/ad groups yet! Feel  free  to  tweet  pics/video  of  this  class:@andrewks  #marketing
  27. 27. Now you should see this Feel  free  to  tweet  pics/video  of  this  class:@andrewks  #marketing
  28. 28. Time to structure your account • What does Google want? Feel  free  to  tweet  pics/video  of  this  class:@andrewks  #marketing
  29. 29. Time to structure your account • What does Google want? – Ads that make sense and help people – Advertisers that are happy (i.e. get sales) Feel  free  to  tweet  pics/video  of  this  class:@andrewks  #marketing
  30. 30. To make Google happy…
  31. 31. To make Google happy…
  32. 32. How to structure your account Feel  free  to  tweet  pics/video  of  this  class:@andrewks  #marketing
  33. 33. Workshop (10 Minutes) • Create – 2 Campaigns – 2 Ad groups for each campaign – 3 Keywords for each ad group • You can do this for – Kenneth Cole – Quickbooks – Your product or service Feel  free  to  tweet  pics/video  of  this  class:@andrewks  #marketing
  34. 34. How I do it • • • • Create small keyword list Notice emerging groups Segment by group Flesh out groups Feel  free  to  tweet  pics/video  of  this  class:@andrewks  #marketing
  35. 35. A way to think about adwords • Google rewards you for playing by the rules Feel  free  to  tweet  pics/video  of  this  class:@andrewks  #marketing
  36. 36. Tips • One step at a time – Ad = Attention – Lander = Benefits/Features • Sometimes you want to prevent clicks – Pre-qualify with price in ad • Use a call to action Feel  free  to  tweet  pics/video  of  this  class:@andrewks  #marketing
  37. 37. What metrics indicate success? • The king: Cost per acquisition (CPA) • The queen: Cost per lead (CPL) • The prince: Cost per click (CPC) Feel  free  to  tweet  pics/video  of  this  class:@andrewks  #marketing
  38. 38. Remainder of Class • Setup a Google Adwords campaign for your brand • I’ll walk around and answer questions Feel  free  to  tweet  pics/video  of  this  class:@andrewks  #marketing
  39. 39. Course Title   Course Title INSTRUCTOR NAME